Just Emkaying: Madagascar-Escape 2 Africa- Review

Nov 22, 2008

Madagascar-Escape 2 Africa- Review

The movie is out finally!!!

Lets start. 

After a hillarious time in Madagascar, Alex and company with King Julien and the Penguin Squad head off back home, with an aeroplane. Under the captaincy of "Skipper" they manage to crash land in the Afrikaans and suddenly feel at home. Here on the movie goes to a milder version of the "Lion King" and a all's well that ends well kinda story line.

The movie has some hillarious parts thanks to King Julien the "King"!!! and of Course my favorite Penguin Squad. Theres also nanna(nanny) the human who takes on the animals and leads the lost New york tourists(Courtesy the Penguin squad) to safety in the big byaaad Juungles.

There is a love interest arising between Melman and Gloria, but Melman is to shy and Gloria gets a possible suitor in Modo Modo. Melman releases he's gonna die and expresses his feelings and how things change (you gota watch the movie for that)

Theres also an identity crisis for Alex "the Dancing lion" and Alex "the REal Lion"

The movie does keep up with the original, but lacks a story line. Animation hasnt been the strong point so lets leave that apart. Madagascar 3 has already been announced so maybe the producers will keep that in mind.

The voice overs:

Alex - Ben Stiller
Marty - Chris Rock
Gloria- JAda Pinkett Smith 
Melman-DAvid Schwimmer
King Julien-Sacha Baron Cohen 
Maurice- Cedric the entertainer

From: DreamWorks Animation

The Release: December 19th

DM Rating : 2.5 go have a look see, for King Juliens sake!!!

And a special something for you guys...heres the track Move Move it from Madagascar

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