Just Emkaying: February 2010

Feb 9, 2010

Know your tiger Part 1

As part of our ongoing campaign to contribute towards the "Save our Tigers"campaign , we have planned a series of posts about Tigers. This is to create awareness about these beautiful creatures and educate people about them.

(Most of the information has been studied and learnt form other sites, and the links will be given at the end of the post)

What are Tigers?

Tigers are part of the cat family, scientifically known as Panthera Tigris. They are apex predators and are Carnivores(am sure you knew that!!!), which means they are on the top of the food chain, and survive from nutrients in their prey's flesh.

( From the Family:Felidae, Sub Family:Pantherinae, Genus:Panthera)

Tigers are part of the" Panthera" Genus which they share with what are also known as the Big Four Cats, namely Lions (Panthera leo), Leopards (Panthera Pardus) and Jaguars (Panthera Onca)

Other famous members of the Felidae family are the Cheetah ( Acinonyx jubatus) and Domestic Cats (Felius Catus) However they belong to another Sub Family all together (Feline)

How Do Tigers Look?

Tigers are large Cats . They can reach lengths of more than 3 meters and weigh up to 300 kilograms. These animals are characterized by large dark stripes from the top to the bottom of their body, which run along thick fur;tthe colour of which ranges from a dark orange/red to near white with lighter under colours.

A popular misunderstanding is that the white coloured tigers are a seperate sub species. However that isnt true.The White Bengal tiger, for instance isnt a "white" tiger. Its colour arises from a recessive gene which gives it the pale white colour and blue eyes.

Another example is of the white siberian Tiger, the existence of which has not been proved, though there have been reported sightings of white tigers in the areas where Siberian tigers live.It could also be possible that Siberian tigers that had a gene for natural white coating have been extinct long back.

Additionally,there have been so far no white siberian tigers born in captivity, and the white siberian tigers that you see at Zoos are because of the breeding of the Bengal Tiger and Siberian Tigers. The Bengal tiger most commonly has the gene for white coating.

Where did the name Tiger come from?

Wikipedia says...
"The word "tiger" is taken from the Greek word "tigris", which is possibly derived from a Persian source meaning "arrow", a reference to the animal's speed and also the origin for the name of the Tigris river. "

Where do they live?

Tigers are usually found in the dense cover of Forests. These forests can range from mangroves to semi evergreen to deciduous forests. Unlike lorides of Lions, dense vegetation is well suited for Tigers to hunt. Most Tiger habitats will have easy access to prey and water and dense cover.Tigers are good at swimming and will actively seek out water body's to relax in the high temperatures of the day.

The Problem today...

Tiger Habitats once extended from Western Asia to Siberia and Indonesia. In the 19th century the Tigers vanished from Western Asia. Modernization and human civilization along with poaching has lead to these magnificent creatures disappearing from their habits. Today Tigers are endagered and protected species. Their Major habitats are now around India, Sumatra, China and south East Asia. The Tigers on Java and Bali were extinct in early 20th century, and the tigers of Borneo are only recognized by their Fossil Remains.

There are numerous programs which have been up to save these creatures, but unfortunately corruption,poaching and illegal hunting of these creatures have driven tiger populations to the brink of extinction.

This is part one in a series of Posts on the Tiger in an effort to create awareness on Tiger conservation. More interesting topics coming up. Meanwhile please log on to www.saveourtigers.com

Keep Roaring!!!


Save Our Tigers

Recently Aircel has started a campaign called Save our tigers. This is a campaign to create awareness on the Tiger being an endangered species and on the brink of extinction. We have currently around 1400 tigers left in the country, surprising, because the Tiger is India's national Animal.

Am sure many of us would have known for quite some time that the Tiger numbers are going down. This has been so to a variety or reasons and excuses. But I have decided to contribute however I can. One is to sign up on the Save our tigers campaign started by Aircel. Second I will use my blog to communicate on everything that can is related to Tigers. I will also actively Tweet and FB my way around until I get something out of it.

I am also putting this communication in all possible ways across to as many people as possible.

Please sign up at www.saveourtigers.com. This is the least you can do.

Also check out these sites

WWF India
Project Tiger (Indian Government)

Keep Roaring. The Tiger needs us.


Feb 1, 2010

Topics for Blogs

Past few days I have been researching on the money making aspect of blogs, and found it to be a really simple (NOT easy) and lucarative business. However what the speciality of your blog is going to be is up to you and your interests.

For Example, some of the stuff that I thought about for my new blog are

1. About learning a musical instrument
2. Learning about blogging ;)
3. How to loose weight
4. Music
5. Something of interest (save the Tiger)
6. Views on different topics
7. Interpretation of Dreams
8. Humorous writing
9. A snap a day
10. A quote a day
11. A blah blah blah day (got the idea?!!)
12. Cooking for Bachelors/idiots
13. Pro something writing (like pro equality to women)
14. Anti something (Anti smoking)
15. About a certain product/thing (Beer for instance, or make up since I worked in these industries)
16. Business ideas
17. Management views ( Like Dilbert Principle)
18. Funny videos or ads and descriptions
19. Latest news (too much of a headache though)
20. A How to do it blog
21. A personal blog (Sharing your daily life while remaining anonymous)
22. Evil twin blog (Sarcasm, criticism towards something you are doing)
23. About Hobby blog (Stamps, money :P , etc)
24. New stuff in technology,products, etc
25. A subject blog (Stock markets, astrology, history, politics)
26. A campaign blog (Save the neighbour hood playground)
27. Tourism blog
28. Photography blog
29. A short story blog
30. A continuous story blog
31. A cartoon blog
32. A poem blog?!!
33.Book review blog
34. movie Review blog
35. Blog on animals
36. Blog on Vegetarianism
37. A do it yourself blog

Anyway...ideas come along once you sit and vision what you enjoy doing and you can adapt that too your blog. The most important thing is keeping it going, so think before you jump into it.