Just Emkaying: Why do I blog?

Apr 6, 2009

Why do I blog?

Over the past three days, I have got back to my blogging habits. Basically because my blog is the only place that doesnt remind me of my job. Courtesy to blogger for giving us the opportunity to block or accept ads.

Every channel has an ad of one or the other of my companies brands. Every other store in Bangalore has a hoarding or a poster of one of my companies brands. And every other guy I meet asks me how's work.

So there. Apart from working 36 hours a day, I am constantly reminded that there is some media spend going on, and I'd better make sure that the brand is available in the place where people would like to buy it.

Anyway, so why do I blog....hmmm. I believe so for the following reasons:

1. Steven Speilberg rejected my story. So now I am reduced to blogging

2. My social life is reduced to getting lipsticks and skin creams for my friends, so I hope they read this and get the idea....(PAY ME!!!)

3. Knowing my friends here it is again PAY ME!!!

4. My fingers need excercise, since I have completed playing FIFA09 and punching all those sales figures

5. Blogging is a more evolved form of expression that leads to the release of creative intent that enables me to right rubbish like this and empowers me to talk gibberish to my boss!!!

6. I have become an insomniac. My nightmares begin and end with women who stop using nail paint and mascara.(PS : I work in a cosmetic company)

7.  I blog so as to remember all the other words that I can think of  apart from the one word I hear all day (TARGET)

8. I dread the day that keeping your hair uncloured and grey becomes a fashion

9. I need to keep reminding myself that I can write and talk crap instantaneously and constantly, thereby enabling me to one day write award winning copy for a popular ad

10. I have been approached by the bloggers federation to keep up my bad work, so that others can look good. (Its a talent I have developed over the years...call me)

11. And Finally, someones gotta to know that I have lost all sense and logic, ever since recession hit.

So that's why I blog. If you feel that you can contribute to my blog do the following

For cheques/demand drafts send me a mail
For cash give me a call
For anything else hit the power off button on your computer.

Have a fun tuesday!!!

Cheers :)

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