Just Emkaying: November 2008

Nov 28, 2008

Sales Fundas

Inspired by the Corporate Manual on Cogito,ergo sum,I decided to have some sales oriented fundas, which sales guys will usually hear in and off the field. Here goes...


This is an astronomic number created by consultation from psycho maniacs, multiplied into 3 and then added twice. This will create a number which will be passed from top to bottom of the management chain, while each person in the chain adds on a good 50%. This number is communicated to the last person on the ring and is expected to achieve this "number"

Salary Package:

An amount of money given to you so you survive and.... 

...no thats all. only enough to survive.

Team Work: 

Methodology where you do the work so someone else can get the credit.

Leadership skills:

A person who can take the blame for crappy work and pass on the credit to the boss for good stuff.


A scientific number derived after negating whatever possible from 0, and then assuring you get that amount of the derived number,in a years time IF you achieve your "targets" THROUGHOUT the year


Feeling which makes you do all the crappy work, your colleagues crappy work, listen to your bosses freak out sessions, get ripped off by your client, get a lousy pay and still continue working for the same organisation.


A systematic way of ensuring that you write or type down whatever you have done over the past week/fortnight/month or all the three, to ensure you know what a crappy work you have done.

360 Appraisal:

A continuous way of making you know that though you have been useless to the company, the company in all its majesty will retain you for the same lousy pay you are already getting. This way of making you know consists of collecting complaints and all problems you have created across all the people you have known, more from people who despise you.

Business Development:

A tactic of knowing what you have been doing each day in every place you visit for your sales call, knowing what your competition is doing in that call on that day, knowing what you can do knowing the previous information to improve what your doing.

And knowing all this your expected to work in the same position.

Month End :

A period during the end of the month, where you try to do 90% of  your target, either by threatening, begging or resolving to unfair practices. Failing which you screw your bosses happiness;who promptly will make sure your booty is put in the worst place possible, like selling refrigerators in Antarctica.


Nov 27, 2008

Mumbai Terror-Update

Have got the following updates

Update 1

1. Pak Def ministers says Pak has played no role in Mumbai Terror Strikes and should avoid Knee Jerk Reactions

2. Fire flares up bigger on Taj Hotel at COlaba

3. Terrorists have done a reconnaissance mission  in Mumbai before attacking, and apparently had control rooms in Taj and Trident

4. Captured terrorists claims that they are here to create panic and havoc.

Mumbai Terror- Why India?

Another attack. Another city. Another date. Another group of people.

The same leaders. The same methods. The same results.

November 26th 2008 has witnessed the most well orchestrated terror attack in India so far. The country has been taken by surprise, through the terrorists serial attacks on ten areas in South Mumbai. This too in a very aggressive, open handed manner.

Currently, while I watch three channels simultaneously, keeping a tab on whats happening, I am filled with a rage. A rage to hold someone responsible. A rage to catch hold of the politicans whom we(I) have voted to power. A rage to understand why in the past few years we as a country have been treated like a rag doll to hit and destroy tactics of Terrorists.

Things to ponder as all the ideas and things

1. The Govt is not at all aware of the next step

2. After numerous attacks on the country we still dont have crisis management

3. We treat our armed forces (Army,Police,NSG..etc) treated so poorly, having equipment so light as compared to the terrorists

4. Why is Pakistan's role and status not clear yet?

5. Top hotels and areas, where is the security when Mahrashtra is on perpetual alert?

6. IS there anything called Hindu Terror?Muslim Terror?

7. Does a person killing anyone have a religion?

8. Because the seige is high profile locations, is the media sitting up?

9. Three top officials shot down. Is that how our top officials are given resources

10. The terrorists are highly trained and using the best of equipment.

11. A camera takes photos of the terrorists, why cant a bullet find him too..

12. Mumbai spirit is great, but politicans are hell bent on dividing the city.

13. Apparently the terrorists came by sea, two ships MV alpha and Al kabir have been detained while on track to Pakistan 

14. 126 dead, 300+ injured (10pm, 27th Nov)

15. Hemant Karkare, Mahrashtra ATS chief succumbs to bullet wounds. Was accused of being anti hindu and on a witch hunt against Hindu religious figures, during his probe of Malegaon Blasts; which took a  political turn when the probe began finding Hindu activists involved. Prime parties to take up cudgels agains Karkere seemed to be the BJP and the Shiv Shena.

16.  MAjor locations- Taj, Oberoi trident, Nariman House, CST 

17. 1 terrorist caught alive

18. IPS officer Ashok Kamteen and Encounter Specialist Vijay Salaskar Loose their lives in the cross fire with terrorists. 11 other policemen loose their lives.

19. Deccan Mujaihdeen claims responsibilty for terror attacks. The terrorists are young, sharp and very focused on their plan.

20. All terrorists in TAJ are dead (10.10 pm)

21. Lots of links to Pakistan, is something brewing on the other side? 

22. Why cant we hit terrorist camps when we know they exsist?

23. Are we going to forget this too?

24 After 9/11 there wasnt a single terror attack on USA. Why cant we do that?

The things have gone too far. Its not the terrorists who have taken a toll, ITS THE POLITCIANS WHO HAVE KILLED SO MANY PEOPLE. 

1 billion people. 100 odd idiots running the country.

Am sad and depressed that I(and all of us) have knowingly or unkowingly, in some way contributed to this mess.

I pray for all the people who have lost their lifes, and all those who have lost their loved and dear ones. May their souls rest in Peace and give their families the strength to face the situation.

God Bless India

Politics of Terror

You tell us that we should vote for you,
That you are the right choice

You tell us that the other is wrong
That you can put an end to them

You tell us that our children will have a future
That you support education and learning

You tell us that things will be right
That you will make sure they are

And when we do choose you,
You are not around

When you make "others" wrong
You are not around

When we are insecure and attacked
You are not around

When democracy is threatened
You are not around

When children are raped and murdered
You are not around

When the country is held to Ransom
You are not around

You claim that religion is the cause
Then what is the meaning of "Indian"?

You claim we are safe
How do we loose thousands everyday?

Why aren't our armed forces supported and encouraged
Where is respect for courage and valor

But of course you are safe
But of course you are protected
But of course you have three meals a day
But of course your "people" are always happy
But of course you earn more that half your constituency does


You are the problem
You are the issue
You are the religion
You are the enemy
You You You

Its time for WE
Its time for US
My religion is Indian
My God is India
My family are the citizens of India.

And I will not let you do this to us.

The Story---A bit held up

Helllloooo everybody!!!

Am in the middle of working out the next few chapters of The story, Kindly bear with me if it does get held up a day or two. Am also in the middle of some exciting changes in my life so I am kinda "Held up"!!!

So I will be back, max a day or two. 

Meanwhile anything interesting will be posted regularly!!!

Till then keep safe and cheers!!!

Nov 26, 2008

TS10 What next?

Now that I had a double whammy in missing and messing both my plans, I was in a state of Despair. But not in a mood to give up. I mean who ever heard of a guy leaving in two attempts to catch the attention of a girl.


But I was finding it more and more difficult to come with ideas to have a decent conversation with Pw. And the more time I took, the more the competition was getting. Apart from the majority of the guys, in my college, now it was outsiders too. And it wasn't helping that I wasn't on the popularity charts either.


Most of the so called locals were up to there heroics in trying to get her attention, with all the wisecracks in class and singing and dancing. And of course the active participation in college politics. My tiny group kept giving me ideas but I dint actually have the courage to try anything more.


I did have some advantages though. Being a CBSE schooler, did give me the advantage of having better verbal skills, and my NRI background made me slightly better at general awareness than others. I could hold a decent conversation over a range of topics. I loved the stage and did quite a number of presentations as part of academics, and somewhere along the way I might have made a mark. I was never the arrogant type, so I did manage to make friends amongst most of the guys in class. I wasn't MR. Popular but then again no one hated me.

One day it so happened that we had a free class and we were just loitering in class, me, Mohan, and Somesh. Some of the girls and PW. Mohan went on and was chatting to Seema,and I was checking the design of the pen in my hand. Somesh was jumping around cracking jokes and amusing some of the girls. Suddenly Pw comes and sits next to Seema, Right opposite me. She continued chatting with Mohan, and Pw joined in. And I was getting as irate and jittery as a cat in a room full of rockers.


Suddenly Mohan just moved out, and Seema started talking to me. Just like that.


Seema- ...so as I was saying, this accountancy is killing me. I just cant get the basics right..

Me- Hey not to worry, its not that tough ( With the confidence that I developed the subject of Accounts)

Seema- Easy for you to say, You topped in the Pre university college right?

Me- (completely embarrassed and taken by surprise) Well, that was just a lucky shot

Seema- YA right, and the remaining subjects too then??!!

Me- (almost blushing) Something like that...

Seema- Hey just a sec... (she jumps off to say something to Rochelle)

Awkard silence

Me- So how you finding class? (DUMB question)

Pw- Fine

Me- Ok

Pw- I dint know you were so studious...

Me- Am not, its just an impression. ( I realised I was ACTUALLY talking to her, pinched my self just to make sure)

Me- OUCH!!!

Pw- what?

ME- UH nothing...Pretty boring huh

Pw- I know, its so boring, nothing to do and all. At least you guys can play basketball and stuff//

ME- You like playing basketball? I play quite a lot

Pw- Ya I know, saw you couple of times.

(She saw me playing?!! Damn, I should have stuck to my Basketball uniform, than those lousy yellow football shorts!!!)

Me- Perhaps you can join and learn too...

Pw- Ya, I guess I should.

Me- You would of course be a distracting factor!

(WHAT???!! Did I just say that!!!)

Stare. Stare. (Guess I did say that!)

ME- Kidding, you gotta laugh some times, It wont hurt

Pw- (Giggles. Tosses her hair around and re ties them in a pony.) You dont talk much do you?

Me- Nothing like that, I dont get much of an opportunity to.

Pw-(Laughing) You were trying to talk to me the other day when returning the book weren't you?

Me- YA kind off ( I was feeling kind off silly now)


And we both burst out laughing!!! and laughing and laughing...

And all I could do was to etch that scene in my memory for a long time to come. I just watched, as the girl I have been trying to talk too for so long was just laughing with me. I resisted just touching her arm, to make sure it was real. I wanted that moment to last forever.

The guys started streaming in, and she got up to leave.

Pw- Hey catch you later

Me- Ya, will do.

IT was a beautiful moment for me. I realized that it was undoubtedly a hook up made be Mohan and Seema, It seemed tooooo staged to be otherwise. But I was grateful. It was going to be the few rare moments that Pw and I shared together.

MEanwhile, I was thinking what next? what was I going to do next?

Nov 25, 2008

A dog, a kitten and me.

It was 12.30 am. I was back from my movie. Planning a chapter for The Story. 



"Woof woof, woof ?"

"Meow meow meow, meow!!!"

If you have an abandoned kitten, a Restless dog and a common area for them to meet this is what you hear.

" Meow? meow!! meow meow"

"BArk BArk!! Wooooof?@@$#@"




So my thinking went something like

" I can prepare the story like-woof woof-and then maybe-meow meow!!!- I will have dialogue here and maybe this could-BARK meow BArk- Arghghghghgh!!!! "

I was getting crazy with this Kitten Dog Symposium to which I had got free ticket. I was lucky the remaining 8 or 9 dogs in my area dint join in or we would have a full edged party going on.

So fed up I go to sleep. Switch off the lights.And believe me

There was not a single bark, or a single meow. IT was like they were conversing" when is this nut going to switch of the lights or something"

And they say animals cant talk!!!

Nov 24, 2008

If I were a boy-Beyonce

This one's the current number one on VH1. Great track and nice video too. Listen carefully to the lyrics.

The Verve- Love is Noise

This one is a nice number. The background score is addictive. I picked up the song after it went off vH1 top ten.

Nov 23, 2008

TS9 The tea stained trail

Damage control. Thats all I could think of now. I had borrowed a book I dint need, just to talk to a girl who hardly knew me. And apparently I just ruined the opportunity to talk to her while retuning the book, and had more of escape planning to do after spilling a cup of tea on the villianous book.

"Drop some water on it and iron it...."

It dint exactly sound like the wisest thing to do, but then again I hadnt done a course on ink and print, so had to go with whatever any one could up with. I could also tear off that page, but am sure Pw would come after me with a blood hound or two.

So water iron therapy it was. I dropped a couple of drops of water on the spot. Quick Ironed it and viola!!! the stains were slowly dissapearing in steam. I could hardly contain myself with Joy at my redemption, when I saw that not only was the tea stain dissapearing, so was the ink on the page!!!

For my roomie, it was a hilarious site. Me worrying about two drops of spilt tea on a notebook. And it was silly to some extent. But to me it was a harrowing experience. Now there wa nothing more left to do. HAnd over the book. Say a thanks. And Dissapear. No chat, no conversation; at least for a year!!!

As I reached college the next day, preparing myself for the events to happen, Mohan was in an unusually chatty mood.

Moh- So you got the notebook ?

Me- Yes, and it was because I had some notes to fill. Nothing else.

Moh- Everyones expecting a note from you.

Me- WHAT??? a Note..?

Moh- Thats what you took the book for right? either that or you too chicken. The girls think your chicken anyway...

Me- Who told you that> Its rubbish. I took her book for some notes and am giving it back today. no notes wotes and all that crap.

Moh- She thinks your smart.

Me- Who Pw? ( People gave me all sort of informtation when I least needed it, and that it wasnt helping that I dint want to have a conversation at least today)

Moh- Ya. What you going to do?

Me - Nothing. Give the book and come back.

Moh- Well heres news for you. You have to give the book now. BS class has been shifted to the next hour. And I think she's calling for you.

Me- DaMN!!!

Theres some sadistic intent in the whole thing. As if the walls and blackboards were getting a kick out of all this torture I was going through. As I turned around, Pw was waving for me asking for the book.

Trrrrrrrrring. The bell went off. Everyone getting back into the seats. This left me with the most disastorous proposition. Walk up to her in front of the whole class, give her the book, hope she doesnt note the blob of vaporised tea ink mixture, and doesnt give me those nerve racking stares shes been giving people.

It was now or never.

I took a deep breath. Pulled in my tummy, puffed up my chest, a quick dusting of the clothes and I was off. It was approximately 7 steps to her.

Step 1 - She will find out the spot

Step 2 - She wont

Step 3- She will find out the spot

Step 4 - DAmn forgot the book on my table!!!

Went back, got the book and rushed over to her table, theres was no time for niceties.

Me- Sorry, thanks for the book

Pw- (Stare down, but in a sweeter way) Ok.

I did a 360, took a step to rush back to my seat when...

Pw- HEy!!!

Thats it, she saw it. She was going to humiliate me in public. Maybe I shoud just run out of the class. OR drop dead. Ya Dropping dread might divert attention. Or what if...

Pw - You forgot your pen.

I turned around and saw her hand outstretched holding my pen. I took it and mumbled Thanks, and she just smiled.

And I stood there transfixed. The clouds parting the sun shining...That smile was like a knife through butter. I could hear music in he background
"ओह एक लड़की को देखा थो ऐसा लगा...." (A popular hindi song...)
"Get back to your seat!!!"
"जैसे किल्था गुलाब जैसे ..." ( A popular hindi song cont'd!!!)
"Get back to your seat!!!"

Prof HEgde was staring at me and the background music was replaced by was giggles, I rushed back to my seat. Mohan gave me a nudge of acknowledgement. I didnt really care. I was already lost to a smile....

TS8 The Teascapade Part 2

My plan was to walk up to her when the class ended for the day, say a quick hi, ask for help and then get the book. That would give me an opportunity to talk to her again when I returned the book and perhaps build on the same. But right now my single minded determination was on getting that book.

The hours ticked away like a sand clock during the Inca period; or was it the Egyptians? Whatever. Anyway, the time was nearing and I hadn't shared the idea with anyone so the chances of messing this up was less. Unless some nitwit interfered. The best part was that the plan was so trouble proof I was getting over confident.

As the last bell for the day rang, I stood up with casio-watch precision. I had to ensure that it looked casual, not a plan straight out from a Mission Impossible movie. She packed up and made her way to the front entrance. I moved out of my row and started walking to the front door.

She stopped.

I stopped.

Thump Thump

Thump Thump

Thump Thump

I never knew a heart beat could hurt so much. I almost thought somebody heard it.

She then gracefully turned around, to move out through the back entrance. The Back Entrance? Why ? Who ? I was already sweating now. The back entrance lead directly into the corridor. The corridor had three exit points. One was to the staircase to the first floor, the second out on to the grounds and to the ladies room, and the third to the games room.

I could have handled the games room. The ladies room was out of bounds and I'd rather be dead than being caught prancing around the ladies room, not to mention the profs room nearby. The first floor was an enigma. PW walked on with her trusted aide towards the ladies room. I just followed, not knowing what to do.

She walked on and on and it was almost eternity when She a took a right into the block which led to the ladies room. I was about 10 ft from the turn, so I hurried up. I took a quick jog towards the turn, and then...

Thump Thump

Thump Thump

Thump Thump

She appeared back in the turn, and I could only break my  jog by dragging my shoes, which created a horrible screech. I stopped.She turned. We were face to face.

Thump Thump

Thump Thump

PW- " Do you know which Staff room Prof Ramesh sits in ?" matter of factly. No HI hello. nothing.

Me- Uh, no, I mean no, Uh yeah, I know which staff room he uses.

Pw- which?

Me- The one down the main office.

Pw- ok.

And she turns around and walks back towards the main office building. I almost forgot for a second what I had come for. I took a quick step up behind her

Me- Hey, excuse me

Pw turns around and looks at me. Not a word. She must have known something about what that moron Somesh had said.

Me- I missed Prof. Naresh's class. Could you lend me your note book for a day?

Pw- I missed his class too.

What? How did that happen. Now what what what. Think quick. I need any book now. I need a book. It could be a paint it yourself book for all I cared.

Me- Oh, I dint know that. Did you miss BS too? I missed it so that would....

Before I could complete my sentence she was already digging her bag. She took the book out.

Held it in her hand for a good 10 seconds .she gave me a look bordering on a stare.

Pw- Here.

She gave the BS book to me. IT was as if she'd seen so many guys trying to ask her out over a notebook. Not only was I already lost to the scores of losers, I was now another of those notebook trial guys.

Pw- Be CAREFUL with it.(Right, she just handed me  the MonaLisa)Get it back tomorrow.

With that she promptly scooted off to to her original Destination, leaving me staring at her, and wondering what just happened. Apparently I had a talent for messing up. I dint know she had missed the first class, I had completely changed my plan, and I was know left with a book for which I had little use. The conversation was more of a teacher admonishing a kindergarten kid.

I went back home, drowning my sorrows in a tender coconut. I reached home in 20 min, got refreshed and picked up the tea my Paying Guest "Aunty" had made and sat down with PW's book on the sit out. "Bittoo", our PG dog gave me a quick bark of recognition and went back to sleep. Lucky dog, he dint have to worry about all these...

I opened the book, went right to the last page. Nothing much there. As Expected, BS was a fun class. No restrictions. I hadn't expected much on this book either. I contemplated my next move, turning the pages rapidly,to catch something interesting, hoping to find my name etched in red or something similar atleast.

"Woof!!" Bittoo's  bark was loud enough to startle me. The cup in my hand wobbled and before I could grip myself, Two rogue drops of Tea were on their way, moving towards the notebook, with precision on the center page.

I never had wished for the theory of Gravity to be wrong in my entire life as I did on that moment. I let off the glass of tea and used all my strength and agility to push the notebook away...But No. The drops of dark Tea were in the mood of vengeance as they hit the center page, blotting everything. I stared at the dark spot. Apart from swearing, and cursing that I would never touch Tea again, I dint know what to do...

TS8 The Teascapade Part 1

My roomies were concerned about me that day. Not that I was in a state of depression or something, but they had this weird feeling something was up, I was smiling to myself. I wasn't chattering away, and I wasn't reading anything. More surprisingly,I even went out with them for a evening walk.

They knew there was this girl in class, but never knew I would actually try something to talk to her. Pretty Woman(PW henceforth) was popular by then and they had heard of her and knew I had a chance of maybe 1 in a million. But roomies as they were ,they humored me by giving me advice.

In those days "dating" was unheard of, and liking someone was limited to 5 min chats, and maybe a lunch at the end of a 3 year degree, all peppered with similar 5 min chats. There were no Coffee Days and Baristas; so lets go for coffee sounded more like "lets run away together". There were the more bolder type, who used to hang out and all but that wasn't in my end of the city. Anyway, my roomies decided that if I was ever to have talk to PW, I'd need to have an excuse. Obviously I couldn't just walk up and say hi, because it would make me look needy (as if I wasn't!) So they decided I need to ask her for something which she could give happily, apart from a whack on the face.

As we decided on the variables, it began getting late. Thought of asking for a pen, but asking a pen from someone on the other side of the class looked lame, apart from the fact that there were around 30 people in between from whom I could have got a pen and never have to return it. OR ask for directions to the library, but everyone knew that I was the most frequent visitor to the Library.

On the other hand she could have asked a hundred things from me, and I would have offered it with life long free service and 24*7 customer support. But then again she wasn't on the needy side, and at most might ask me If I was in her class or not. I did not know her friends so they couldn't help me. And my dear friends had got me into more than I could handle.


But I had already planned for this moment. I had my excuse, and I had been thinking of nothing else but that the whole evening. A notebook. All I had to do was muster the courage to ask for her notebook. I had see Mohan already do it, and she had given him the blessed book without much trouble, so why not me? So as I shared my idea with my roomies, they nodded in approval. And warned me against anything stupid, like putting a note, or doing some "Accidental" Graffiti on the back page.


Have you ever checked the last page of a girls notebook? If you have you will know what I mean when I say, that last page is the most vital "current class news " source there could ever be. Notes , names and phone numbers. That's the best page you could ever get your hands on. And there was a science in deciding which book would have that page. Observant that I was I had my theory. The more strict the professor, the more a girl would communicate through notes. Find the most stuckuppish prof and you've got your book!!! And in my case Mr. Naresh, the Burly Accounts prof was my man.


Next Day morning Dressed in my best I was in my place at 11, conveniently missing Prof Ramesh's class, the first in the hour. PW was in her seat as well, so things were so fa so good....

Nov 22, 2008

Ashutosh Kaushik cracks Big BOss 2!!!

Yep, he's done it again. After winning the last MTV Roadies season, Ashutosh Kaushik small town, big heart guy wins the BIg Boss 2 today. After having close competition with Raja Choudhary. The third finalist was Zulfi Sayeed, who had a role in the recently released controversial movie "DEsh Drohi"

Ashutosh has been publically announcing the support of both Rahul Mahajan and Raja, would supported him and wanted him to win. In fact Rahul even pledging to do everything he could to make sure Ashutosh walked away with the 1 crore bounty. Rahul walked away with a car for being the bade dilawala dude in the house.

To a large extent Zulfi has voiced his concern and dissapointment in his being voted out, as he was piped to take the 1st spot. He also spoke against the politics going on in the big boss 2 house.

Though when Shilpa Shetty launched the show, there reservations about the participants who were not that well known, the show has been a huge success for TV channel Colors.All through the show there were interesting incidents going on in the BB house, including Rahuls link up with Monica,  and Ashutosh tie up with Diana Hayden. There was also the case of Jane Goody, the Shilpa shetty basher, who left the show owning to health concerns.

However what remains to be seen is the next step for Mr. Ashutosh. After winning the hearts of the youth with MTV roadies, he has taken the entire country with him through Big Boss 2. What he does next is going to be watched with deep interest. 

Anyways heres congratulating you and wishing you the best Ashu!!!

Madagascar-Escape 2 Africa- Review

The movie is out finally!!!

Lets start. 

After a hillarious time in Madagascar, Alex and company with King Julien and the Penguin Squad head off back home, with an aeroplane. Under the captaincy of "Skipper" they manage to crash land in the Afrikaans and suddenly feel at home. Here on the movie goes to a milder version of the "Lion King" and a all's well that ends well kinda story line.

The movie has some hillarious parts thanks to King Julien the "King"!!! and of Course my favorite Penguin Squad. Theres also nanna(nanny) the human who takes on the animals and leads the lost New york tourists(Courtesy the Penguin squad) to safety in the big byaaad Juungles.

There is a love interest arising between Melman and Gloria, but Melman is to shy and Gloria gets a possible suitor in Modo Modo. Melman releases he's gonna die and expresses his feelings and how things change (you gota watch the movie for that)

Theres also an identity crisis for Alex "the Dancing lion" and Alex "the REal Lion"

The movie does keep up with the original, but lacks a story line. Animation hasnt been the strong point so lets leave that apart. Madagascar 3 has already been announced so maybe the producers will keep that in mind.

The voice overs:

Alex - Ben Stiller
Marty - Chris Rock
Gloria- JAda Pinkett Smith 
Melman-DAvid Schwimmer
King Julien-Sacha Baron Cohen 
Maurice- Cedric the entertainer

From: DreamWorks Animation

The Release: December 19th

DM Rating : 2.5 go have a look see, for King Juliens sake!!!

And a special something for you guys...heres the track Move Move it from Madagascar

Love of a little boy- Inquisitive thinking


I'd like to share a very touching incident, which I came across Inquisitive Thinking, a couple of days back. A very touching story.

Am republishing the story in parts here just to give you an idea of the story...

"... boy couldn't have been more than 5 or 6 years old.

The Cashier said, 'I'm sorry, but you don't have enough money to buy this doll.

Then the little boy turned to the old woman next to him: ''Granny, are you sure I don't have enough money?''

The old lady replied: ''You know that you don't have enough money to buy this doll, my dear.''

Then she asked him to stay there for just 5 minutes while she went to look around. She left quickly. The little boy was still holding the doll in his hand.

Finally, I walked toward him and I asked him who he wished to give this doll to…

'It's the doll that my sister loved most and wanted so much for Christmas…

She was sure that Santa Claus would bring it to her.

I replied to him that maybe Santa Claus would bring it to her after all, and not to worry.

But he replied to me sadly. 'No, Santa Claus can't bring it to her where she is now. I have to give the doll to my mommy so that she can give it to my sister when she goes there.'

His eyes were so sad while saying this. 'My Sister has gone to be with God. Daddy says that Mommy is going to see God very soon too, so I thought that she could take the doll with her to give it to my sister.''

My heart nearly stopped.

The little boy looked up at me and said: 'I told daddy to tell mommy not to go yet. I need her to wait until I come back from the mall.'

Then he showed me a very nice photo of himself. He was laughing. He then told me 'I want mommy to take my picture with her so she won't forget me.'

'I love my mommy and I wish she didn't have to leave me, but daddy says that she has to go to be with my little sister.'

Then he looked again at the doll with sad eyes, very quietly.

I quickly reached for my wallet and said to the boy.... "

"...The little boy said: 'Thank you God for giving me enough money!'

Then he looked at me and added, 'I asked last night before I went to sleep for God to make sure I had enough money to buy this doll, so that mommy could give it to my sister. He heard me!''

'I also wanted to have enough money to buy a white rose for my mommy, but I didn't dare to ask God for too much. But He gave me enough to buy the doll and a white rose.''

'My mommy loves white roses.'

A few minutes later, the old lady returned and I left with my basket. I finished my shopping in a totally different state of mind from when I started.

I couldn't get the little boy out of my mind. Then I remembered a local news paper article two days ago, which mentioned a drunk man in a truck, who hit a car occupied by a young woman and a little girl. The little girl died right away, and the mother was left in a critical state. The family had to decide whether to pull the plug on the life-sustaining machine, because the young woman would not be able to recover from the coma.

Was this the family of the little boy?

Two days after this encounter with the little boy, I read in the news paper that the young woman had passed away.

I couldn't stop myself ...."

Read the whole story at Inquisitive Thinking. 

Author Varun Goel.

Blog updates

After a lot of thought process, in between selling lipstick and mascara, I have come to the following areas of interest points that I would follow in my blog.

1. The Story [Seems to be getting readers :) ]

2. Movie reviews

3. Book Reviews

4. Places of interest (I have no idea why Mangalore and Manipal are famous keywords!!! must be the beaches!!!)

5. Intersting facts or fun stuff

6 NEW!!! Ads are in contention for a slot. I was wondering I never thought of it.

7. Life stories, touching incidents and thoughts on events (borrowed, begged or my own!)

Let me know more...

Nov 21, 2008

Site under development

Hi ya all!!!

I had mentioned some time back that I wanted to really make the blog look cool, but my lack of software and IT knowledge wasnt helping me. And neither were roomies around to help me, so I was frustated.And I was scared to try it on Daily Mirror.

But after finally afters hours of toiling (And swearing, screaming, throwing those blasted java books to the wall) I have finally managed to stumble upon one of the worlds best blogsites, which has showed me how to do it myself... Yes and have learnt most of this and have been doing my scratch work on Daily Mirror TEsting

HAve a look at the effects and colours. It is by no way a preview of the future of Daily mirror, but am sharing it just for kicks!!!

Have a nice laugh


Nov 20, 2008

Coming Soon Reviews

The past few Reviews have been delayed on Daily Mirror, but as part of developing the site, we are planning an active review system for bollywood and Hollywood movies. As a part of the same here are two upcoming "in the making" Blockbusters.

1. Ghajini

After Fanaa, This will be Aamir's second full on Commercial Venture, with the movie rights being sold for large sums. The movie is based on The Tamil Ghajini (Staring Surya and Asin). The movie will star Aamir Khan, Jiah Khan and South Star Asin. The trailer promo is hot, but how a remake of a Tamil movie which was originally a remake of Memento, a psychological thriller. The movie is Directed by Mr. A R Murgadoss so, you can expect brilliant cinematography. The music was out on 15 Nov.

Release : Dec 25th

Look Out for : Aamir built up, Asin, Guzarish, Brilliant scenes, Good story.

Heres the Trailer

2. Rab ne Bana di Jodi

"Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi" Stars Sharukh Khan, newcomer Anushka Sharma and is written and direted by Aditya Chopra. The music is by Salim Sualiman and the Lyrics by Jaideep Sahni.

Release: Dec 12th 2008

Look Out for: Haule HAule, King Khan, Surprise "Anushka", nice story line

Trailer here

Looking forward to great movies in Dec!!!

Videos of Dostana

Thought I'd put up some videos of Dostana

This is my Favorite...Ma Da laadla Remix. Sorry for the blurs, couldnt find a better one.

This is Jaane Kyun...nice track

Khabar Nahin...:)

My Desi Girl :P


Ma da Laadla Bigad gaya!!!

TS 7 Notebook please!!!

I wouldn't call myself a jealous guy but at that moment, pure rage engulfed me as I imagined that senior dude hitting on my girl. Well, she wasn't exactly my girl yet but if that was to happen Mr. Senior dude would have to be a negative integer in the equation.

I could almost see the tragedy unfolding in front of my eyes. Senior impresses girl; takes her out to lunch- she falls for him. Then a dance in the basketball court and a proposal over a candle light dinner. She would say yes and he'd call for champagne, and I'd pop the bottle and serve them.

Whoa! Me serve them?! How the hell did I come into the picture- surely I'd have to do something and quick. Perhaps I could challenge him to a basketball game and hit him hard enough with a ball in the right areas. Or I could push him of the bus heh heh..

And just when you least expected it he was at the door with a package…Senior that he was I could walk up to him and say WTF, and I’d only succeed in getting my booty whooped. And then She walked towards him with extended arms-ala slow motion, flowers showering, violins playing and everything went white and red. And I could only close my eyes and think nooooo

And when I opened my eyes he was gone. The class room was back, Flowers were replaced by Cobwebs and the violins gave way to the restless chattering and blabbering from my classmates. And she was back in her seat. I knew love used to be blind before they invented credit cards and John Abraham, but I was outright hallucinating.

But I wasn’t hallucinating; the package was there on her desk. As she packed up to leave, she reached in to the package and pulled out a couple of notebooks. I’d heard of love letters but love note books? Man this senior was outta his mind-

Notebooks? It was the senior’s college Notebooks!! She was just borrowing the guy’s old notebooks!! Phew, I had to stop this day dreaming of mine or I’d end up in one of Manipal’s famous medical facilities.

And thinking of which I got the first sensible idea for that day. Maybe I'd need some notebooks too...As I waited for the class to disperse, I watched the fans slow down, and planned for the notebook which was my key…

Dostana Review

Well Well Well...Two movies in two days not bad. Todays was a 10pm show and am back at 1.20 am.

Anyway heres the review.

Pre-reviews: A lot of hype about the movie, to be expected thanks to Dharma Productions and Coffee Karan. Heard someting about a gay movie, trend setter excellent Cinematography and Fab looking Actors. (Did we miss Story here??!!)

Whos who:

Director: Tarun Mansukhani (asst Director for KANK, Paheli, KHNH,K3G, KKHH)

Writer: Tarun Mansukhani 

Cast : Abhishek Bachchan (Sameer aka Sam)

John Abraham (Kunal)

Priyanka Chopra ( Neha)

Bobby Deol (Abhimanyu)

Kiron Kher, Boman Irani and Shilpa Shetty

The Movie:

The movie is about two guys, one girl and then another guy with a kid. A typical KJ movie, with this being the most hyped and overrated movie from him. The movie definitely doesnt do justice to the theme of the movie. Which itself being baffling. Was this a comedy or was it a gay movie. OR then again was it a gay comedy movie?

Two men try to get an appartment, theres only one problem. They cant get it as there is no men rule enforced by Nehas aunty. So the solution turns out that thy act gay to get the rooms, and end up falling in love with Neha. Enter Abhimiayu who joins the competition and is the first lucky winner, as the other two are still Gay!!! And all the antics continue in order to stop the Yes, I do from neha. The kid comes into play with Sam and Kunal using the kiddo to pull daddy away. Anyway things dont turn out as expected, the truth comes out, A Kiss is shared between Kunal and Sam and everything becomes Hunky Dory!!!

A pathetic story line though credit has to be given to the comedy which to some extent is funny. The Locales are fantastic and Priyanka looks absolutely fab, that being the only thing she could do I guess, not having much to Act.

Bachchan Junior too was wasted. John did his squinting and smiling well apart from looking toned in his D&G underwear. Which I believe helped in getting his female fans to the theatre. 

Surprisingly the movie did have interesting moments here and there, and I would say it would be a hit because of the entire package.

Music: Fantastic!!! Look out for Jaane Kyun, Desi Girl, Ma da Laadla,  Khabar Nahi 

DM Rating : 3/5 Watch it, Entertaining.

Links : Official web

Nov 19, 2008

Thank you readers!!!

 Today Daily Mirror has reached subscription of 10 readers. Its a big step for me as an author and I am totally floored by your patronage. In addition I would also like to thank followers and readers who have not been included above. A big Thanks to all of you.

Currently the blog is under remodelling, am trying to make head and tail of the CSS and customizable widgets and stuff. However there are more plans for Daily Mirror coming up soon.

Current changes.

1. You will know be able to digg interesting articles other than THE STORY, The button will be on the top right hand corner (Check out QOS Review for the same)

2. You can also join my blog network via Blog Catalog, Technorati, IndiBlogger and Facebook Blog Networks, apart from RSS feeds. 

3. You can also add me on Twitter, Facebook and Digg.

Coming up soon

1. Links to Orkut and Email Subscription options

2. A top posts of the week header

3. Interesting Blogs of the week/Fortnight

4. Anything else you may suggest

I also REquest you to keep coming and Posting your comments!!! 

Thanks guys!

Nov 18, 2008

Quantum of Solace-Review

I don't think its right time for a review of QOS, being already quite some time as it has been released. However most of the reviews I read dint give me the right picture of the movie. What I had expected was completely different from what I watched today.


While watching the movie you need to remember two things. This bond is NOT The suave and smooth gadget savvy Pierce Brosnan Bond. This Daniel Craig Bond is an intense, I don't give a damn Bond. The second important point is that this is the beginning of James Bond, And is more of how the Elegant Bond came into picture.

As we already know this movie is about a hurt, revengeful James out to kick ass anyone that's not helping him on his way to get the Bad guys. The movie has brilliant Action. By Action I don't mean Scud missiles flying out from Cars or Radar deflecting semi aircraft parachute holding rockets. Here its hardcore Bond beating up the bad guys, more realistic fights. Real Car chases and practically possible stunts.

Craig has actually done most of the stunts Himself. The movie shows a human 007 who can get hit and beaten up, and there's a lot more story and drama. If you are going to the cinema hall to watch high flying gadgetry and bond Sleeping with all his female accomplices than your going to be disappointed. To have watched Casino Royale would also be a big plus in understanding the movie.

The best part of the movie is in not knowing what will happen next, and how bond is going to react.

The movie continues from the last movie. Bond is basically after two people. One is man who betrayed Vesper Lynd, the woman he loved; and Dominic Greene (bullfrog-eyed Mathieu Amalric), a big player in the sinister organization that blackmailed her, now striking a shady deal in some Bolivian desert.

The whole movie revolves around Bond trying to get hold of Dominic Greene. At the same time Olga Kurylenko (Camille), plays a good part and has her eyes set on the Bolivian General who is planning a coup. And helping the Bolivian General is Dominic Greene. Apparently Olga is out to take revenge against The general who ruined her family and that's how Bond and Olga meet.

The movie has lots of twists and turns but could have done with better dialogue and narrative. Its not as entertaining as Casino Royales narrative build and story. But you have to keep your eyes open or you might miss a vital link. The locales for the movie are brilliant.

Olga however has played a character that stands on her own and doesnt need a bond .Very independent and very different from all he previous bond girls. Being arguably 007's hottest accomplices, There isnt a single bedroom scene with Bond. Which again brings out the ruthless and single minded objective of revenge in both Bond and Olga.

Overall I would rate it a 3.5 on 5 as a movie. Worth watching and enjoyable if you are up to some great practical movie action and A fantastic Bond. To be true it actually gives strength to the fact that Daniel Craig fits the bill as a 21st century Bond and a strong characterization .Hard core Pierce Brosnan style fans might find it a bit hard to swallow. No wonder the drab reviews!!!

Happy Movie watching!!!

Some interesting links

Bond Villains, Bond girls

TS 6 The Twist

Prof Hegde's classes has always been a mix of fun and learning. But this time I had better things to do. Like planning for an escape to Andaman or Nicobar. After biting off more than I could chew, I felt that there was nothing left for me to do.

However what was really getting me worried was Who? who was the person my partner had spoken to? Who. It could be anyone as far as I knew. And now that Mr. Somesh and me had this issue between us ( YA ya I know, It was my screw up but hey!!! He did say it to someone!!!) It was going to be a while before we patched up. Anyways he was already out of his local place and got in touch with some one from the bench behind.

But that was the least on my mind right now. 

The bell went off. It was the morning interval and now there was no place to hide. I escaped to drown my sorrows in a glass of water near the cooler. I decided against going back to class and headed towards the canteen. 


I turned back and saw Mohan. And it struck me right there. It was Rochelle. YES. HE had spoken to Rochelle. How dumb of me! Mohan had this wry smile on his face. 

As I understood the entire depth of the situation I almost had a vision of Mohan in a King Arthur suit atop a Gallant Stallion. Trumpets sounding, Bugles blowing. (Full Eastman Colour, of course) 360 Dolby digital. 

YEs, at that point of time he was my Knight in Shinin Armor. The next moment we were sharing a Coke and I asked him over a plate of Samosa's

Me- Why dint you tell me!

Moh- Why dint you ask?

Me- What, IF you'd known you could have saved me the trouble!!! What did ya get out of that heh

Moh- Nothing, But it wasnt my business. Anyways I guess you could do with a little help from an expert!!!

Me- Expert? You?

Moh- Get me another coke and yes, Me

Mohan knew Most of the girls in our class and more so he knew seema. So I was willing to bet a coke on it.  I mean going to Andaman was a bit far fetched too. Maybe I could keep it as a second option.

Me- Heres your coke. And now...

Moh- Well first of all the Warning. These things are not for you. Step out now and its the best thing you can do.

Have you ever tried telling a kid not to do something? Invariably that kid was gonna do that, the moment you asked him not to. Such was the case with me.


Moh- Okay. Anyways think about it.  What I would suggest is be yourself and things would go fine. 

Saying this he promptly slurped up his coke and started to leave.

Me- HEy Mr. Expert where do you think you are going? 

Moh- Well you wanted help. Thats it!!! Work around it for a while!

Me- But, I mean, Like... 

It was too late. Mohan was already half way gone. Andaman wasnt a Bad Idea afterall. I walked towards the class and Saw pretty woman walking down the aisle to the class. I thought I caught a glimpse of a smile, and was beginning to have second thoughts.

As I turned the corner,I was sure it was a smile all right. But not directed at me. It was at some guy at the doorway who was chatting to her for almost 15 min. He dissapeared just as I got there. 

I hadnt even started when some other guy already got there! Maybe ol' Mohan was right. Maybe I should back off.

Looking back now that was the first time I had not heeded good advice and it wasnt the last either.

Nov 16, 2008

TS5 Could I ever go to college again?

After I spent a whole night thinking of the most humiliating circumstances, I thought there was no way I could live with what Somesh had just helped me with. I mean I asked for a slice of bread and he got me the whole wheat farmers association!!! and a not in a nice way either. 

I could imagine the college laughing at the geek who fell for a girl in the first week of college. Perhaps some of the seniors would be waiting to beat me up for attacking their territory. Or worse pretty woman could have complained to the principal and my parents might be on their way to college. Maybe I could get a job in a restaurant after being dimissed.

Well now that my education was ruined, I thought I should at least murder Somesh before I left college. I knew he was the only way I could escape from this mess. HE HAD to do it. He dragged me into a mess which I never intended. 

On second thoughts, maybe I could make him clear up the mess. I couldnt physically dominate him but knowing him for some time I knew how to push his buttons. 

It was 3 am in the morning. My roomates snoring away and me hatching my master plan. I would catch up with Somesh before college starts, make him talk to seema, clear all the misunderstandin and then maybe I could forever give up the idea of ever going out with anyone again. And attend college for the remaining three years as a hermit. 

So there it was. College started at 9 30 and I was there at 7am. This was my last shot at redemption and I wasnt letting it go. The clock seemed to conspire against me, and as the moments went by I realized a major flaw. What if Somesh did more damage than good? He had a talent for that as he had already diplayed. 

I had to adapt quick. What if I spoke to Seema, pulled Somesh WITH me and made him explain. It would be embarassing as hell, but that seemed my best shot. There was no chance this could fail. 

I geared up. It was 9.15 am and Seema turned up at the classroom door. This was the best place I could get her and make a quick chat before the news spread. Somesh was however no were in sight. As she walked up I came out from hiding behind the door. She stoped. Smiled. 

I smiled back. 

Me- Uhh. I... 

Seema- Hi!!! (36 watt smile, eyes glowing at me)

Me- Oh ya Hi!! (eyes counting the spots on the floor)

Seema- So how are you. You never were so bold at school 

(What was she talking about?)

Me-Oh uhh that, I mean I was just wondering if..( I never knew I had an adams apple, but at this time My throat was suffocating with that lump)

Seema-hey Class is about to start...

(I had to say it, It was now or never, I saw Somesh charging up behind her)

Me- Well whatever Somesh asked about that new girl was not true!!! And he will explain

( Somesh was behind her by now)

Seema- Okaaaaaay and what did he say about that new girl??( Eyes sparkling and ears perked up like a cat)

(Somesh was now franticlly signallin me to shut up, but no no I wasnt going to let him escape)

Me- That I loved her and all that, its some crap he made up!!!

(Somesh almost fainted by now) Mr. HEgde was in the corridor

Seema--Okaaaaayyy. I will catch ya in the lunch break. C ya.

As we scurried into the class, I could feel Somesh staring down my back. Served him right the imbecile. As we sat in our seats, I saw a flurry of action in the girls area; quick whispers and glances being shared. A consiparcy in the making.

Somesh mumbled "you idiot! What have you done!"

Me- You think I'd let you go and ruin my life? Heh heh. I got you this time. Your gonna fix this mess for me now.

Som- Well you made a bigger mess than you think Mr. Smarty pants

Me- You go ahead and ask seema what kind of guy that new girl likes? You go ahead and make a scandalous remark about me Loving that pretty woman? HAh I saw you talking to seema Mr. Somesh...Oh yeah, And I have made a bigger mess...and why is that?

Som-Well, THATS BECAUSE I NEVER ASKED SEEMA about the "pretty woman" you duffer!!! 

As Mr. Hegde took the attendance, I was wondering if a .6 cello tip pen would be enough kill myself....

Nov 15, 2008

TS 4. I loved her!!!

One thing I guy should always remember about telling friends when you like someone; Dont tell em!!! Unfortunately in my case, my mouth took the better of my brains and I found myself chattering to Somesh... "Hey nice girl there in the front heh."

Som-"Oh you mean the Bangalorean? Ya shes cute. You like her?" Somesh asked me the question as if he was accusing me of stealing the Statue of Liberty or something.

Me-"I didnt say that, you FAt head I said she was nice." Denial

Som-"Ah ha. Love at first site!!! Want me to tell her?" Stupidity

Me-"You moron, forget I even said anything. Talking to you is like going live on All India Radio" Denial again

Som-" Ok OK. Ya she is nice. No wonder half the college is talking about her" Exaggeration and bait

Me-" The whole college?? Your not serious are you? I mean not that I am bothered or something" fell for it Hook, Line and sinker

Som- " What you want to know about her?" Silence

Silence again. There are ways a guy can know what your thinking when you hardly say a word. Guys blabber through their hands. My hands were all fidgety by then. More silence.

Som-"Meet you at the Basketball court at 5 then? Am bunking Accounts"

Me-"I just want to know where she stays. Nothing else" Fear

Som- sniggering "ok. Are you sure?" more sniggering

Me- "YES. Nothing more. Get that ONLY you freak!!!" Wrong thing to say to a guy with that much info about you.

Over the next interval I saw Somesh jumping around the benches talking to a few girls from our school. Among them one was chirpy little thing. Her name was seema and she was the kinds you'd could go and talk to about anything and never get bored. At the same time she would never keep a secret to herself. And the whole fact that Mr. Somesh was talking to her dint give me the right ideas either.

I Instantly knew that a mistake had been done and now I had to face the consequences. Most Probably Somesh would have made a stupid joke or a crazy remark. Worse he would have told them I was enquiring about a certain 2nd bencher!

Anyways after the fourth hour I headed to the canteen for a quick snack before going to the court. Coincidently the gang of girls were coming back from the canteen, and more than a few gave courteous smiles to me. I amost thought I heard a hi from seema. This was definetly not expected. I could almost see Somesh doing a belly dance on the desk in the canteen.

Later on the court, I asked Somesh what on earth he had done. He dribbled the ball towards the basket shooting on a layup shot. The ball rebounded of the board and I tried to grab the ball in the air and shoot it back. Too optimistic. The ball went off the rim and out. We jogged back to our end.

"You told them I liked her!!!" I screamed at him. He snickered. It wasnt just a snicker. It was a beginning. "What did you tell them Somesh?!" I growled

"BALL!!" I ignored the call and kept staring down at Somesh. It usually worked in getting the Truth out of him. "I did you a favor." Said Som.

"What freaking favor !!!" I cursed

"Well, I told them you wanted to know what kinda guy she liked!"

"You f@#!ing what." I dint have the basketball in my hand or I would have sent Somesh to space by now. But I had a bad feeling in my stomach. This wasnt everything. "And...."

Som was hyper by now " I told them You loved her!!!"

As I saw myself surrounded by opposing team players trying to shoot, I knew It would take me forever to walk into the class again. Oh Boy...

Lonesome George

We are very much aware of whats happening in the world around us and to a large extent whats happening isnt good. Humans are very selfish and uncaring beings, destroying the environment and creating a unreversable change. 

The following is a video on Lonesome George, the last and only surviving Penta Galapagos Tortoise in the world. His entire species was wiped off by shippers. Why? Because these animals could survive without food or water for a year, ans this made them good and fresh food over long naval journeys.

You can also read more on the same at NAtional Geographic. The video is much better but I couldnt Embed the same.

Its really sad how we dont know how we change the world with each step we take. Another interesting article is on Light pollution. Got this post on REstless Princess. Read it here.

Catch the NGC images here

Am honestly going to try to make a difference from today.

And hope you will too.

Nov 13, 2008

Out of action

Due to some common cold might not come up with a post for two more days. So thought I'd just say hi. If am better might get back to "the Story" tom. Meanwhile visitors please take the time to answer the vote .

Happy bloggin

Nov 11, 2008

The Story. Meet the strangers

Undoubtedly As awe struck as I was by her presence in the class, it was obvious I wasnt the only one. Beauty is seldom unpopular and so was the case. It was only days before we would have the seniors all roaming in our corridors and making not so discreet enquiries. The only thing that kept them from approaching her was that she looked smart. And at no instance do you want to mess with someone who is good looking and smart at that!!!

Over the days of initial classroom introductions (During the profs intro classes) we came to know that there were three people who were really out of town. One was a guy from Bangalore, the other was the "strike down with lightning" girl I spoke about, who was eduated in Pune though had her native somewhere near by, and  the third person; This third person who caught my attention was Rochelle from Bahrain. The catch phrase for me however was Bahrain.

Being away from what I felt was home(Bahrain), the mere mention of the word brought about memories. Of swimming pool family get togethers or watching terminator on the large screen Tv. To kababs at the barbeque or stealing mice from the school Lab. Anyways I turned to look at her and she gave me the acknowledgement. Somewhere I too had mentioned that I had been in Bahrain ( Be-h-Rain by Prof Hegde ) and we instantly connected. Though it was months before we actually started talking due to social standings.

By social standings, in our college talking to a girl meant you were going out with her or that you were hanky panky kinda guy. It also meant the girl was careless, shameless and so on. And being in the first year we werent in a league of extra ordinary gentlemen so to speak, to break these  "norms".

Anyway my attention was back on socialising with the people on my side of the class and an occassionaly peak at the "pretty woman" in row 2.  I had told my roomies about this and they promptly put me on the track of Romantic endeavours.

In one of their group disclosures, one of them burnt my elbow with an iron. Though I'd say it was my fault as I was in my own dream world listening to the then romantic tracks of "Pyaar tune kya kiya"( Thats Love-you-what-did for my non hindi readers) After hundreds of lessons from my ever concerned roomies, I decided that at least I should find out what pretty woman is doing here, where she stays..you know the general information. I thought this would be easy, but then again I hadnt put Somesh in this equation...

And man did he mess it up or what!!!

Nov 10, 2008

The Story. It was the first day

As I crossed the basketball court to my class, Caught a few familiar faces from around. First day at college is always an event. You either feel like Sachin Tendulkar walking into a ground full of 5 year olds. Or like a rat walking into a room full of cats!!!

Well I guess I wasnt sure what to expect as I moved into the class. The bell had yet to go off, so I had a good ten minutes to check out the crowd, or more appropriately to find out whom I could have a decent conversation with. 

Classroom dyanmics usually are very clear in any class. The nerds and "write down every single breath uttered by the professor" types right up in the front. Just behind them are the wannabe nerds, trying to look cool and studious at the same time. Few rows down came the undecided guys. These were the guys who want to score a 60 on 100 and at the same time miss 30% of the classes in some or the other form of entertainment. The second last row then had the scrape throughs. Their only goal seemed to be able to say "Pass" during the results. And finally my favorite "Screw you am drunk" kind who sat at the last but were usually on top of the social ladder.

Ah...I had to make a decision fast, so I promptly plumped myself on Row 5. Right next to the aisle leading to the door. Lucky for me some guys I knew joined me and soon we were exchanging hi and hellos, when some thing walked in from behind and mumbled something to the tune of "Hi ya. Am just passing by. Oh hi too". I did a 360 to catch Somesh trying to fit into the bench behind me.During this huge effort he gave a couple of "ughh" stares to the local guys behind. Somesh and I went way back. From School to be honest. He was short and round, and an absolute laughing buddha too. Either he would set everyone off with his antics or with his laughing belly. And he was moody. 

Mohan gave him a Hi too. Surprisingly Mohan sat next to me, though in the previous two years he was a last bencher, but not the notorious types. He was the one of the guys who sat in the last bench if it was behind a row full of girls. We werent that acquainted, but I guess he found out that he needed brains as well to be able to carry on a conversation. Not that he was a Tom Cruise or something, but he was bold and chatty, and had a self depreciating style.

"Trrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring" went off the bell...We all turned around to face the classroom. And thats when it happened. All I could do was gasp at what crossed by in front of us; and then took her place in the second row of the girls benches...

Little did I know that those 10 sec had changed everything...everything

Nov 9, 2008

The Story begins. Day 1

I was a never a front bencher. Neither a last bencher. I was more of a diplomat, right in the centre. The smart ass having fun without having to answer pesky questions from the lecturers.  I had my own small group of friends, some from my CBSE school. Us, CBSE schoolers were always considered as snobs-the English speaking geeks, never to mix with the other more local crowd.

As far as I knew, I was just damn scared of the locals, never knew what they were up too and it was in my best interests to keep my distance. Talking just for a hi or hello and at the most moving with their group to the college gates. My only social interaction in college would be on the basketball court. I was good. Not great but good enough to be noticed by my seniors. And that used to be my college life. Walk to college from my PG and then walk back by 6.30 in the evening.

I used to stay in a PG about 1 km away from College in Udupi. Not a big distance in those days. Saturdays and Sundays used to be spent in my room washing clothes and reading books. Of course with a pocket money of Rs 500, you couldn't afford to do much either!!! So the library also became a favorite haunt.

Out of my two roomies one was a senior from another college. He was the one who got me the room, so I was indebted to him. However he was the last bencher types and had a steady girlfriend so he would only pull me along when he wanted to smoke or wanted company to the bus station.

I was born and educated abroad, in Bahrain. And I loved it there. We were members of the Kannada sangha club there, and twice or thrice a week we would be at the club. My parents played darts while I ran around the place with my friends, playing soccer with crushed "RC Cola" cans. Anyways, more on that later. My parents decided that I needed to be schooled in India for some reason, and I came down to a nice little CBSE school in Brahmavar and joined the hostel; after staying for a short time with my mom in Udupi. But that was only for 6 months.

Hostel was a terror for me for the 1st two years. 7th and 8th standard. Then on it was a nice time having fun. My parents came back in 2000 and settled down in a nice small town away from the ruckus of the city. So that meant I had to continue staying in some mode of accommodation in the city to further my education. So back to college.

Life wasn't cool in college. We had dreams and then we had dreams. Everything would turn out great and we would be rocking by the time I completed my BBM, getting to none less than IIM's or the Harvard's of the world. Little did I know that things don't happen just like that. Instead fate has a way of kicking your booty around till you get back to your senses. And that's how it all started....

(This post is going to be series from a new story that I am starting today. Readers can read the posts to this story in the Label titled The Story from the labels section. This story is inspired by the many NRI kids who come to India and try to find their true identity. A large part of this story is from my life. Any names, or references to anything or anyone existing or existed, or similar is purely coincidental. I you dont believe that go FISH!!!)

(Mean while I will continue my regular blogging on the same blog, but under different labels.) 

Nov 8, 2008

Nokia top 8 phones

Over the years Nokia has revolutionized the mobile phone markets in India. As far as I remember holding a Nokia in your hand, was the ultimate status symbol, making you a classy, gadet oriented dude. Well today am taking a look at the all time top ten mobiles in my opinion in India, whihc I recall from my time!!!

This is not a ranking of any sorts, but just a timeline kinda thing.

Here Goes

1. Nokia 3310

This phone was my first phone, paid 3800 bucks in 2004. A time when messaging was free, this was theeee phone to have. There was also the popular 3315 also which had some few changes and a slight change in the keypad. All in good ol black and white!!!

2. Nokia 1100 --->

The phone that took India by craze!!! The made
  for India phone had the best roughability and usability, probably matching the 3310, which is still in use in the market. The 1100 also hadthe torch which again made it a quite feature full phone. As in the 3310 there was also a white background phone for the 1100, the more popular 1108.

3. Nokia 3530

Arguably one of the most overpriced colour rich(for those times!!!) featureless phones. The phone was a break through for its see through cover. --->

4. Nokia 3610

Though I never personally liked this phone for it looks, it seemed to every other hand in the happening "Manipal" crowd. (FYI Manipal a very small town with its world class educational facilities, is the most highest mobile density towns in India. An average of 3 cell phones per person!!!)

5. Nokia 3100

This small colour phone with its glow in the dark side lines and cool styling was a hit and a relief from the bulky phones of the time. It was also fit in the hand.

6. Nokia 6610

Wow!!! What can I say about this phone. The super popular, the super classy and the super professional phone is the 6610. The only thing this phone lacked at that time was a camera. And sure enough Nokia did release the 6610i which had a camera, but a pathetic one at that. 

The 6610 was undoubtedly one of the best phones ever made in the transition of mobile-black and white-clour phones. One of my absolutely favorite phones.

7. Nokia 6600

Aha!!! The nokia 6600 is the ambassador of camera phones!!! If ever there was a high end phone in the transition to camera phones it was the 6600. Every one wanted it. Sooo many had it. It was so popular that it also became the most hated after it became common enough. Every other hand had it. It dint help that the 7610 wasnt that popular for its price against features.

8. N gage

This phone though I wouldnt say is avery popular phone, it was one of the gaming phones which
 also had a new ngage qd version for the same. --->

Well there are many other phones in the recent past which have done quite well, like the 6680 or the 3250. And of course the N series!!! 

However the market has become bombarded with top brand s coming in with super feature rich slim phones. So Nokia has a long and tough fight ahead to ensure it sticks to the top.