Just Emkaying: 2012

Nov 16, 2012

Kingdom Come

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It's a lovely day for chocolate
All dark, bitter and free
The Sun is warm and perfect
The waves gently tickle my feet

Ham & Eggs on the table,
Before the sun gets all high
A never ending Caipiroska sweats
My Beer lets out a sigh

I walk through the French Windows
The curtains make way for the breeze
Sands disappear & sprawling lawns arise
Dogs look happy and fine

The early stars shine through the open roof
The Pool is quite comforting
Exit through the hidden waterfall
Into a Den, my play world

A new book, I muse over a phrase
Into the life size Aquarium, I gaze
The moon light peers in through the palms
Overseeing the cities crystal maze

The Custom-made shines bright black
Below the canopy of the Tree house
A Cabinet full of Muay Thai trophies
My Mind, it's a digital mouse

The Boys and Girls come over
Cheering for our good old Chelsea
The Party's just begun
And it's getting Guetta Crazy

Reality is limited to your imagination,
The kingdom is to your pocket
Mine however, is on her way
Till then...

It's a lovely day for chocolate

Oct 14, 2012

How to fight Corruption in India? From the Top.

Let me begin this post with a story.

The Auto I got into was driven by a young chap. Maybe 20 years old. And he was furious. Very Very Mad and it took him all of 5 seconds to engage me in a conversation which had him talking and me "huh huh'ing" all the way. For sake of this post, lets call him Raju.

The object of Raju's anger was a ticket that he was handed by a traffic cop in the morning. From his explanation, I understood that this cop kept picking on him and the other auto drivers on some flimsy issue or the other. Like lack of documents, non functioning indicators, cutting signals etc. ( Let me point out, these violations were considered flimsy by Raju, not me. In my opinion violations are violations, no matter how small or large.)

While he tried his best to "adjust" the matter with the cop, he refused and cut the auto driver a ticket. Because of this, the auto driver had to roam the courts the whole day and pay a fine of 1500. His fury at having lost a day's earnings and having to be noted in the court was so huge, that he proudly showed me a mean hockey-like stick under his seat. He vowed to teach the cop a "lesson" and narrated stories of how these cops catch these auto wala for stupid things like faulty indicators, broken lights, old meters, and sometimes do it deliberately when they refuse to pay the bribe, or to increase the bribe.

On this occasion, the cop had given him the ticket and did not agree to "adjust". And Raju strongly felt because it was some personal agenda, though he couldn't say what it exactly was.

That was the story. But it raised grave questions in my mind. On the life stages of corruption. How can you tackle corruption?

Taken from here
First and foremost, who is giving these auto guys driving licences? even when they don't know the basic regulations? Obviously some RTO official whose hands are greased and does not do the due diligence. Why does he take a bribe? Because he has probably paid a huge one to get the plum posting. Plum for two reasons, one it's a Government job, and second the additional "implied" income. So why did the person who "Arranged" for the plum posting take a bribe? Well, there are too many applicants, he has control over the situation, and merit based job offerings hardly exist. Also someone has given him the task of appointing people that will bow to his masters will, therefore starting another chain in itself. Now multiply this one scenario across government organizations, and you will realize why it is a self feeding system, and why a few honest and upright people cannot affect large scale change.

Now the other part. The Cop who refused to take a bribe and cut the ticket. Let's assume that he is honest guy and for a change wanted to be honest. What are the possible risks he has taken? One, being "marked" out as the honest one that can create a problem amongst his peers. Two, an auto driver has the guts to scheme against an upholder of the law. The numbers are definitely in favor of the auto walas.

But honestly, tell me, who is the major money maker here? Is it the cops? Or is it the Government office? Everyone in the system at the middle or the bottom, has a reason or need to do it. (Am not justifying corruption)

But what about the people at the top?

What about those who make law, and the ones who decide, the ones who rule. The Ones that WE elect?

If you tell me, that these top guys can make money and siphon off money to all parts of the world, but cannot  change a corrupt system, I beg to differ.

Instead of getting 100 crore + people to change, why can't we ensure that 500+ elected representatives, and their like at the state level to change a system?

A baby born into this world is not born corrupt and dishonest. It's the system that turns them into corrupt people. Education may teach a child what is right and what is wrong, but out of the school, everything is the reverse. At every point the child see's just the opposite of what is being taught in school.

I hope I have made sense to the larger audience.

This time around, please make two choices to change this country.

2. Vote for the right candidate, a person who is not corrupt, has no criminal cases, and is not part of a party that has corrupt officials in it. Remember, an honest person in a corrupt party cannot remain honest for long.

Of course, this does not absolve us from being corrupt ourselves. This also does not mean that we sit back and blame the ones at the top. The only point I am making is that you can do a greater deal by Voting right, and encouraging people to vote right.

Jai Hind.

Oct 8, 2012

Toilet Ratios and more

The past week has been an interesting one. From Sur Kshetra contestants mentored by a Nasal singer and a 24/7 heart broken voice, to Big Boss 6 vying for the space in the drama entertainment scene against our most long lasting drama series ever - Politics.

In unrelated notes tissue paper rolls, also released this week was the drastic eye opener to the state of toilets in this country, which has people in all parts shitting themselves silly (including yours truly) and clogging social media sites across the world.

Honestly, I don't see why there is such a fuss about the whole thing anyway.Did Slumdog Millionaire Not show us the sad state of bowel cleaning facilities in Mumbai vis a vis the number of Apartment complexes that are coming up in every nook and corner of the city. An ADARSH example is it not? 

And what's a little honesty and shit cladden cuteness to get an Oscar eh?

It's just a statement that there were more temples than toilets.You'd think as the in-charge of Rural Development since July 2011, they'd have realized this sooner and done something about it. But you must keep in mind that there is still a lot of things they need to count. Like the number of benefits that one can get by being the son in law of....err never mind. I don't want to die.

On a similar note, I wonder what the stats are in our central state, where a certain leader had statues of herself put up everywhere in vast stone gardens that could probably house, what a 1000 toilets?

In fact I am a staunch believer in such constipation-beating ratios. For example what is the ratio of toilets in the capital, versus that amount of MONEY that went down the same drain for the Commonwealth Games.

But these are very smart people. For example, in states where there is a water crisis, like Karnataka (being an opposition party government is mere coincidence, I assure you) you create an additional shortage of water to justify the number of toilets that exist. BRILLIANT. All these people who are cribbing can't see the brilliance of your plans. 

In all fairness of course, a minister can only compare such an important issue like basic sanitation and toilets, with another grave issue such as education, povertydrinking water, health care, roads, food shortage,irrigation, crop failure,  Temples. What use is faith in such dire consequences anyway? 

And after all, these religious institutions have so much of money that the common man willing puts in, that are used only for making hospitals and educational facilities and all that. Who will save poor Swiss banks if we can't get our hands on that? 

The most dark toilet ratio would probably be the coal one. I mean tons and tons of coals passed on to friendly neighborhood businesses. What's wrong in that? Let them make a little money. That some of the relatives are sitting on the board of these companies, (and probably using the office toilets, of course) has nothing to do with it. 

Imagine what a beautiful toilet ratio this would be - the amount of cash and gold flushed down the toilets of all those politicos those Income Tax people raided? Must've clogged half the states plumbing. My bowels are itching with anticipation at the probable numbers!!!

Sigh. Perhaps the toilet ratios in Switzerland are far better than here, must explain the amount of money they have stuck up there. I wonder if they will ever be flushed back to where they belong. Without these Swiss toilets, we'd probably be on of the richest nations around. Stinking Rich mostly.  

Speaking of which, the toilet beckons. 

:) M

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed here are my own and hold no affiliation to any organization, existing or past whatsoever. The contents above are satirical in nature and does not indicate any person or organization, living or dead. The owner of this blog makes no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any information on this site or found by following any link on this site. 

Oct 6, 2012

To Do Lists and Food

You may have noticed that I have not posted for a month or so now.

(If No - I shall assume even that if you haven't, you were probably down with the worst case of dysentery, and that the location you live in is plagued by an attack of idol-carrying-warriors who yelled and chanted late enough into the night that resulted in you trying to catch some sleep inside the washing machine & *mumble* *mumble* ....cut your access to the most important part of your online world - my blog)

Wouldn't it be easier to have said yes, instead of read through that random paragraph?

Taken from here
Now the topic for the day is To-Do Lists and Food. The latter part I am well versed with, endowed with magical digestion *touch wood* properties of Ghatotkacha and the likes. There hardly is a restaurant in Mumbai that doesn't smile at the sight of a wobbling customer, more so if he wobbles naturally and without beer in him already. And when it comes to wobbling figure, you know who's the boss. *wink wink*

I actually wanted to write about another of my Taxi driver encounters (the best yet actually) I controlled my urge to do so. (You see, I have updated my IndiBlogger web details, I did not want them to categorize my website under "Weird Transport driver obsessed Blogs". As it is there are enough obsessions in this city to deal with)

So coming back to the To-Do list. I am big fan of making these lists. I sit down, and spend a lot of time in thinking through how I should categorize them, how I should number them, which pen I should you use...etc. After which I write them in the best handwriting, and so concise that even Twitter would be proud of. And I insist that I mark them as done and not done and all that. Once I am done, I dust my page for effect, turn the page and inspect the imprint on the back page, and then ......*drum roll*........


*vuvuzela roll*

*chicken roll*
....close the book.

I didn't say I actually did something about what I was supposed to do. You see, I'd like to know things that I need to do, so that in case someone catches me off guard, I can always thrust my neat book in their face and say - "See, it's right there. Point 7, 3rd sentence after the appropriately grammered semi colon.That too in handwritten Verdana  font size 11. Ha."

I can see some of you nodding heads. This strategy works especially well, when cornered in a high level meeting, or if lagging behind on task and there is a cricket match, or when the wife wants you to get something, etc.Of course, the more often you use it, the less effective it gets. It's mostly okay to just threaten to bring out the To-Do book to scare them, instead of actually bringing it out.

Now coming to the second topic. Food.

Food is good. Food is tasty. Which reminds me, its time to have some.

:) M

Aug 22, 2012

Spirituality in an Auto - Mumbai Tidbits

It was just another day, another ride home, and another auto wala. By now, I thought had seem them all. The ones who told me their life story, graduates who had come to live the Mumbai dream, others struggling to make ends meet, and so on.

Little did I know, that these swearing-at-the-drop-of-a-hat guys had an unknown side to them as well. Spirituality.

It was on one of these regular trips, that this guy began his tirade against humanity. He used the choicest mother-sister referenced expletives at each and every man on wheels, and the rampant potholes as well. To shut him up, as he was constantly engaging a non responding me in an attempted conversation, I said 

"Ab kya kare, har kisi ka kuch na kuch problem hai life main." - A very generic statement that works effectively across occasions. 

He kept quite for 5 minutes. I was happy at my success. If I had only known, I would have done this earlier. I went back to my Hunger games - the last chapter, and Katniss Everdeen fighting against a horde of SEC A+ people laden with Make up while struggling with her choice of TWO boyfriends seemed more important than the misery's of the world. 

"Kya Aapne Bhagwan Dhekha hai?" came the question. 

I sat there dumbfounded. 

For a second I wondered. Should I ignore a potential life changing question and see if Katniss kissed Peeta? Or take a risk and listen to him and be given enlightenment, in the back seat of an Auto.

He decided to make it easier for me. Without me saying anything, He continued about how, from the last 8 years he has been a sevak of Nirankari Baba. Of how he goes every week to this place, where all kinds of people including popular actors come, to perform seva. After 8 years, he had the good fortune of seeing God, and he could now see him at will, and that he was there everywhere. (I KID YOU NOT)

For a second, I wanted to know what he was smoking, but he was in his own world. He cared not if I was listening, he kept talking, and his whole demeanor had changed. He was talking much softer, and almost to himself. It was absolutely numbing to see this person talking about the greater good, of not worrying about problems, and having faith. And to think 20 minutes ago, he cursed like the devil himself. Fine balance between reality and spirituality. 

As I got off, he pointed to the poster he put up on the back of his rickshaw. He wasn't bluffing. http://www.nirankari.com/

On another occasion, I got a discourse on how Kalyug has proven true as Krishna had siad it would, an e.g being there will be more liquor in households than God. 

Only in Mumbai, I tell you. Only in Mumbai. 


Jul 28, 2012

Love in an auto - Mumbai Tidbits

I have been in the city of dreams for about  4 months now. And there are many things that are different, unique and surprising sometimes. 

One of the many things that has given me a unique perspective of things is the concept of sharing Autos with people you hardly know.

Totally Random. Yes.

I usually wait near my house to catch an auto. Now the location I work at, Chakala, is the Mother-of-Traffic-Jams. Its like a free for all rally for vehicles. Imagine being stuck on the peak of a flyover for hours. And having nothing to do except look at other cars. I happened to once see Vinay Pathak in a Hyundai Accent. But most of the other times its just legs in various attires or as far as the eye can see, without. 

Anyways, going by the sheer traffic, getting an auto is next only to getting a meeting with the President. Wait, that's a bong now so rash-gulla should do the trick...err Prime Minister.The ratio of getting an auto to stop is 5/10. Getting a stopped auto to take you to where you want to go is 1/10. So your chance individually is 1 out of 20. Add 5 more people to the equation and you get the picture. There are also the crazies, who will run all around the road, at ALL autos, and cursing loudly. 

So there is always a small gathering on different sides of the road trying to get an auto to the same locale. I can recognize many of them now, by having seen them so often. That's when it started.

The first time was this guy who got an auto and stopped a little ahead and popped his head out to ask me if he could drop me to Andheri Station, which was like mid way to my stop. I politely declined, out of awkwardness. 

The next time it was raining heavily, My shoes was already drenched. Not one single auto was even bothered to look at us. I stopped an auto but he refused, and started talking to the lady behind me. I walked away, and heard her arguing with the auto wala. In a few minutes she called out to me, offering to drop me to some place. I had no idea where that was, and I told her so. She just shrugged and left.

Next was my turn. I was in an auto stuck in the traffic, reading a book. An old lady approached us and asked where I was going. She asked me for a drop to someplace in between which I obliged. I felt good I must say. And Not a word from the auto wala. It was welcome change after the Thugs of Bangalore.

One the very same day, on my way back, there was a long wait. Just as I got an auto, a pretty young thing asked me where I was going, and said if she could join me. As laddoo's phooted in my head, I enthusiastically  agreed with my best smile and faster-than-Usain-Bolt head nodding. 

Just as she was going to get into the auto, And as the violins were getting into the flow of things, the autowala decided he didn't like me. Or my future plans. He refused plainly to take on additional passenger (Bah!) and demanded money from her. Outraged, I started going Karate on him when, she smiled sweetly and said it's ok. I was crest fallen.

Needless to say, I fought like hell with him over the meter, more so for him spoiling my potential marriage plans. I still mourn the opportunity of the kids we could've had together. *Sigh*

(For the record, my modus operandi for picking women is not offering rides in autos. Actually, I don't even have one, I think.)

The last, was recently, when the station were closed. This guy just asks me, "Dude where you going" So I told him and he said lets share an auto. I agreed. Over chasing autos all over the road (Yes, he was a mumbaikar, also equipped with the latest in cursing technology) and after finally badgering one to take us, we spoke. Of random things, where we worked an all that. He happened to stay two blocks next to my place, and he let me in on Auto catching technology.  

And so it has been, waiting and sharing, sharing and dropping and all that. Next time, maybe, the auto wala will be kind to not mess with my future.


Jul 22, 2012

Item (Aitum)

Your friendly neighborhood saloon is a very interesting place. Like in the wild, it's the water pool that all wild and friendly animals gather for a drink. All kinds of them, large, small, wild, tame and the occasional spoiled rich brat. The best place to start of in a new city would be the local chai wala, followed by a visit to the saloon.

Naresh stepped in and was immediately acknowledged with a welcome nod from the barber and his team. They were busy chatting with their respective customers. That's half the trick of a good business. A good saloon in its true sense, is like a confidence booster. The Saloon is not selling style or a hair cut, but a good time and confidence. 

Each of the barbers was in a different animated style of conversation. The owner, the most outspoken of them all was the one who was the most familiar with the neighborhood, and  was busy fussing over the neighborhood goon. Apart from another customer, the third chair was vacant. Without saying much, Naresh took up his place at the chair. A fortnightly hair cut made him feel neat, and a shave whenever he was in was appreciated.

Unlike most however, Naresh did not like to talk. Instead he just liked to observe people. What they do, how they do it and all that. It was a mental game he played with himself, guessing what was going on through their heads. He weighed up his targets for the day in the mirror opposite him, which reflected the mirror behind him, which gave him a better picture of the people around him.

Unfortunately, there was no one interesting around. The Local thug had left, and the other person was an old chap who looked like he needed help to keep him from falling off the chair in his sleep. Now that was a good option. Sleep.

A Sharp non male voice startled him from his reverie. 

"Yes cut his hair and make him look good. Ask him what he likes as well"

He opened his eyes and at the same time caught the scent of Eternity by Ck. The only fragrance he could recognize.

She looked in her late 30's. Lovely long hair, straightened and coloured with shades of brown and gold. Make up a coat too much that said she was trying too hard, and a lovely black Salwar Kameez. It's fascinating how mirrors allow you to see so much.

Her ward, though was odd. He had a thick head of hair, was thin, and looked very different from his host. Wearing a unbranded jeans and a light blue shirt tucked out. While the owner went to work on his head, she kept staring at him and smiling. 

Naresh began to think.

She hardly looked the types to come into a local saloon. She was fair & gorgeous looking. The boy looked like a 19-20 year old, dark and with a hint of mustache. They were definitely not related, maybe he was one of those society kids that society adopts and takes care off. Makes sense, that she would take him here rather than her high society place.

The owner was done in 5 minutes, making the boy look much smarter. He added for effect "You look great with this slim face of yours, just like a movie star" which was followed by her high pitched giggle. 

A giggle.

The Boy got off his chair and went to her, she held him by his shoulders, and moved a speck of hair from his shirt and face. She grabbed some money from her expensive looking handbag and handed it directly to the owner. 

As they walked out, the boy looked embarrassed, the lady as proud as a rooster, praising her ward's good looks and asking him if he was happy.

The moment they were out of sight, the owner starts - "So sir, what would you call this? A Sister? An Aunt? What a strange team. I have never seen them in this area. And that boy looked so young..."

The other barber added "Yes, looked very suspicious. I think.."

Awkward Silence.

Finally Naresh's barber kept down the scissors and for the first time, said something. 

"Item. He is her item, her worker and her item."

* * *

Jul 16, 2012

Albert - The Super Cop

Short. Stubby. Sad. Sentimental. All the wrong words, and yet here he was, looking for the killer.

Albert was a cut above the rest. Skill wise. And yet, if you took a look at him, he was cuts below the size the rest of his more popular crew was. That's where the difference was most visible.

His training was peculiar, in the sense that he always had multiple trainers. His colleagues always stuck to one trainer who eventually would be their partners, or buddy's. He however was hated. No one wanted him, and as a result he kept changing hands. He was, how do you put it? Eccentric.

It took just one case to prove that he was anything but bloody brilliant. And had a penchant for carrots.

Today's task was a challenging one. He was always brought in, when the rest had given up. He moved slowly around the floor, looking disinterested. Hardly a place to be interestingly yapping around though, this murder scene. Signs of violence all around, blood across multiple spots, clothes messed up. In other words, the usual.

What was different, was that the body was small. The clothes were on the body, splattered with blood. The Left sneaker was off the foot, the other presumably strewn across a cupboard or table. A young one. Golden hair now red. Blue eyes still open, in terror. Fist clenched, holding on to critical evidence - a piece of cloth. A heinous crime it was, killing a child with multiple stabs of a butcher knife. Which was also lying around.

Smelt like man slaughter. Life Term.

If the Murderer was ever caught, that is. But that was his job. His fellow inspector's watched him with great attention. Albert went around the corpse, hardly even taking a proper look. He stopped and looked around. It was a stab wound, there was no signs of the body being moved around, the wounds were mildly deep, making of an unsure or a first timer. But the sneaker was missing. Why was one sneaker missing? Understandable if there was a chase, a strangling, self defense. And it was brutal. 23 Stabs. On a 18 year old.

He went around the house. Followed keenly by an entourage. Nothing.

The Garage. Nothing

The Basement. Nothing

He began to sniff around in the vegetable patch, and his ears perked up. He started running around in crazy Zig Zag motion, and frantically picked up pace. In a second he was off, chasing wildly on to the pavement right to the Garbage Bin. With one smooth motion he *whammed* right into the Bin, knocking it over.

By the time the entourage of inspectors and fellow canines caught up with him, he was busy lying in the shade, panting. Waiting for the rest of them to find his clue -

Another left foot sneaker, the same style, the same brand, just blood stained.

Albert climbed back into his kennel, and grabbed a carrot. He was the top dog after all.

Jul 15, 2012

Colonizing the Colonizers

Someone rightly saidMahatma Gandhi said "Be the change you want to see in the world"  
Silent prayer to Google and Wikipedia. 

I bet they never saw that kind off change coming. Or that we'd follow them back to their country and populate it like rabbits, and infest their streets with restaurants serving Tandoori dishes. (1.5 million strong and counting)

Music  - Raghav Sachar to Jay Sean, Juggy D, Rishi Rich? Ring a bell?
Food  - Tandoori Chicken, Dal Makhani, Tikka
Transport - Jaguar. 
Business - Arcelor. Corus. British Salt, Tetley etc etc (FYI  - Top 5 Investors in the country, Tata group alone counts for 2.something of your GDP.
Television Series, Movies, Politicans, Law and policy makers and so on and so forth.

Get the drift? I hope you do Dear fellow. I have absolutely no inclination to research, my people in Cambridge and Oxford are looking into it.

Now we have our sights set on your sport. Football. (It's all part of the 200 year plan. Started with Venky's and Blackburn. Now Airtel is in on it.)

I'll make you an deal. Give us the Kohinoor back, and we'll spare your fish n chips.

Madan "Cheeky Fellow" Kamath

PS - No offence Intended. In the immortal words of Russell Peters..." ...do you realize there's not gonna be no more white people? There's not gonna be any more black people. Everyone is going to be beige....Eventually we're all gonna become some hybrid mix of Chinese and Indian. They're the two largest populations in the world. So you can run from us now."

Jul 6, 2012

Why You No Marrying, Beta?

On one of my last conversations with mum, (who invariably has two topics on her mind all the time) the topic of debate was marriage. (So you know which topic was left - weight loss)

Sometimes I wonder if single men give off some kind of vibe that set's your parents biological clock to get you married ticking. 

So we were talking, or more she was persuading and I was batting like Raphael Nadal (Yes, batting) scrambling from one defense to the other, before she had me stumped with a blinder. 

"You have to get married next year, or there will be no girls left" 

I quickly did a one handed Google search - had the Mayans figured out the survival rate of eligible women after the EOW in 2012? And worse, had the reports reached mum before me?!! (Sacrilege on my self styled social media expert status, no?)

Mum doesn't try too hard. She just throws doubts in my way and just waits for a confirmation of some sorts. I bet if I so much as nod on this end of the phone, she'd figure it out and blow the bugle. And Tata Safari's of random aunties would pop out with Grandmothers-sisters-chachi's-betas-cousin's-husband's-doctor's-veterinary college professor's-brother's-dog's-mother's owner's best friend's daughter's hand for marriage.  

Mental Note to Self - Must find if there's a defense-against-the-mum-who's-trying-to-get-you-married-arts class near Versova. 

Anyways, coming to the topic, the things parent's say to convince you if you plan to get married or are refusing to get married are unbelievable. And the conviction they say it with...Uff!!!

Like, when I told my parents that I would let them know if I ever found someone I wanted to get married to, my Dad goes "I don't care who you marry, as long as she is from our community and she's a homely girl" 

Ah. I see some of you nodding heads. 

And this - "We need to get the word out and find a good girl for you, these day's their very hard to find."

Gee, how perceptive of you guys, thanks!!! I can stop random Friend requests and socializing now.

"If we start searching now, it will take a couple of years to find a match"

I can see that set of eligible profiles in your back pocket, Dad.

"You are getting older, people are asking about you. You have a great job and a good salary. What's your problem?"

So now your bullish on this commodity on the market that's...how do I say it, matured?

"Other guys your age are having kids and handling responsibilities while working!!! Why are you so stuck up about this?"

Responsibilities. I rest my case

"Just meet this girl. She's smart, educated, good looking and everything. Just your type"

Isn't Jessica Alba already married?

"What's wrong in just meeting her once?"

Righty!!! I am feeling mighty lucky today. Lottery anyone?

"What do we know about this girl friend of yours huh? Different background, culture. How will she fit in to the family? What will your uncles and aunties say about us?"

Uh huh. They'll keep gossiping, even after feasting on the marriage dinner. We'll get even when their Darling springs the North Indian surprise at them in a month or so.

"Why won't you just listen to us and get married ?"

A four letter word - Love

What happens once you get married? Now that's a topic of many a movie and recently, a commercial for an insurance brand :) Not to mention the entry of the greatest proponent and secret power behind it all - Grandma. 


Jun 7, 2012

A Midsummer Night's Adventure


< Spoiler - Long Post >

Since the last one month or so of sobriety, I have nothing interesting or exciting to report, except for the story I shall narrate below, and that I can now cook for a living. Which is a big deal, given that Maggi was my idea of a home cooked meal.

Added to my now expanding repertoire of home cooked meals is Rice, Dal, chicken curry and fry, Oats Upma, Pasta, Tea and Coffee. Also Potato wedges and tomatoes with a special fluffy omelet. So far I haven't seen my neighbors complaining, nor the birds and squirrels in nearby trees choking while I cook, so I guess its all good. As for me, my stomach is like a cement mixer (touch wood) and has kept my faith up.

Anyways, the story I am going to narrate will need a precautionary disclaimer:

May 6, 2012


Sabbatical or a sabbatical (From Latin Sabbaticus, from Greek, from Hebrew shabbat<, i.e Sabbath, literally a "ceasing") is a rest from work, or a hiatus, often lasting from two months to a year.

To my billions of readers, (99.99% imaginary) do not despair. I have decided to take a Sabbatical from Blogging, Facebook and Twitter. It has nothing to do with you of course, I don't even know you. Unless that I actually know you, which makes the previous statement redundant. I will perhaps, use Foursquare and Instagram, but lets see.

I believe in the last 12 months or so, I have spent a lot of time on things which were of no consequence. I have squandered my time and patience, my energies and my feelings on meaningless pursuits, and in chasing happiness that was only temporary. That does not mean I didn't have fun. But I seem to be languishing in the past, which is definitely not good. And also that the world moves on, even if you don't. Something to do with the earth rotating and all that.

No, I am not shaving my head and heading to the Himalayas. As much as I am tempted to do. 

Its just that I've begun to lose out on the important things. For example I spend so much time on Social media with no actual expertise what soever. I tweet, but I have like 5 tweeps who interact. And both these time consuming activities are not something that I see myself doing at 40. As a job that is. 

Apart from the time factor, I also have a lot of baggage I want to get rid off. I want to see if it exists once I come back, in which case it wouldn't be baggage. And there is the RSI. After all the typing at work, I don't think I need any more back home.

Also I have begun leaning towards "reculsive" tendencies - the biggest sign, Food no longer interests me. Yikes!!! (Vada Pav is an exception)

I've been thinking on these lines for some time now. My real life is nothing like the online life. Which is very very sad. 

There are many things I plan to do. One of course is to continue writing but not publish them. And also to find a publisher who would give me honest feedback on my script. (I just realized I can type without looking at the keyboard. Yay!!!) 

Also Travel around this city, which, as of now I have no interest in. Maybe take up a hobby, a real one. Or maybe  start painting again. Its been ages since I did that. Photography is also possible, in which case I would have to use Flickr or something. And that will need to be rethought. I also want to visit more people and talk to people more. I might study, and reading is definitely on my agenda. 

I'll cut myself some slack. I don't know If I'll get a reason to come back, or as to when. I might be back in 2 days, or 2 months, or 2 years, or never. But in my current non inebriated state, I don't have a clue.

Take care, I'll miss you 

Keep Smiling :)

Apr 26, 2012

Prey 2

(Cont'd from Prey, Recommend you read it)

He was seated comfortably at the recliner, watching her intently. And the show that was unfurling.

"How the hell did this person get in?!" the supervisor yelled at her, pushing an unassuming looking person out of the gate.

She was caught unawares. She suddenly got back into attention, her eyes moving from the kid to her supervisor. Her fingers instinctively played behind her back. Which was more to do with her feminine response than that of a trained CAIF personnel.

"Sir, I was at that end, I didn't see..." she mumbled

"PRECISELY!!! You didn't see. You weren't paying attention and people walk in from the side gates, the ones which you are manning!!!" said the supervisor. His dark Moustache twitching as he stood to his full 6'3 heights, obviously enjoying the spot in which he had caught her napping.

" Sir magar,..." she switched to Hindi, hoping to get to a more emotive level.

" Do your work and stop dancing around!!!" said the supervisor, as he turned around and marched back into the security check area.

She looked down and waited for him to vanish. The only person who had the authority to pull her up for any misdemeanor was her reporting officer. She checked the revolver at her side, which was secured by a clasp that made it secure, no smarty could pull it out without her knowing. Of course, if she let the so said individual come up so close.

He smiled. He had seen one of the top security forces in the country so easily distracted. He thought it was a good moment to utilize.

At that very moment, she noticed him. He sat in the front row. He wore a prayer cap, wore spectacles which were probably a guise, and had a long flowing beard. He was dressed in a flowing white kurta over a dark blue jeans. He was reaching for something in black back pack, and was in the process of standing up. He had a nasty scowl on his face.

She had just been reprimanded on letting in non passengers into the waiting area. Maybe there were others, she had the right to check against a boarding pass.

"SIR!!! Can I see you ticket please", she called out.

No response. The man was still reaching for his Black bag.

"SIR, I need to see your boarding pass or ID, now please" She called out again as she moved towards him.

The man stood up, without looking at her, and his bag was now in front of him, one hand in the bag reaching for something.

"SIR, I NEED TO SEE YOUR PASS NOW" She raised her voice, now hardly 10 feet from him.

He looked up at her. His brow was sweaty, and his face showed panic, as he brought his bag with his  arm inside it to a full stop right in front of him, almost taking aim.

Her instincts took over. In a flash, the clasp was off, the security lock released and the revolver in her hand pointed right at him, shouting out loud, "SIR STOP", The 'SIR' not leaving her manners even at this point.

The man panicked, the bag fell off his arm, exposing the black devise that was gleaming.

She Fired. It hit him right in the chest. The Second shot took hardly a second, and as he reeled back from impact, the bag fell from his arm. Blood spurted from the shot as he collapsed without a gasp.

His camera tumbled on to the floor. His Press ID hanging from the back of the camera, now covered in blood.

The next day, the headlines screamed the violent side of the CAIF, and how an innocent press reporter was shot in the airport for behaving suspiciously and trying to take unauthorized photos


Apr 25, 2012


The Airport was hot. And everyone was busy fanning themselves and gulping down water from expensive branded bottles, the same brands that would have been available for half the price outside the Airport. Apparently the authorities felt it was ok to fleece people who come within the property of the NAI.

After the recent attacks, security was tight. The CAIF was manning every major entry and exit but in the sea of suits and salwars, they looked completely out of place in their army fatigues. Every one of them was armed with either an AK-something or a pistol. Some had stars, some had berrets, some had nothing. They checked everyone's papers and their photo id's before letting them in. You could say they had become almost mechanical.

But her eyes were watchful, marking each and everyone against their said positions on the map in her mind. Years of training and practice had made her strong and tough. Or so she thought.

Her features revealed nothing. She had dark eyes that were accentuated by the Kajal, her short hair tied in a neat bun. The Blush was colour coordinated to her lip gloss, and went well with her fair skin, making her look beautfiul, the very reason she blended in. Her clothes were designed to ensure minimal obstruction in case things went wrong, and in this case every moment was critical. She had to be alert.

She stood at the lesser fortified entrances, looking around as any passenger would. Only, she wasn't just another passenger. It was monotonous, having to wait and watch, as others also fell into the play. The game twas meant for more of their kind to fall prey to the wile and evil scheming minds of their handlers. She began fiddling with her buttons.

Soon enough, she was distracted by the baby girl. She smiled at the kids antics, who, unaware of all the hostility around her, made it a point to dance around the whole floor, walk up to anyone and everyone and gurgle a wide smile, proudly showcasing her single tooth. For a moment, the airport became a huge play ground for the kid, and everyone, irrespective of caste, creed or religion felt obliged to smile. This went on for some time and slowly but surely, she was loosening up. She was intrigued, and was looking keely for the child's parents, who strangely didn't seem to be too worried about their child's whereabouts. She continued watching.

Unknown to her, someone else was watching her, and rattled off some instructions into the walkie talkie.

(To be cont'd)


Apr 23, 2012

Flight 6E

The announcement was weird. The flight name was a play on the word "Sexy", which was shamelessly self patronizing. "Oh so Pretty..." their current ad campaign said and it was exactly what their hostesses looked liked. Leaving the Reds far behind, these chic looking ladies trotted around the airports in precise unison, and made him ponder if this was some kind of marketing gimmick. He never did like Red.

His attention was diverted by the guy shuffling back from the front to the back of the serpentine Que, a rare event in Indian Airports. He had missed his security stamp on the backpack, which meant going all the way back to security checking. These airports were full of characters, people from all parts of the country merging in large cold, heartless auditoriums, to be flown to different sister auditoriums. What broke the monotony, was either the shrill shriek of a baby, or a good book. In this case, in spite of both , his mind floated amongst the crowds of tops and short skirts, Skinny Jeans and tight T shirts with no purpose, with no intent.

Apr 18, 2012

Growing up

Everyone has a growing up story. I really have short stories, because I was in this growing up phase in different places at different times. But the most important lessons are always learnt at home, no?
As middle class people, my parents didn't have it easy. I don't think many did have it easy in that age, but as parents they never let kids know. I realized it much later once I had the luxury of sitting down and observing life.

As any parent, my parents always wanted me to do well. But it was never stated or drilled into my head that I had to be the top or the best. Marks did matter, but it wasn't like I had to get a hundred. Anything that was a good score was good enough. But what they did instill in me was a sense of not being a brat, and of the importance of honesty. It was important to be courteous to guests, to always offer before taking, to say Thank you and Please, and Sorry. I think the importance and power of these things are lost these days.

There was this one time, when I scored a 9/10 in a class test. I had to get my Dad's sign on the test book. It wasn't something I'd be mortified about, I'd just keep it on the table, and he'd have a look and sign on the way out. But for some reason, I forgot to get his signature. Day 2, ditto. On Day 3, the class teacher makes us all non-sign-getters to stand up and threatens a trip to the headmaster. Now, Junior me, scared as shit, gets a brain wave. He decided to sign it himself!!! So I do it, a ditto forgery, and am saved!!! But, the guilt starts building and building, and by the end of the day, another brain wave. I decide to white-ink the forged signature, and get Dad's original signature. Like a consolation of types.

But when I did show it to Dad, I discovered another thing, That if you look at the back of the page, you see what was "white-inked". Needless to say, I got the whooping of my life. I was in 4th grade.

Have hated that feeling of  "guilt" ever since.

They also taught me to respect and be nice to people, no point hating eh? I took that on a slightly different note, writing my first "appreciation note". In 3rd grade!!! The girls name was Deepti and she was a Punjabi. She had these cat eyes and a very doll-like face. The "note" fell in to the wrong hands, and I have to rate the humiliation as one the top of my embarrassing moments list. I guess that's why am so into "writing " :-)

My mum has always been suggestive in the pursuits I took up. They got me a piano, not because I wanted one or that they wanted me to learn it. But because I used to play a small pencil box piano all the time. They got me basketball classes, because I wanted to get tall and hated the monkey bars in the parks. A Walkman, because that's what other kids had. The only thing I ever asked for would be some or the other kind of toy, before I came to India to complete my studies around 7th grade. Am still fascinated by Lego and remote controlled monster trucks!!!

I got swimming classes, because I loved the beaches ever since I was a baby, they were my favorite haunt. None of my courses were ever chosen by my parents. I have been self reliant through out. The decision to send me off to a hostel must have been very hard on them as it was on me, but today, I can proudly say that I can survive anywhere. I may not want to, but I can. In the whole scheme of things, I've also done public speaking, acting, singing, dancing, painting and photography, the school band all in school and college. Never stuck to anything long enough though.

They've given me a lot more than I could ask for. It's a different thing that I screwed up here and there, but all part of the larger scheme of things - I keep telling myself. They're last worry is  on getting me hitched ASAP. Which I have assured them is not going to happen any time soon.

Of course, having stayed away from them for almost 17 years, I missed out on the Advanced Life handling courses. Like the one where you experience how the world is genereally not very welcoming. Or the one where being selfish is the only way you get what you want. Or the part where it's okay to screw around with people you love/ who love you. And of course when relationships can be turned on and off like a switch, or when a bro can become a non-bro. And where friend is just another button away on a stupid website. (the one which I am super active on)

But then because you have such fundamentals, you're on this path that you hold on to dearly, but so want to dump and experiment. And you're caught in between, which honestly is the worst place to be. But you learn every day, with everyone, and keep it going. We're still growing up.

I owe a lot to my buds who've been a part of very important phases of my life. Guess they're more like true bro's (and female equivalent) than any.


Apr 15, 2012

Mumbai - First Impressions

Technically, I have been in Mumbai twice and Bombay once. The time I came to Bombay, I was too young and have found only depressing memories. Then I came to Mumbai on an educational trip, and got a good long look at the Fort area of Mumbai, amongst other thing. The last trip was for my job interview, where the Taxi Driver promised me "Mumba Devi's" blessings. Whether the current situation is part of the blessing, I'll have to ask her myself.

Apr 11, 2012

NRI Taxi Wala

On my third day in Mumbai, I realized that the Auto wala was duping me into an alternate route. While the meter was not pocket burning, as it is in Bangalore to travel from M to G of MG road, I didn't like being taken advantage of.

Anyways, my fun started when I got into this Taxi, and reconfirmed with him that I was duped. He laughed and began this conversation. I try my best to narrate in "Amchi Mumbai cha Basha"

Drivr - "Sahb, yeh sab bahar se aakr yahan gaadi nahin chala sakthe, apun ko dekho abhi, yahaan jaise chalthe hain, galf (Gulf) main bhi aise chala diya. Char baar pakde the. Wahan pe samne camera, piche camera, kuch bhi karo tho pakde jaoge."

Listen to me

I longed for something
You gave me something else
Your lessons are too many
I keep losing my self

My faith is quivering
It\s hard to tell right now
Will I ever believe again
When the tears are running down

What more do you expect from me
There will be a time
When I'll turn away from you
And your steps I'll never climb

I hope this message you send
Is in time, my life to mend
Too tough, is what you are with me
With her, Is what I aked to be

What more do you want
An Oasis, in this bloody drought
And you give me these sensibilities
of which, nothing has come around

Am fed up with you,
You're pulling everyone away
What shall I do with these coins
You're throwing in my face

And yet I say Hi everyday
Honestly, Purely, no dismay
I asked for others, not myself
And yet, you persist
in keeping me out

I longed for something
You refuse this only want
What I have done to anger you so
Forgive me, let me out.


Apr 8, 2012

Bangalore and me

I going out tonight
Am leaving by a flight
To take a better job
In a city that is a mob 

To people that I knew
Leaving behind a few
And some that I'll keep
Memories that run too deep

I was running out of time
My heart was on a mine
Lets say its destiny
She's come by saving me

Lost some in 5 long years
Some Dues, Some Tears, Some Beers
I wear a lot of cheer
Inside its still not clear

All the jumps I've made
Did things that others forbade
I kept my trust in you
You've seen me smiling through

Of all the times we laughed
Kept going up the graph
And then there was the flame
Things have never been the same

You know that its my time
Any more and I'll lose my shine
You're sending me away
I'll fake these rainy days

The sand has run its course
Some sorrow, No remorse
Some stars have long been gone
And so shall I by morn

The moon will be just the same
We'll just have different names
The safety belt sign is on
Yet all I am is torn

Am leaving you for now
the Question is - of how

As I leave, am still debating
Is this a lesson?
Or am I to keep waiting.


Apr 4, 2012

Bangalore Final Countdown

Yes, its the final. Apart from being thorough spent on the restaurants and places, apart from total laziness (The unpacked luggage shall agree with me) I have decided to call it, err, Over.

Over the next few days, am at the mercy of my 5 year old Compaq Laptop, which more often than not, doesn't obey human commands. The I phone is my sole savior, but I don't think it can manage me.

So, with one more post after this, which is ready and lying in wait, I hereby declare the experiment successful.


Here were the places we chronicled!!!

  1. Windsor Pub
  2. Corner House
  3. SLV Ragigudda
  4. Kabab Magic
  5. Thulp
  6. Coast2Coast
  7. Kudla
  8. Meghana Biryani
  9. Punhabi Rasoi
  10. Halli Mane
  11. Nagarjuna
  12. Cafe Max
  13. Egg Factory
  14. Laa Jawab
  15. Woodstock
  16. Davangere Dosa
  17. The Only Place
  18. Daddy's Deli
  19. Urban Solace
  20. Chocolate Junction
  21. Kim Lee
  22. Bangalore Mandarin
  23. Punjabi Grill
  24. The Blue Bar
  25. Luck by Chance
  26. Kanua

Others, which I wanted to write about - Toit (Tintin Toit), Take 5 (Bacon) , Purple Haze / Jimmy's, Fava (Pita bread and Hummus), Cafe Noir (Everything) , Tascano (Prawn Caesar Salad, Pizza), Fireflies (Ambience!!!) Casa de Sol (Mutton Mince Steak) Jashn ( Kababs)

Next stop, Mumbai!!!


Apr 2, 2012


They keep chattering
One after the other
Ideas and complaints
Some funny, some not so clever

Thoughts and Schemes
They let me dream
Pain and senseless banter
Control me, infuriate me

The less they know
The louder they get
Keep doing something
Else they keep going

All the time
One over the shoulder
One behind my ear

They can be friends
They can be Foes
Care to listen,
You can choose to choose

These Voices


(PS: Meditation helps, apparently)

Apr 1, 2012

Cracking a Job Interview

Everywhere I have been, there has been no shortage of people looking out for a job. Every single place, every single time, there are reasons a plenty to look out. Either the money's not good, or the job's not good, bad bosses, different location preferences, boredom, girlfriend in another town, homesickness, restricted growth, function shifts, graveyard shifts, Saturday working, etc etc

All said and done, no one is ever happy. Except when your nearing gratuity (4.8 months to be eligible) you manage to trudge along, and then its run run run. 

There are a million sites, which give you tips on job interviews. Dress well, polish shoes, perm your hair, Acceptable Jewel standards, Smile, carry near folder, etc etc. There is also the free advice you get from your everyone, don't jump companies, liquor is a bad place, service industry is a tough place to move from, shouldn't negotiate too hard on salary, etc etc.

All said and done, there is only one truth at the start. Getting to the table. Once your at the interview table, its all in your hands.

Bangalore Countdown Day 9-7

Bangalore Countdown Day 10 Read Here

Welcome to Daily Mirror, and you're reading the Bangalore Countdown, where we chronicle the best places to eat and drink with our host, yours truly.

For the record, I haven't been to the following places, for some strange reason, so they do not /will not appear in my lists - Khansama, Samarkhand, Shiros, Sahib Singh Sultan and Pecos. Yes, I haven't.

And we continue...

Day 9-7

1. Luck by Chance (Indiranagar)

Luck by Chance is a small, Off the road, Bakery and Chai wala. The name board says - "Luck by Chance" which was what caught my attention. I fancy this place because of their lemon tee, which is made from, err real lemons and not some packet mix. He tops it up with some tulsi leaves, and its really nice. Not that I have had all the best teas in the world, am not even a tea drinker, so anyway.  Its also special, because I've had many discussions with myself, over cups of "Suleimani" sitting over the pavement. Sadly, a few days ago, they seem to have half closed down for renovation. Symbolic of many things at many levels.

Again, I can't locate the photograph I had of the place, and Foursquare refuses to show it to me. Apt.

2. Kanua , Sarjapur Road

I am using my discretionary powers as the author (and sole reader) of this blog, to up my one time visit (yesterday) to this restaurant to one of the top places in Bangalore list. Why?

1. Its Authentic KONKANI Food, with a KONKANI Menu, Non Veg, and VEG options that don't start and end with Paneer and Parantha.
2. A Limited menu, and NO "Adjust" food like manchurian and all that
3. The Decor is brilliant - old fashioned South Indian House types, on the terrace (Yes!!!) with wooden furniture, soft lighting, nice breeze, sit in the balcony, etc
4. You bring Alcohol, they serve it option!!! (Temporarily on hold)
5. An old world washroom!!! I kid you not, its really cool.
6. A whole WALL of bottles displayed all the way to the top of the roof
7. TIMES Food Award
8. A Kitchen that....sigh.
9. Water served from an earthen pot
10. Spacious and quiet, good music

Go eat man, Go go go. Eat anything, and you'll feel great. The Vegetarian starters, the sea food, anything. To me, it was like homecoming yesterday. A word of advice, we do use a lot of coconut and all that, but if you can deal with the food in Coast 2 Coast, this is a breeze. Its a little pricey, and quite a drive away, but its totally worth it.

* * *

Sarjapur Road has developed beyond recognition. I used to visit the Spencer's and Total Mall there way back in 2009, but now its a whole city in itself!!! I met up with my friends yesterday, and quite foodies too, and there are so many new joints that have been up, and I haven't even noticed. By the time, and If, I come back to Bangalore, I won't be surprised if the place would have changed completely. The Place and the people, I presume, will not be able to handle this rapid change.

* * *


Mar 29, 2012

Bangalore Countdown Day 10

Bangalore Countdown Day 17-11 Read Here

Thanks to some quick reminders, and Foursquare, I remembered a few more places that I frequent, or at least should be frequenting. So, if you'd like you can check out these places below:

Day 10

1.Punjab Grill by Jiggs Kalra, Kormangala

Located opposite to The Forum Mall, Kormangala, is this fine dine restaurant. I have been here just once, but everything about this place is fantastic. When you enter, you're served with towels. (The wipe your face variety)  and there are these lovely sofa / fancy comfy chairs that make you go "AAAAhhhhhh" Then comes an amazing array of food thats like (slurp). Sigh. Interior Decors are awesome. Must try the Mutton Chops, and the Chicken Platter. Booze is available too. The service is prompt, prices on the higher side. However, the place has a mix of crowds, so getting the corner to yourself for a party would be difficult. Go now, and fulfill your palate!!!

2. Blue Bar, The Taj West End, Race Course Road.

I'll be honest, while MY view might be limited, I have been here only twice. And both the instances were accompanied by really good music, food and drink. The Ambience is of a wooden shack (A large one) on the lawns of the property, and you can get drunk on that itself. I don't actually remember the food, but I remember the experience :)  If your ever feeling rich, or already are, or have come upon someone who is, do visit.

No, am not taking you there.

* * *

As I come towards the last few days of Bangalore, or alternatively closer to the first few days in Mumbai (depends on whether you hate me or love me) there is absolutely no sense of nostalgia. Strange. I did the drop in to my previous employers, L'oreal and SAB Miller, and had really good times catching up with people, and of course the sucky reasons for not keeping in touch - "Travelling Saar"

They were happy, and surprisingly not surprised at the news nor of my visit. People have been kind, warm and extremely helpful. Lots of meaningful advice from the ex bosses, the back slapping from friends, and the "how are you? Long time" from people who look familiar, but am not really sure of.

Its a lot of pressure, these expectations.

* * *

Mar 28, 2012

Bangalore Countdown Day 17-11

Bangalore Countdown Day 18 Read Here

I guess I overestimated the list of places I had, struggling to find meaningful ones now!!! Here goes a few more:

1. Kim Lee, Indiranagar

Located in Indiranagar, On the Double road down Sony World junction, this place is a great relief from the Chung Wah's and the Beijing Bites of the world. They have a couple of speciality dishes which are amazing, apart from the owner recommended combos. The Cilantro Chicken is the most popular dish here, along with the 3 jewel rice. Meal for 2 would be within Rs. 500 so great place for a good meal.

2. Bangalore Mandarin, Indiranagar

On the other end of the spectrum, walk into Bangalore Mandarin near the CMH road - Metro Signal, and get treated to some of the finest Pork Curry and dumplings that you can get in this part of Bangalore. Very "oriental" in decor, and slightly on the pricier side, but the food is really good. Service can take longer than usual, and the waiters aren't really courteous. All said and done, nice food!!!

* * *

Not much to say tonight, the Champions League has caught my attention. So I say, as in the entry of Randy Orton, "I hear voices in my head, they council me, they understand, they talk to me."

* * *

Mar 26, 2012

The Old Man's friend

A visit to "Daiv'd Mane"(explanation below) in the off hours, or when its not crowded is always an experience. You are either on the edge because of its eerie silence, or in awe of the tranquil sanctity of the place. Heavy wooden beams, Stone floors, the Oil lamps, the cool air, the ring of the bells resonating off the stone sculptures of the Deity's Guards. These are temples of old, not the quick-pray-pay-leave models that have begun to spring up in every nook and corner of modern Metro's. Even the most simplest of these temples in Udupi and its neighboring towns has a profound energy. It makes you want to believe.

One this visit, with my parents, we were pleasantly surprised to find 2 priests in the temple. A younger one, doing his traditional sandhyavandan, and the other an older person, age showing profoundly on him. Years of prayers and service had taken its toll on him, he was easily over 70. He sat leaning on the pillar, smiling at the rare evening visitors, who were obviously from out of town.

Mar 20, 2012

Bangalore Countdown Day 18

Bangalore Countdown Day 23-19 Read Here

Am on my way home, and this is going to be an auto post, so probably not sure if its going to get posted at the right time. Anyways who cares.

Day 18

1. Urban Solace, Ulsoor lake

OK, the funda about this place is NOT the view. Honestly, there is no view except for the trees at the top. What is good, is really nice food, very nice ambiance (of the creative Variety) They DON't Serve Beer, but Wine is available. They have comedy evenings, and poem recitals and all that. Small place with outdoor, indoor (obviously) and terrace seating. Most of the food is continental, and they ALWAYS have an interesting and beautiful group of people hanging around. The owner is also a nice chap, and will recognize you if you've been there a couple of times. Do head out there for a chilled out lazy noon.

2. Chocolate Junction, Ulsoor Lake

Ok. Now this place is NOT a food place, but more of a chocolate place. All kinds of chocolates including liquor chocolates, cakes, photo-printed chocolates, etc etc are available here. And there also some amazing gifting ideas. I first went to this place on Dec 31st 2010 to gorge on chocolates. Went there recently, and guess what? They're still amazing!!!


While I skilled at spending time by myself in my early stay in Bangalore, exploring, going on random rides, and spending time in Super Markets of the world (for some crazy reason), Bangalore gave me a great gang of friends. Year after year, people joined, and it became groups and groups. Only now, do I realize that how many people I actually know in Bangalore. People from different streams of life, all coming together in Bangalore. And then FB just gave me more connections to link them by. Honestly, I don't like the circumstances and the people am leaving behind; and to not look back is easier said than done.



Mar 19, 2012

Bangalore Countdown Day 23 - 19

Bangalore Countdown Day 24 Read Here

As expected, am getting lazy and the daily posts are taking their toll on me. (Am eating more) Nonetheless, in the greater food good, here goes the rest of the places you should drop by.

1. Woodstock (Indiranagar)

Located off 100 feet road (first left after the flyover coming from Koramangla)

I actually am surprised I missed this way up front. It has a good ambience, brings back lots of fond memories, and has awesome Sizzlers. In fact most of their food is awesome. All time Favorite, without doubt is the London House Woodstock Grill. If you reach there before 7-8 pm, you get a 30% disc or a 1+1 on booze, so its worth the rush from work. The Caesar Salad is good, but deserts are so so (except the Kahlua mousse) I would avoid cocktails, they mess them up. Rates right up there in my top 3.

2. Davangere Benne Dosa (Off DVG Road, Netakallapa Circle)

Its not the actual name, and the restaurant is 10feet by 3 feet long, staffed by some 7 people. You eat outside, under the shade of the Huge Banyan Tree. IF you beat the crowd in line to order some delicious, mouth watering, crispy, Benne Dosa's all in True Davangere Ishtyle. They serve lots of free Chutney, with a Soft Aloo mix that I have never ever got anywhere else. I can't explain to you in words, but believe me, If you're not the snooty-fine-dine only, and love awesome food, please head here and eat your heart out. Again, IF you reach the counter that is.

3. The Only Place, Museum road

Most of you have heard of it, many have been there. Must try the Whooper burger line up, the Lasagna and specials. Totally worth it. Again, Absolutely crowded.

4. Daddy's Deli, Indiranagar (Near Sony World Signal)

Rich, Pampering, Sinful, Delicious, Mouth Watering, Sumptuous, are all the words you'll think of when you're done at Daddy's Deli. And I have only been there once. Parsi Food at its best, grab everything while you can. I wrote about the place quite some time back, and its been one of the top 2 searches on my Blog ever since. They also serve wine, so this Saturday afternoon, grab your loved one and head out for a nice long lunch. Special Recommendation - Eggs  and the Patrani Macchi. :)

I Can't write about food any more!!!Am Starving!!!


For as long as I can remember, of all the places, Mumbai was the last place I'd see myself moving too. But then things unfold in mysterious ways, and when you look back after a few years, you'd think "Really?". I was packing today, and for most the time I was nostalgic,just looking at stuff. The first trip to Nandi hills, the second trip to Nandi hills, The mandatory Mysore road Coffee day trip, the Savandurga hills. Over time, all these places leave a little in you, and you in them. And photos, yes. I love taking photos, because it reminds you of the good times. Obviously, no one takes photos of the bad times. In fact, you can guesstimate where a person is standing, depending on the number of photos they've been sharing. If they are the sharing types. Anyways, enough said for one day. Forgive the grammar, too hungry to bother.

Off to dinner :)



My Story

Way back in the hot summer in Udupi '00, I remember the moment I fell in love with Marketing. Sitting on the steps of the Bus Stop, I overheard my senior talk about Advertising. Yes. Advertising.(how it developed into marketing is a long story) It was then that he told me two things. One, Its important that you always learn, but its more important to let others know you're learning (I now think that if you're learning it shows automatically). And two, You know whats best for you, no one else does. And therefore no one else can ever tell you what to do, whether you're right or wrong, or whatever. Cliché? Yes. Effective? Absolutely.