Just Emkaying: Bangalore Countdown Day 10

Mar 29, 2012

Bangalore Countdown Day 10

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Thanks to some quick reminders, and Foursquare, I remembered a few more places that I frequent, or at least should be frequenting. So, if you'd like you can check out these places below:

Day 10

1.Punjab Grill by Jiggs Kalra, Kormangala

Located opposite to The Forum Mall, Kormangala, is this fine dine restaurant. I have been here just once, but everything about this place is fantastic. When you enter, you're served with towels. (The wipe your face variety)  and there are these lovely sofa / fancy comfy chairs that make you go "AAAAhhhhhh" Then comes an amazing array of food thats like (slurp). Sigh. Interior Decors are awesome. Must try the Mutton Chops, and the Chicken Platter. Booze is available too. The service is prompt, prices on the higher side. However, the place has a mix of crowds, so getting the corner to yourself for a party would be difficult. Go now, and fulfill your palate!!!

2. Blue Bar, The Taj West End, Race Course Road.

I'll be honest, while MY view might be limited, I have been here only twice. And both the instances were accompanied by really good music, food and drink. The Ambience is of a wooden shack (A large one) on the lawns of the property, and you can get drunk on that itself. I don't actually remember the food, but I remember the experience :)  If your ever feeling rich, or already are, or have come upon someone who is, do visit.

No, am not taking you there.

* * *

As I come towards the last few days of Bangalore, or alternatively closer to the first few days in Mumbai (depends on whether you hate me or love me) there is absolutely no sense of nostalgia. Strange. I did the drop in to my previous employers, L'oreal and SAB Miller, and had really good times catching up with people, and of course the sucky reasons for not keeping in touch - "Travelling Saar"

They were happy, and surprisingly not surprised at the news nor of my visit. People have been kind, warm and extremely helpful. Lots of meaningful advice from the ex bosses, the back slapping from friends, and the "how are you? Long time" from people who look familiar, but am not really sure of.

Its a lot of pressure, these expectations.

* * *

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