Just Emkaying: Mumbai Terror- Why India?

Nov 27, 2008

Mumbai Terror- Why India?

Another attack. Another city. Another date. Another group of people.

The same leaders. The same methods. The same results.

November 26th 2008 has witnessed the most well orchestrated terror attack in India so far. The country has been taken by surprise, through the terrorists serial attacks on ten areas in South Mumbai. This too in a very aggressive, open handed manner.

Currently, while I watch three channels simultaneously, keeping a tab on whats happening, I am filled with a rage. A rage to hold someone responsible. A rage to catch hold of the politicans whom we(I) have voted to power. A rage to understand why in the past few years we as a country have been treated like a rag doll to hit and destroy tactics of Terrorists.

Things to ponder as all the ideas and things

1. The Govt is not at all aware of the next step

2. After numerous attacks on the country we still dont have crisis management

3. We treat our armed forces (Army,Police,NSG..etc) treated so poorly, having equipment so light as compared to the terrorists

4. Why is Pakistan's role and status not clear yet?

5. Top hotels and areas, where is the security when Mahrashtra is on perpetual alert?

6. IS there anything called Hindu Terror?Muslim Terror?

7. Does a person killing anyone have a religion?

8. Because the seige is high profile locations, is the media sitting up?

9. Three top officials shot down. Is that how our top officials are given resources

10. The terrorists are highly trained and using the best of equipment.

11. A camera takes photos of the terrorists, why cant a bullet find him too..

12. Mumbai spirit is great, but politicans are hell bent on dividing the city.

13. Apparently the terrorists came by sea, two ships MV alpha and Al kabir have been detained while on track to Pakistan 

14. 126 dead, 300+ injured (10pm, 27th Nov)

15. Hemant Karkare, Mahrashtra ATS chief succumbs to bullet wounds. Was accused of being anti hindu and on a witch hunt against Hindu religious figures, during his probe of Malegaon Blasts; which took a  political turn when the probe began finding Hindu activists involved. Prime parties to take up cudgels agains Karkere seemed to be the BJP and the Shiv Shena.

16.  MAjor locations- Taj, Oberoi trident, Nariman House, CST 

17. 1 terrorist caught alive

18. IPS officer Ashok Kamteen and Encounter Specialist Vijay Salaskar Loose their lives in the cross fire with terrorists. 11 other policemen loose their lives.

19. Deccan Mujaihdeen claims responsibilty for terror attacks. The terrorists are young, sharp and very focused on their plan.

20. All terrorists in TAJ are dead (10.10 pm)

21. Lots of links to Pakistan, is something brewing on the other side? 

22. Why cant we hit terrorist camps when we know they exsist?

23. Are we going to forget this too?

24 After 9/11 there wasnt a single terror attack on USA. Why cant we do that?

The things have gone too far. Its not the terrorists who have taken a toll, ITS THE POLITCIANS WHO HAVE KILLED SO MANY PEOPLE. 

1 billion people. 100 odd idiots running the country.

Am sad and depressed that I(and all of us) have knowingly or unkowingly, in some way contributed to this mess.

I pray for all the people who have lost their lifes, and all those who have lost their loved and dear ones. May their souls rest in Peace and give their families the strength to face the situation.

God Bless India


  1. Great, you've pretty much covered everything I wanted to say, and hopefully what every Indian would want to say at this time.