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Nov 20, 2008

Dostana Review

Well Well Well...Two movies in two days not bad. Todays was a 10pm show and am back at 1.20 am.

Anyway heres the review.

Pre-reviews: A lot of hype about the movie, to be expected thanks to Dharma Productions and Coffee Karan. Heard someting about a gay movie, trend setter excellent Cinematography and Fab looking Actors. (Did we miss Story here??!!)

Whos who:

Director: Tarun Mansukhani (asst Director for KANK, Paheli, KHNH,K3G, KKHH)

Writer: Tarun Mansukhani 

Cast : Abhishek Bachchan (Sameer aka Sam)

John Abraham (Kunal)

Priyanka Chopra ( Neha)

Bobby Deol (Abhimanyu)

Kiron Kher, Boman Irani and Shilpa Shetty

The Movie:

The movie is about two guys, one girl and then another guy with a kid. A typical KJ movie, with this being the most hyped and overrated movie from him. The movie definitely doesnt do justice to the theme of the movie. Which itself being baffling. Was this a comedy or was it a gay movie. OR then again was it a gay comedy movie?

Two men try to get an appartment, theres only one problem. They cant get it as there is no men rule enforced by Nehas aunty. So the solution turns out that thy act gay to get the rooms, and end up falling in love with Neha. Enter Abhimiayu who joins the competition and is the first lucky winner, as the other two are still Gay!!! And all the antics continue in order to stop the Yes, I do from neha. The kid comes into play with Sam and Kunal using the kiddo to pull daddy away. Anyway things dont turn out as expected, the truth comes out, A Kiss is shared between Kunal and Sam and everything becomes Hunky Dory!!!

A pathetic story line though credit has to be given to the comedy which to some extent is funny. The Locales are fantastic and Priyanka looks absolutely fab, that being the only thing she could do I guess, not having much to Act.

Bachchan Junior too was wasted. John did his squinting and smiling well apart from looking toned in his D&G underwear. Which I believe helped in getting his female fans to the theatre. 

Surprisingly the movie did have interesting moments here and there, and I would say it would be a hit because of the entire package.

Music: Fantastic!!! Look out for Jaane Kyun, Desi Girl, Ma da Laadla,  Khabar Nahi 

DM Rating : 3/5 Watch it, Entertaining.

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