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Feb 1, 2010

Topics for Blogs

Past few days I have been researching on the money making aspect of blogs, and found it to be a really simple (NOT easy) and lucarative business. However what the speciality of your blog is going to be is up to you and your interests.

For Example, some of the stuff that I thought about for my new blog are

1. About learning a musical instrument
2. Learning about blogging ;)
3. How to loose weight
4. Music
5. Something of interest (save the Tiger)
6. Views on different topics
7. Interpretation of Dreams
8. Humorous writing
9. A snap a day
10. A quote a day
11. A blah blah blah day (got the idea?!!)
12. Cooking for Bachelors/idiots
13. Pro something writing (like pro equality to women)
14. Anti something (Anti smoking)
15. About a certain product/thing (Beer for instance, or make up since I worked in these industries)
16. Business ideas
17. Management views ( Like Dilbert Principle)
18. Funny videos or ads and descriptions
19. Latest news (too much of a headache though)
20. A How to do it blog
21. A personal blog (Sharing your daily life while remaining anonymous)
22. Evil twin blog (Sarcasm, criticism towards something you are doing)
23. About Hobby blog (Stamps, money :P , etc)
24. New stuff in technology,products, etc
25. A subject blog (Stock markets, astrology, history, politics)
26. A campaign blog (Save the neighbour hood playground)
27. Tourism blog
28. Photography blog
29. A short story blog
30. A continuous story blog
31. A cartoon blog
32. A poem blog?!!
33.Book review blog
34. movie Review blog
35. Blog on animals
36. Blog on Vegetarianism
37. A do it yourself blog

Anyway...ideas come along once you sit and vision what you enjoy doing and you can adapt that too your blog. The most important thing is keeping it going, so think before you jump into it.



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