Just Emkaying: TS5 Could I ever go to college again?

Nov 16, 2008

TS5 Could I ever go to college again?

After I spent a whole night thinking of the most humiliating circumstances, I thought there was no way I could live with what Somesh had just helped me with. I mean I asked for a slice of bread and he got me the whole wheat farmers association!!! and a not in a nice way either. 

I could imagine the college laughing at the geek who fell for a girl in the first week of college. Perhaps some of the seniors would be waiting to beat me up for attacking their territory. Or worse pretty woman could have complained to the principal and my parents might be on their way to college. Maybe I could get a job in a restaurant after being dimissed.

Well now that my education was ruined, I thought I should at least murder Somesh before I left college. I knew he was the only way I could escape from this mess. HE HAD to do it. He dragged me into a mess which I never intended. 

On second thoughts, maybe I could make him clear up the mess. I couldnt physically dominate him but knowing him for some time I knew how to push his buttons. 

It was 3 am in the morning. My roomates snoring away and me hatching my master plan. I would catch up with Somesh before college starts, make him talk to seema, clear all the misunderstandin and then maybe I could forever give up the idea of ever going out with anyone again. And attend college for the remaining three years as a hermit. 

So there it was. College started at 9 30 and I was there at 7am. This was my last shot at redemption and I wasnt letting it go. The clock seemed to conspire against me, and as the moments went by I realized a major flaw. What if Somesh did more damage than good? He had a talent for that as he had already diplayed. 

I had to adapt quick. What if I spoke to Seema, pulled Somesh WITH me and made him explain. It would be embarassing as hell, but that seemed my best shot. There was no chance this could fail. 

I geared up. It was 9.15 am and Seema turned up at the classroom door. This was the best place I could get her and make a quick chat before the news spread. Somesh was however no were in sight. As she walked up I came out from hiding behind the door. She stoped. Smiled. 

I smiled back. 

Me- Uhh. I... 

Seema- Hi!!! (36 watt smile, eyes glowing at me)

Me- Oh ya Hi!! (eyes counting the spots on the floor)

Seema- So how are you. You never were so bold at school 

(What was she talking about?)

Me-Oh uhh that, I mean I was just wondering if..( I never knew I had an adams apple, but at this time My throat was suffocating with that lump)

Seema-hey Class is about to start...

(I had to say it, It was now or never, I saw Somesh charging up behind her)

Me- Well whatever Somesh asked about that new girl was not true!!! And he will explain

( Somesh was behind her by now)

Seema- Okaaaaaay and what did he say about that new girl??( Eyes sparkling and ears perked up like a cat)

(Somesh was now franticlly signallin me to shut up, but no no I wasnt going to let him escape)

Me- That I loved her and all that, its some crap he made up!!!

(Somesh almost fainted by now) Mr. HEgde was in the corridor

Seema--Okaaaaayyy. I will catch ya in the lunch break. C ya.

As we scurried into the class, I could feel Somesh staring down my back. Served him right the imbecile. As we sat in our seats, I saw a flurry of action in the girls area; quick whispers and glances being shared. A consiparcy in the making.

Somesh mumbled "you idiot! What have you done!"

Me- You think I'd let you go and ruin my life? Heh heh. I got you this time. Your gonna fix this mess for me now.

Som- Well you made a bigger mess than you think Mr. Smarty pants

Me- You go ahead and ask seema what kind of guy that new girl likes? You go ahead and make a scandalous remark about me Loving that pretty woman? HAh I saw you talking to seema Mr. Somesh...Oh yeah, And I have made a bigger mess...and why is that?

Som-Well, THATS BECAUSE I NEVER ASKED SEEMA about the "pretty woman" you duffer!!! 

As Mr. Hegde took the attendance, I was wondering if a .6 cello tip pen would be enough kill myself....


  1. hey whoz that person somesh u r refering to?

  2. Hey MS, Like I mentioned before there is no reference to anyone similar,existing or existed. It is merely fictional and based on my Experiences.

    There was a typo error in onw of the posts which I regret and has been corrected.


  3. really.... i think damage has already been done.....

  4. @ Sudesh

    Hey Thanks for your views. As I mentioned earlier all characters are fictional.

    If it has hurt anyone I regret it.Anyway The said character wont have any role anymore.

    Keep blogging!!!