Just Emkaying: The Story. It was the first day

Nov 10, 2008

The Story. It was the first day

As I crossed the basketball court to my class, Caught a few familiar faces from around. First day at college is always an event. You either feel like Sachin Tendulkar walking into a ground full of 5 year olds. Or like a rat walking into a room full of cats!!!

Well I guess I wasnt sure what to expect as I moved into the class. The bell had yet to go off, so I had a good ten minutes to check out the crowd, or more appropriately to find out whom I could have a decent conversation with. 

Classroom dyanmics usually are very clear in any class. The nerds and "write down every single breath uttered by the professor" types right up in the front. Just behind them are the wannabe nerds, trying to look cool and studious at the same time. Few rows down came the undecided guys. These were the guys who want to score a 60 on 100 and at the same time miss 30% of the classes in some or the other form of entertainment. The second last row then had the scrape throughs. Their only goal seemed to be able to say "Pass" during the results. And finally my favorite "Screw you am drunk" kind who sat at the last but were usually on top of the social ladder.

Ah...I had to make a decision fast, so I promptly plumped myself on Row 5. Right next to the aisle leading to the door. Lucky for me some guys I knew joined me and soon we were exchanging hi and hellos, when some thing walked in from behind and mumbled something to the tune of "Hi ya. Am just passing by. Oh hi too". I did a 360 to catch Somesh trying to fit into the bench behind me.During this huge effort he gave a couple of "ughh" stares to the local guys behind. Somesh and I went way back. From School to be honest. He was short and round, and an absolute laughing buddha too. Either he would set everyone off with his antics or with his laughing belly. And he was moody. 

Mohan gave him a Hi too. Surprisingly Mohan sat next to me, though in the previous two years he was a last bencher, but not the notorious types. He was the one of the guys who sat in the last bench if it was behind a row full of girls. We werent that acquainted, but I guess he found out that he needed brains as well to be able to carry on a conversation. Not that he was a Tom Cruise or something, but he was bold and chatty, and had a self depreciating style.

"Trrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring" went off the bell...We all turned around to face the classroom. And thats when it happened. All I could do was gasp at what crossed by in front of us; and then took her place in the second row of the girls benches...

Little did I know that those 10 sec had changed everything...everything

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