Just Emkaying: Time for some stories!!!

Nov 8, 2008

Time for some stories!!!

Well ,apart from the many success-full bloggers out there, who have made their live stories into good books, there are a cosiderable many who haven't. Telling your life story to the big byad world takes a lot of courage and guts, at the same time an eye for detail, knowing your readers and the like.

I had pondered about the same in a post couple of months ago, and now I have finally made up my mind. Am gonna right some stuff from my life, see if its working out, and the nperhaps continue to write the entire "maddy-potter" Series. Sone thoughts to finalize my plans are yet to be considered. For example, whether to continue in the same blog or start a new one?Already having two other blogs, I dont think a fourth one would be worth it, as one of the blogs has been idle for quite some time. On the other hand I dont want to disturb the flow of the story with other interesting thinks I want to talk about.

Another prob seems to be people. How do I create the characters as they were rather than give a wrong impression, whihc could ruin the entire plan??

Hmmm, Lots to do befre venturing on this huge huge idea. Could be a mistake, could be a great idea, buts what the hell. It aint worth keeping it in the head,no?

Well. I guess I would have cleared my head by Monday so lets c!!!

Till then, have a rocking weekend!

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