Just Emkaying: June 2012

Jun 7, 2012

A Midsummer Night's Adventure


< Spoiler - Long Post >

Since the last one month or so of sobriety, I have nothing interesting or exciting to report, except for the story I shall narrate below, and that I can now cook for a living. Which is a big deal, given that Maggi was my idea of a home cooked meal.

Added to my now expanding repertoire of home cooked meals is Rice, Dal, chicken curry and fry, Oats Upma, Pasta, Tea and Coffee. Also Potato wedges and tomatoes with a special fluffy omelet. So far I haven't seen my neighbors complaining, nor the birds and squirrels in nearby trees choking while I cook, so I guess its all good. As for me, my stomach is like a cement mixer (touch wood) and has kept my faith up.

Anyways, the story I am going to narrate will need a precautionary disclaimer: