Just Emkaying: Bangalore Countdown day 30

Mar 7, 2012

Bangalore Countdown day 30

A day which I thought would never come has finally come. Am moving out of the state, and more so, out of Bangalore and towards Mumbai.

As a tribute to this City I called home for last 5 years or so, everyday, I intend to put up some of the best places that one must go to, and of course the things that make this city what it is. 

Day 30

1. Windsor Pub 

Located opposite to the Cantonment Railway Station, this place is actually difficult to find. A very non descript looking board welcomes you, and once your in,you get the feel of a real, "Propah" PUB. Around 10 tables, very very cosy, decent music, large screen TV, and the owner supervising every table from the first table which is always reserved from him. It serves only beer, but then its supposed to be a pub, right? The food is a star attraction. From the best fries, Andhra curry chicken, pork chilly, everything is awesome. Its is by far, my favorite watering hole. Nothing Comes close. THE BEST, THEEE BEST.

A word of Caution. Its always packed. And its addictive. And has a lovely crowd ;)

2. Corner House

Its just another Ice Cream parlor, with branches spread across the city. But its just that. Its an ice cream parlor is that isn't trying to sell you stuff you can't pronounce, in an environment you can't enjoy and lick ice cream off your fingers, and at prices that are preposterous.It is totally non-complicated. Look at the board, order, pay, collect, Sit down at the normal seating and enjoy. Great Ice Cream combos, my Favorite is the black-forest + Vanilla ice cream + Chocolate syrup combo. Brilliant combo. Also quite popular is the DBC, aka Death by Chocolate.

They're one of the few places that take ONLY cash. The ones that I frequented were in Jayanagar 4th Block, Indiranagar and the one next to the Airlines Hotel near Vittal Mallya Road. Very Reasonably priced, its a regular haunt for most Bangloreans.


I haven't been around a lot of City's, but this I can tell you is Bangalore's greenery, albeit soon disappearing, 
is fantastic. Huge Trees right along the roads. The best places I have seen have been Jayanagar - JP Nagar, Malleshwaram - Rajajinagar and of course Sadashivnagar. Not to mention Cubbon park which I think is great to drive through. The view from my office at UB Towers also overlooks Cubbon Park, so its pretty cool. Unfortunately, they are falling to the rapid (read Corrupt) development of Metro and Flyovers across the city. No wonder, the city is getting hotter.



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