Just Emkaying: November 2010

Nov 30, 2010

Its Official - Sonam Kapoor!!!

Am coming out clean on this one. I have this huge huge huge gianticomundostrous crush on Sonam Kapoor. Sigh. I had this snap taken with her when she was introduced to us as the new brand ambassador for Loreal at a conference in Mumbai, but didn't know who took the snap!!! Smitten. Totally. Sigh.

Did I ever tell you that I was a Anil Kapoor fan??!!


Chennai, Change and Curses.

My second time down to Chennai was a 3 day trip which turned out to be more pleasant than the last.

Occasionally my company sends me off to random parts of the country to check the weather and to talk to people. (Yes, I get paid for talking to people, and No, talking to me doesn't mean your getting a share of it) 

Nov 13, 2010

Conversations with Mad, Maddy and Madan

Before we get into details, let me inform you that I have MMD. Mulitple Madan Disorder. Over a Period of time I have decided that MMD will be the cause that I shall blame for any failure to comply with rules, acting stupid, not paying the credit card bills and winking at random women in CCD.

Nov 3, 2010

I had decided

On Dec 31st 2009, I had decided not to live the way I used to. It was a tough decision, after all, I was making some brave decisions, changing Jobs, changing places and all that. I wanted to move out of my comfort zone and live a new me. (If your bothered by the lot of "I"s, there's gonna be a lot more, this is your chance if you wanna make a run for it)

Taking action on the new years day, I made a list of things that am gonna do, no matter what. So I went off and bought a Guitar. A few days of You Tube learning later, the brand new Guitar is now staring at me accusingly, probably playing a high F note sounding something like "LOOSER".

Then I went on to buy some fancy French learning App on my I phone, only to wonder what it was 6 months later.

I also decided to get a 6 pack by the end of 2010 (Aim ridiculously high) and joined the Gym. 4 months of gym-ing later, and 5 kilos lighter (which am sure had to do with the light weight shoes) am still cursing my family pack that reaches any place a second earlier than the actual me.

I decided I would never compromise. With my principles. With myself. But the whole year, I seem to have been doing just the opposite and at every single step. Compromising, Compromising, Compromising.

I would not crib (yes, am good at it), just going from one peak to the other. This post is the complete opposite of that.

I would give a honest try at my novel. Its still lying incomplete.

And the most important, I would never hesitate to tell a girl that I like her. No matter what. To my credit, I still might, but I hadn't added all the variables in that decision. Sigh...(That's the toughest one)

And the most interesting part was that I turned 25 this year. That practically puts you on top of the Yes You can - But You may not - But this is important - Who bloody cares - But not that much - roller coaster. So your yes and no, you want to but think you shouldn't and so on. Sigh.

Had to ramble all this... Excuse Moi while I head for the malted barley in ze freezer to Feel bettere.

MaDdy :(