Just Emkaying: Bangalore Countdown Day 18

Mar 20, 2012

Bangalore Countdown Day 18

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Am on my way home, and this is going to be an auto post, so probably not sure if its going to get posted at the right time. Anyways who cares.

Day 18

1. Urban Solace, Ulsoor lake

OK, the funda about this place is NOT the view. Honestly, there is no view except for the trees at the top. What is good, is really nice food, very nice ambiance (of the creative Variety) They DON't Serve Beer, but Wine is available. They have comedy evenings, and poem recitals and all that. Small place with outdoor, indoor (obviously) and terrace seating. Most of the food is continental, and they ALWAYS have an interesting and beautiful group of people hanging around. The owner is also a nice chap, and will recognize you if you've been there a couple of times. Do head out there for a chilled out lazy noon.

2. Chocolate Junction, Ulsoor Lake

Ok. Now this place is NOT a food place, but more of a chocolate place. All kinds of chocolates including liquor chocolates, cakes, photo-printed chocolates, etc etc are available here. And there also some amazing gifting ideas. I first went to this place on Dec 31st 2010 to gorge on chocolates. Went there recently, and guess what? They're still amazing!!!


While I skilled at spending time by myself in my early stay in Bangalore, exploring, going on random rides, and spending time in Super Markets of the world (for some crazy reason), Bangalore gave me a great gang of friends. Year after year, people joined, and it became groups and groups. Only now, do I realize that how many people I actually know in Bangalore. People from different streams of life, all coming together in Bangalore. And then FB just gave me more connections to link them by. Honestly, I don't like the circumstances and the people am leaving behind; and to not look back is easier said than done.



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