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Nov 8, 2008

Nokia top 8 phones

Over the years Nokia has revolutionized the mobile phone markets in India. As far as I remember holding a Nokia in your hand, was the ultimate status symbol, making you a classy, gadet oriented dude. Well today am taking a look at the all time top ten mobiles in my opinion in India, whihc I recall from my time!!!

This is not a ranking of any sorts, but just a timeline kinda thing.

Here Goes

1. Nokia 3310

This phone was my first phone, paid 3800 bucks in 2004. A time when messaging was free, this was theeee phone to have. There was also the popular 3315 also which had some few changes and a slight change in the keypad. All in good ol black and white!!!

2. Nokia 1100 --->

The phone that took India by craze!!! The made
  for India phone had the best roughability and usability, probably matching the 3310, which is still in use in the market. The 1100 also hadthe torch which again made it a quite feature full phone. As in the 3310 there was also a white background phone for the 1100, the more popular 1108.

3. Nokia 3530

Arguably one of the most overpriced colour rich(for those times!!!) featureless phones. The phone was a break through for its see through cover. --->

4. Nokia 3610

Though I never personally liked this phone for it looks, it seemed to every other hand in the happening "Manipal" crowd. (FYI Manipal a very small town with its world class educational facilities, is the most highest mobile density towns in India. An average of 3 cell phones per person!!!)

5. Nokia 3100

This small colour phone with its glow in the dark side lines and cool styling was a hit and a relief from the bulky phones of the time. It was also fit in the hand.

6. Nokia 6610

Wow!!! What can I say about this phone. The super popular, the super classy and the super professional phone is the 6610. The only thing this phone lacked at that time was a camera. And sure enough Nokia did release the 6610i which had a camera, but a pathetic one at that. 

The 6610 was undoubtedly one of the best phones ever made in the transition of mobile-black and white-clour phones. One of my absolutely favorite phones.

7. Nokia 6600

Aha!!! The nokia 6600 is the ambassador of camera phones!!! If ever there was a high end phone in the transition to camera phones it was the 6600. Every one wanted it. Sooo many had it. It was so popular that it also became the most hated after it became common enough. Every other hand had it. It dint help that the 7610 wasnt that popular for its price against features.

8. N gage

This phone though I wouldnt say is avery popular phone, it was one of the gaming phones which
 also had a new ngage qd version for the same. --->

Well there are many other phones in the recent past which have done quite well, like the 6680 or the 3250. And of course the N series!!! 

However the market has become bombarded with top brand s coming in with super feature rich slim phones. So Nokia has a long and tough fight ahead to ensure it sticks to the top.


  1. Interesting posts!!!

  2. The models which you chose are unarguably the most preferred models among Indians. These models which ruled the cellphone market....Good blog..

  3. Thanks Shreyas!!! Your encouragement keeps me going!!!