Just Emkaying: Blah!!! what a day!

Apr 1, 2009

Blah!!! what a day!

I dont believe in calling a day bad or good. Instead I clasify it as a "sales man day" or a "management day"

Management day

Get up. Give your team a call and motivate them by 7am. Call again in half an hour to ensure they need any help. Call the client to ensure he knows of our new offerings. Check if your team has got the deal done. Meet team in office. Hold an "open meeting" and point out hurdles and ways to step over them. Get some tea to pep up the team. Guide them to try gain. Follow up in the evening to check if they need help. Give them a big opportunity to success. Repeat step one.

Sales day

Get up in the morning to your boss's call. Stare at the watch. 10 am. First thoughts "Run. Run.Run"Then get ready in 5 min. Run. Bike doesnt start. Kick the bike. You hurt your toe. Bike starts. Ride half way. Forgot your bag. Go back. Climb stairs. Open door. Get the damn bag. Lock the door. Double check. Come down 3 flights of stairs. Forgot the helmet inside. Go back up. Repeat everything. Answer phone call from boss. TEll him your in traffic. Then reach venue. To realize your late by an hour. Talk to client.Tell him your boss called a meeting early in the morning. Boss calls client. Your thoughts"Damn." Client tells you to get lost. You come out. Boss calls. He tells you to get back in. You get back in. Client is pissed. You use your secret weapon. Beg. plead. Point your helplessness. Paint your organisation as a sadistic torture camp. Get the deal done.Answer call. Come out. Reach office. Tell your boss of the deal. Boss tells you to get double the amount. makes sure to use his Amitabh Bacchan voice in full view of the office and the chai wala to riddicule you. Throws your ass back to the client. Client tells you to sod off. Answer phone call.You use your ultimate weapon 2. BEG. PLEAD. Repeat. Doesnt work. Go home. Boss calls. Says youve put your best efforts. And hands you a 4 hour presentation to work on to seal a deal the next day.Sleep at 3 am. Repeat from first line.

Now...which day did you have?!!!

Cheers :)

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