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Dec 30, 2008

Random Thoughts

Hey yall

Past few days have been well...strange if I can say so. Not sure whats up. Lot of work on on end, Lots of fun on the other, and lots of confusion in between. Am not sure what to look forward to 2009. Though I am sure its gonna be a big year for me. DOnt ask me why, I just have that strange gut feel animals have..

Did I just say animal??!!

Anyways. Everyones blogging about 2008 is over and 2009 is here. Resolutions and revelations and summations and stuff. Well I keep resolutions and break them. Just to ensure myself that this would be the last year of whatever morally worng thing that I am doing/not doing which I would definitely do/not do in the coming year.


As usual this new years eve I have lot of time to sit back and think, and hopefully act on the same. I somehow feel that tommorrow, a huge chapter of my life is coming to an end, and a big new one is going to start. 23 years of uncertainty to be replaced with...ah...hmmmm...more uncertainty!!! well not exactly, but some more of good times and less of the other.

As I look back, of whatever I can remember, its been a roller coaster ride. Ups and downs and downs and ups and horizontals and verticals and all that. Education for a job is over, and a job for survival has just started. an age of gang wars and hangouts replaced by corporate bitching and boardroom meetings..begging for marks to begging for salary hikes...man!!!

Double sigh sigh.

As much as I hate it, I would want to ponder on some of my life changing moments!!! and some gyaaaaaan

Moment 1 : Moving from Bahrain to India (It was like I moved to the North Pole from Sahara)
The change was very difficult, but guess am stronger bcos of it. My life has been full of changes recently.

LEsson 1: Change is inevitable. Change is good

Moment 2 : Getting into a hostel

Boy oh boy, for all those of you who havent been through hostel life, youve missed a lot!!! People skills in between 200 odd characters is a challenge

Lesson 2 : People are everything in life. You dont respect them, you wont get any either.

Moment 3 : Taking up business management

    Life is not all about fun. LEarn to suffer a little. Do a BBM/BBA/MBA!!! After that nothing will be tough in life. (not that I regret it...)

Lesson 3 : Shit happens!!! But you just got ta clean up and move on. Cant starve life long can ya now?!!

Moment 4: Getting a job, without Campus placement.

You crazy?!!! Dont ever try a stunt like that!!!

Lesson 4: Things can get shaddy, dirty and damn outright tortorous, But If you know what you want, and work towards it, your bound to get it.

and other lessons, moments of which I cannot share!!!

Lesson 5 : You cant help it if someone hates you for something you havent done. 

Lesson 6 : Stop expecting things to happen. They wont. You have to make it happen. The sooner you realize it, the less you will find yourself hurt.

Lesson 7 : Going vegetarian has benefits. A higher level of awareness, more active.

Lesson 8 : There is a GoD. Am not sure about religion though.

Lesson 9 : Love is something that happens. Just happens. True love isnt selfish.

Lesson 10 : Everything happens for the best. Sooner or later. It does.

Now that I have spent some Gyaan, I sign off. 



PS: The Story will be updated tommorrow

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