Just Emkaying: TS8 The Teascapade Part 2

Nov 23, 2008

TS8 The Teascapade Part 2

My plan was to walk up to her when the class ended for the day, say a quick hi, ask for help and then get the book. That would give me an opportunity to talk to her again when I returned the book and perhaps build on the same. But right now my single minded determination was on getting that book.

The hours ticked away like a sand clock during the Inca period; or was it the Egyptians? Whatever. Anyway, the time was nearing and I hadn't shared the idea with anyone so the chances of messing this up was less. Unless some nitwit interfered. The best part was that the plan was so trouble proof I was getting over confident.

As the last bell for the day rang, I stood up with casio-watch precision. I had to ensure that it looked casual, not a plan straight out from a Mission Impossible movie. She packed up and made her way to the front entrance. I moved out of my row and started walking to the front door.

She stopped.

I stopped.

Thump Thump

Thump Thump

Thump Thump

I never knew a heart beat could hurt so much. I almost thought somebody heard it.

She then gracefully turned around, to move out through the back entrance. The Back Entrance? Why ? Who ? I was already sweating now. The back entrance lead directly into the corridor. The corridor had three exit points. One was to the staircase to the first floor, the second out on to the grounds and to the ladies room, and the third to the games room.

I could have handled the games room. The ladies room was out of bounds and I'd rather be dead than being caught prancing around the ladies room, not to mention the profs room nearby. The first floor was an enigma. PW walked on with her trusted aide towards the ladies room. I just followed, not knowing what to do.

She walked on and on and it was almost eternity when She a took a right into the block which led to the ladies room. I was about 10 ft from the turn, so I hurried up. I took a quick jog towards the turn, and then...

Thump Thump

Thump Thump

Thump Thump

She appeared back in the turn, and I could only break my  jog by dragging my shoes, which created a horrible screech. I stopped.She turned. We were face to face.

Thump Thump

Thump Thump

PW- " Do you know which Staff room Prof Ramesh sits in ?" matter of factly. No HI hello. nothing.

Me- Uh, no, I mean no, Uh yeah, I know which staff room he uses.

Pw- which?

Me- The one down the main office.

Pw- ok.

And she turns around and walks back towards the main office building. I almost forgot for a second what I had come for. I took a quick step up behind her

Me- Hey, excuse me

Pw turns around and looks at me. Not a word. She must have known something about what that moron Somesh had said.

Me- I missed Prof. Naresh's class. Could you lend me your note book for a day?

Pw- I missed his class too.

What? How did that happen. Now what what what. Think quick. I need any book now. I need a book. It could be a paint it yourself book for all I cared.

Me- Oh, I dint know that. Did you miss BS too? I missed it so that would....

Before I could complete my sentence she was already digging her bag. She took the book out.

Held it in her hand for a good 10 seconds .she gave me a look bordering on a stare.

Pw- Here.

She gave the BS book to me. IT was as if she'd seen so many guys trying to ask her out over a notebook. Not only was I already lost to the scores of losers, I was now another of those notebook trial guys.

Pw- Be CAREFUL with it.(Right, she just handed me  the MonaLisa)Get it back tomorrow.

With that she promptly scooted off to to her original Destination, leaving me staring at her, and wondering what just happened. Apparently I had a talent for messing up. I dint know she had missed the first class, I had completely changed my plan, and I was know left with a book for which I had little use. The conversation was more of a teacher admonishing a kindergarten kid.

I went back home, drowning my sorrows in a tender coconut. I reached home in 20 min, got refreshed and picked up the tea my Paying Guest "Aunty" had made and sat down with PW's book on the sit out. "Bittoo", our PG dog gave me a quick bark of recognition and went back to sleep. Lucky dog, he dint have to worry about all these...

I opened the book, went right to the last page. Nothing much there. As Expected, BS was a fun class. No restrictions. I hadn't expected much on this book either. I contemplated my next move, turning the pages rapidly,to catch something interesting, hoping to find my name etched in red or something similar atleast.

"Woof!!" Bittoo's  bark was loud enough to startle me. The cup in my hand wobbled and before I could grip myself, Two rogue drops of Tea were on their way, moving towards the notebook, with precision on the center page.

I never had wished for the theory of Gravity to be wrong in my entire life as I did on that moment. I let off the glass of tea and used all my strength and agility to push the notebook away...But No. The drops of dark Tea were in the mood of vengeance as they hit the center page, blotting everything. I stared at the dark spot. Apart from swearing, and cursing that I would never touch Tea again, I dint know what to do...

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  1. hey maddy, very interesting twists and turns, and very realistic too. I enjoy all your posts.