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Nov 1, 2008

Fashion-Movie Review

After Page 3, traffic signal and Corporate Madhur Bhandarkar has hit the nail on the head with "Fashion". For those who are out to watch Madhur for the first time, the movie will take you through the Fashion industry in a span of three hours, with a different style of frankness and spunk. The movie also has taken a lot from real life incedents with the "wadrobe malfunction" too.


However for those who have seen the previous movies of Madhur, this movie would tend to be a bit boring at first. There is a predictable story line with the struggle-top-fall-climb up againg kinda story. But its gots a nice punch to it. The movie might not do much for Priyanka Chopra (Meghna Mathur) as there isnt anything that brings out her talent as a n actress. Shes done well, but nothing stands out.For me the surprise were the other two actors, being Kangana (Shonali-such a cute name) and Mugdha (Janet). Kangana was especially fantastic in the little time she was on screen. Her fashion photos were absolutely mind blowing. Arjan Bajwa was also looking good on screen.

Its a movie you would want to watch a couple of times, at least for the great ramp shots :)








                                          Fashion - Movie Still5




The music isnt great but theres a particlular background score which is really catchy. Will try to get that soon.

There were some brands which were quite visible in the movie. Some being Cafe Coffee Day, Canon, Loreal (my company!!!) and some others...Any way catch the movie in a theatre near you!!!

Happy cine watching!,


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