Just Emkaying: February 2015

Feb 28, 2015


Its quiet.
Its been so for many days
I now have 25 minutes
to put silence
into phrase
how much has changed
I can't really say
and another day will pass
as I struggle to tell you
what I did yesterday
like a boat at anchor
with nowhere to go
waiting for a mission
a captain, a wave, a voice
a simple hello
I have now 20 minutes
to write
of years of patience
and silent nights
of waiting for the sun to set
and then to rise
to just go on
now i wonder at it all
the sense of feeling
is gone
slipping into blank things
that aren't really there
my sight is failing
my hope is waning
I've 15 minutes more
i've already wandered
such is my belief now
weary are my fingers
my heart and eyes
the warmth is replaced
an acknowledgement perhaps
of inevitability
like a law of sorts
that it just won't work
oh how slow this clock tick tocks
I still have 5 minutes
so easy it was to bare
Oh so much had I to share
now in walls and shells
of simple luxury, cursed with
a  heart's empty hell
it is done
and as the clock strikes
it is again,

Feb 1, 2015

The Fitness Mafia and Melissa

Did you know? 9 out of 10 visitors to this site would have at some point of time considered joining a gym or fitness center to get into better shape.The best part of this whole better shape feeling, is that better shape is subjective, just like Black money is dependent on which side of the Parliament you sit on.

Thin guys want to get bulky, bulky guys want to get sharp, Sharp guys want to get sharper with 6 pack abs, and so on and so forth (or basically Christian Bale in different stages of his acting career). That means, you could walk up to anyone and tell them "Hey, you should hit the gym" and they will ALWAYS agree, because their ideal shape is one that they currently aren't or probably too unrealistic.

I don't know if he knows it, but Christian Bale has a fabulous parallel career option as a Fitness Trainer.