Just Emkaying: TS9 The tea stained trail

Nov 23, 2008

TS9 The tea stained trail

Damage control. Thats all I could think of now. I had borrowed a book I dint need, just to talk to a girl who hardly knew me. And apparently I just ruined the opportunity to talk to her while retuning the book, and had more of escape planning to do after spilling a cup of tea on the villianous book.

"Drop some water on it and iron it...."

It dint exactly sound like the wisest thing to do, but then again I hadnt done a course on ink and print, so had to go with whatever any one could up with. I could also tear off that page, but am sure Pw would come after me with a blood hound or two.

So water iron therapy it was. I dropped a couple of drops of water on the spot. Quick Ironed it and viola!!! the stains were slowly dissapearing in steam. I could hardly contain myself with Joy at my redemption, when I saw that not only was the tea stain dissapearing, so was the ink on the page!!!

For my roomie, it was a hilarious site. Me worrying about two drops of spilt tea on a notebook. And it was silly to some extent. But to me it was a harrowing experience. Now there wa nothing more left to do. HAnd over the book. Say a thanks. And Dissapear. No chat, no conversation; at least for a year!!!

As I reached college the next day, preparing myself for the events to happen, Mohan was in an unusually chatty mood.

Moh- So you got the notebook ?

Me- Yes, and it was because I had some notes to fill. Nothing else.

Moh- Everyones expecting a note from you.

Me- WHAT??? a Note..?

Moh- Thats what you took the book for right? either that or you too chicken. The girls think your chicken anyway...

Me- Who told you that> Its rubbish. I took her book for some notes and am giving it back today. no notes wotes and all that crap.

Moh- She thinks your smart.

Me- Who Pw? ( People gave me all sort of informtation when I least needed it, and that it wasnt helping that I dint want to have a conversation at least today)

Moh- Ya. What you going to do?

Me - Nothing. Give the book and come back.

Moh- Well heres news for you. You have to give the book now. BS class has been shifted to the next hour. And I think she's calling for you.

Me- DaMN!!!

Theres some sadistic intent in the whole thing. As if the walls and blackboards were getting a kick out of all this torture I was going through. As I turned around, Pw was waving for me asking for the book.

Trrrrrrrrring. The bell went off. Everyone getting back into the seats. This left me with the most disastorous proposition. Walk up to her in front of the whole class, give her the book, hope she doesnt note the blob of vaporised tea ink mixture, and doesnt give me those nerve racking stares shes been giving people.

It was now or never.

I took a deep breath. Pulled in my tummy, puffed up my chest, a quick dusting of the clothes and I was off. It was approximately 7 steps to her.

Step 1 - She will find out the spot

Step 2 - She wont

Step 3- She will find out the spot

Step 4 - DAmn forgot the book on my table!!!

Went back, got the book and rushed over to her table, theres was no time for niceties.

Me- Sorry, thanks for the book

Pw- (Stare down, but in a sweeter way) Ok.

I did a 360, took a step to rush back to my seat when...

Pw- HEy!!!

Thats it, she saw it. She was going to humiliate me in public. Maybe I shoud just run out of the class. OR drop dead. Ya Dropping dread might divert attention. Or what if...

Pw - You forgot your pen.

I turned around and saw her hand outstretched holding my pen. I took it and mumbled Thanks, and she just smiled.

And I stood there transfixed. The clouds parting the sun shining...That smile was like a knife through butter. I could hear music in he background
"ओह एक लड़की को देखा थो ऐसा लगा...." (A popular hindi song...)
"Get back to your seat!!!"
"जैसे किल्था गुलाब जैसे ..." ( A popular hindi song cont'd!!!)
"Get back to your seat!!!"

Prof HEgde was staring at me and the background music was replaced by was giggles, I rushed back to my seat. Mohan gave me a nudge of acknowledgement. I didnt really care. I was already lost to a smile....

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