Just Emkaying: TS10 What next?

Nov 26, 2008

TS10 What next?

Now that I had a double whammy in missing and messing both my plans, I was in a state of Despair. But not in a mood to give up. I mean who ever heard of a guy leaving in two attempts to catch the attention of a girl.


But I was finding it more and more difficult to come with ideas to have a decent conversation with Pw. And the more time I took, the more the competition was getting. Apart from the majority of the guys, in my college, now it was outsiders too. And it wasn't helping that I wasn't on the popularity charts either.


Most of the so called locals were up to there heroics in trying to get her attention, with all the wisecracks in class and singing and dancing. And of course the active participation in college politics. My tiny group kept giving me ideas but I dint actually have the courage to try anything more.


I did have some advantages though. Being a CBSE schooler, did give me the advantage of having better verbal skills, and my NRI background made me slightly better at general awareness than others. I could hold a decent conversation over a range of topics. I loved the stage and did quite a number of presentations as part of academics, and somewhere along the way I might have made a mark. I was never the arrogant type, so I did manage to make friends amongst most of the guys in class. I wasn't MR. Popular but then again no one hated me.

One day it so happened that we had a free class and we were just loitering in class, me, Mohan, and Somesh. Some of the girls and PW. Mohan went on and was chatting to Seema,and I was checking the design of the pen in my hand. Somesh was jumping around cracking jokes and amusing some of the girls. Suddenly Pw comes and sits next to Seema, Right opposite me. She continued chatting with Mohan, and Pw joined in. And I was getting as irate and jittery as a cat in a room full of rockers.


Suddenly Mohan just moved out, and Seema started talking to me. Just like that.


Seema- ...so as I was saying, this accountancy is killing me. I just cant get the basics right..

Me- Hey not to worry, its not that tough ( With the confidence that I developed the subject of Accounts)

Seema- Easy for you to say, You topped in the Pre university college right?

Me- (completely embarrassed and taken by surprise) Well, that was just a lucky shot

Seema- YA right, and the remaining subjects too then??!!

Me- (almost blushing) Something like that...

Seema- Hey just a sec... (she jumps off to say something to Rochelle)

Awkard silence

Me- So how you finding class? (DUMB question)

Pw- Fine

Me- Ok

Pw- I dint know you were so studious...

Me- Am not, its just an impression. ( I realised I was ACTUALLY talking to her, pinched my self just to make sure)

Me- OUCH!!!

Pw- what?

ME- UH nothing...Pretty boring huh

Pw- I know, its so boring, nothing to do and all. At least you guys can play basketball and stuff//

ME- You like playing basketball? I play quite a lot

Pw- Ya I know, saw you couple of times.

(She saw me playing?!! Damn, I should have stuck to my Basketball uniform, than those lousy yellow football shorts!!!)

Me- Perhaps you can join and learn too...

Pw- Ya, I guess I should.

Me- You would of course be a distracting factor!

(WHAT???!! Did I just say that!!!)

Stare. Stare. (Guess I did say that!)

ME- Kidding, you gotta laugh some times, It wont hurt

Pw- (Giggles. Tosses her hair around and re ties them in a pony.) You dont talk much do you?

Me- Nothing like that, I dont get much of an opportunity to.

Pw-(Laughing) You were trying to talk to me the other day when returning the book weren't you?

Me- YA kind off ( I was feeling kind off silly now)


And we both burst out laughing!!! and laughing and laughing...

And all I could do was to etch that scene in my memory for a long time to come. I just watched, as the girl I have been trying to talk too for so long was just laughing with me. I resisted just touching her arm, to make sure it was real. I wanted that moment to last forever.

The guys started streaming in, and she got up to leave.

Pw- Hey catch you later

Me- Ya, will do.

IT was a beautiful moment for me. I realized that it was undoubtedly a hook up made be Mohan and Seema, It seemed tooooo staged to be otherwise. But I was grateful. It was going to be the few rare moments that Pw and I shared together.

MEanwhile, I was thinking what next? what was I going to do next?


  1. Nice. I love how the story makes me put words in your mouth (in the sotry !!) But hey, good job...

  2. Dear L-I-T

    Thanks for coming back!!! I was beginning to wonder if I lost it somewhere in between. And thank you for taking the time to comment :)