Just Emkaying: TS 4. I loved her!!!

Nov 15, 2008

TS 4. I loved her!!!

One thing I guy should always remember about telling friends when you like someone; Dont tell em!!! Unfortunately in my case, my mouth took the better of my brains and I found myself chattering to Somesh... "Hey nice girl there in the front heh."

Som-"Oh you mean the Bangalorean? Ya shes cute. You like her?" Somesh asked me the question as if he was accusing me of stealing the Statue of Liberty or something.

Me-"I didnt say that, you FAt head I said she was nice." Denial

Som-"Ah ha. Love at first site!!! Want me to tell her?" Stupidity

Me-"You moron, forget I even said anything. Talking to you is like going live on All India Radio" Denial again

Som-" Ok OK. Ya she is nice. No wonder half the college is talking about her" Exaggeration and bait

Me-" The whole college?? Your not serious are you? I mean not that I am bothered or something" fell for it Hook, Line and sinker

Som- " What you want to know about her?" Silence

Silence again. There are ways a guy can know what your thinking when you hardly say a word. Guys blabber through their hands. My hands were all fidgety by then. More silence.

Som-"Meet you at the Basketball court at 5 then? Am bunking Accounts"

Me-"I just want to know where she stays. Nothing else" Fear

Som- sniggering "ok. Are you sure?" more sniggering

Me- "YES. Nothing more. Get that ONLY you freak!!!" Wrong thing to say to a guy with that much info about you.

Over the next interval I saw Somesh jumping around the benches talking to a few girls from our school. Among them one was chirpy little thing. Her name was seema and she was the kinds you'd could go and talk to about anything and never get bored. At the same time she would never keep a secret to herself. And the whole fact that Mr. Somesh was talking to her dint give me the right ideas either.

I Instantly knew that a mistake had been done and now I had to face the consequences. Most Probably Somesh would have made a stupid joke or a crazy remark. Worse he would have told them I was enquiring about a certain 2nd bencher!

Anyways after the fourth hour I headed to the canteen for a quick snack before going to the court. Coincidently the gang of girls were coming back from the canteen, and more than a few gave courteous smiles to me. I amost thought I heard a hi from seema. This was definetly not expected. I could almost see Somesh doing a belly dance on the desk in the canteen.

Later on the court, I asked Somesh what on earth he had done. He dribbled the ball towards the basket shooting on a layup shot. The ball rebounded of the board and I tried to grab the ball in the air and shoot it back. Too optimistic. The ball went off the rim and out. We jogged back to our end.

"You told them I liked her!!!" I screamed at him. He snickered. It wasnt just a snicker. It was a beginning. "What did you tell them Somesh?!" I growled

"BALL!!" I ignored the call and kept staring down at Somesh. It usually worked in getting the Truth out of him. "I did you a favor." Said Som.

"What freaking favor !!!" I cursed

"Well, I told them you wanted to know what kinda guy she liked!"

"You f@#!ing what." I dint have the basketball in my hand or I would have sent Somesh to space by now. But I had a bad feeling in my stomach. This wasnt everything. "And...."

Som was hyper by now " I told them You loved her!!!"

As I saw myself surrounded by opposing team players trying to shoot, I knew It would take me forever to walk into the class again. Oh Boy...


  1. At the end, I'm left wishing for more !! :)

  2. Hey thanks!!! And more it is. do let me know your feedback. If I screw up or If its good