Just Emkaying: September 2011

Sep 26, 2011

The Coffee Shop Characters

The following post is a work of fiction.Any resemblance to you, your friends or relatives is purely tough luck. Nonetheless, if you feel offended you can sue the Coffee Shop.

Characters you'll meet at random coffee Shop:

1. The Regulars: This one comes into the coffee shop as if he owns the place. He'll nod his head at the cashier as if they actually know him, and won't place his order until they ask him. He'll smile and joke with the staff, and look at all the women as if they were in his Harlem. Eventually, he'll walk out waving at the staff, who are totally confused.

Sep 19, 2011

Here come the Parents

Yes Guys, they're coming. After 2 false alarms and multiple rounds of emotional negotiations, the parents are arriving on 16th. In the event that I never return to this blog, please come looking for me, as I might either be married off to some "good, homely girl" or be in one of the "the eligible bachelor" carnivals, roaming and being displayed from house to house to the parents of aforementioned females.

Apart from steeling myself from having 50% chance of seeing a lot of photos of women

Angry Birds go on fast


In startling developments, The Favorite of jobless people world over,  the Angry Birds, have now gone on an indefinite fast. Millions of users around the world are now finding it extremely difficult to cope without the angry birds, as having to use Chrome for actually searching rather than pretending to search is becoming job threatening. Medical Institutions have reported a 15% drop in patients with squinting eyes and thumb numbness, warning that numbers could go higher, destabilizing the app world.

When contacted, The Mighty Eagle,

Sep 17, 2011

The Story Book 3 - In Between

Pre Read
The Story Book 1 
The Story Book 2

While everyone was aware that Murali was around, I felt his presence more than anyone. After all we were two opposite's drawn together by the same differences. I remember having told him on my roof top one day that we are destined to come together and keep fighting. Nonetheless, my goal was to stay away from him, and to not get involved with anything remotely starting with a Mu

Sep 16, 2011

From then till now

Started with a note, ended with a cry
And then all joined, make fun of the short guy

Then there was a painter, but had to cross the sea
That left innocent tears, and memories

Soon it was school, the nicknames just fade
Who really bothers, at that time and age

Then it got serious, a deal was made
A Stone reached out for the Sun, an outsider made hay

Blood was shed, none could be seen
The Sun ran away, life was mean

And then another and another, sense prevailed
Some were anchors, and others just derailed

And a voice was heard, and heard it remained
reasons unknown, it went as it came

A shoulder was given, an ear for a tear
Time healed a wound, and opened another near

A word was said, a cookie shared
But remained memorable moments, here and there

Before one ends the other starts,
And before it starts, it too ends.

And so it goes, and so it is said

From then till now,
A Heart lost to the head.


Sep 11, 2011

Sidelines and more

Continuing from my previous post (more of a drunk slurry rant actually), I reflect and see that there may be a thing or two I missed.

When someone takes to the sideline strategy, you are aware of the risk you're taking. In fact more than anyone, you know that chances are that if the strategy goes on for too long, you probably are gonna get cut off.

Again, the sideline strategy is one of the few final measures, one that is used best as a quick short term thing, and by a very close friend.

However, the sideline strategy is sometimes not just administered to help someone contemplate and reflect, or correct something ,or giving some personal space. It is also a SACRIFICE. A supreme one at that.

People move from center court to the sidelines to make way for someone else, who can do much more than what they can. However, unlike in sport,in life you cannot be sure that you get back in or are able to influence a result in your favor.

It's left to the trust and faith you have in life and a higher power to get you back in the center, or to help you find a new court.

Sometimes you realize that you were in the wrong court from the word go.

Letting someone go for their own good, is the most painful and noblest thing a friend can do.

To nobility, Cheers!!!


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Sep 10, 2011

In the sidelines

We all consider ourselves as good friends, always there for our best buds and others as well.

There are times when you laugh with them, and cry with them, yell at them and of course beat the crap out of them. It's all part of the gift of friendship.

But as my readers would agree, the toughest is when you have to let them go free, let them find their way out because no one else can.

Like a coach in the sidelines you edge them on, cheering their victories and letting them learn from their falls. For their own good. Sometimes pain brings a lot of learning and wisdom, which no one else can impart.

And while you play the role of devils advocate, standing at the sidelines, someone comes around and inadvertently hits the right spot with you friend, whom you so tried to protect.

In a moment your not relevant, your not the first choice, and your not the first one on the speed dial.

What you painfully did looks like torture, and all of a sudden the silent judgment is passed that you've been insensitive and selfish. Reminds me of how Rocky was treated by his protege in Rocky 4.

And thats where it ends. From the high pedestal, to waiting in the sidelines, for ever more.

It's been too many sidelines, and too less for me in my sidelines.

Sometimes it's like a corner of darkness, in the sidelines...

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