Just Emkaying: Oye Lucky Lucky Oye- Review

Dec 7, 2008

Oye Lucky Lucky Oye- Review

Had a look at this movie yesterday.

Director: Dibakar Banerje

Banner :  UTV Motion Pictures

Cast : 

Abhay Deol - Lucky
Paresh Rawal - Luckys Dad
Neetu Chandra - Sonal
Archana Puran Singh - Kamlesh
Manu Rishi - Bangali

Let me start at the outset, that if you have an understanding of north Indian culture, or even more of Delhi, you should jump to the nearest multiplex and catch this movie.

The movie is all about a happy go lucky(His name also is Lucky!!!) thief, who aspires and is amused by the rich and affluent families in Delhi. He uses his charm and with to just take away what he like in a ease of style which is hilarious yet believable.

PAresh Rawal plays a triple role, being the dad, and the band wala and Dr. Handa. Neetu chandra plays the love interest.

However the interest for me was Manjot Singh, who plays lucky as a ayoung kid. His acting and style is brilliant. Dont go to the movie late!!!

Lucky is also hand in glove with many, thereby raising his popularity especially for his "gifts". The cops and the police love him. His entre collection encompasses even carpets,invitation cards,high end cars, electronics, watches, dogs and antique pieces...

All in all have a good time. Watch the movie!!!

DM Rating: 3.5/5 its fun!!!


  1. No doubt. It's every penny wasooled! I loved both avtaars of lucky - little surdie Manjot and full on Mercidy Chor - Abhay doel. I'd say it was even better than Khosla Ka Ghosla. Totally agree with the DM Rating :)

  2. cool movie. enjoyed a lot. Especially when the scene where in he gives b'day wishes to the gal where he robs...........

  3. @Jagjit

    DM Appreciates your thumbs up on the review!!!

    @the MS company

    LOL...the movie is great.