Just Emkaying: Crushes and counting!!!

Dec 7, 2008

Crushes and counting!!!

Surprisingly as it may seem to most of my friends, The select few of them will know when I say that I have had a lot of crushes, which surprisingly get ended in a similar ways.

If I recall...

1. The first happened in school, 4th std. Typicalish of anyone I'd say. Only thing is I dared to write a letter to that person!!! And got into a lot of embarrasment in my class. Lucky I changed my school the next year :)!!!

2. Then there was a second one in school, around 7th to 10th!!! Again similar story...nothing much happened as expected.

3. The third, fourth and fifth all were in college. All three got married in surprise twists and turns!!! The fourth almost happened, if it wasnt stupidity from myside. In fact I almost was going to say it, when I learnt of the marriage!!!

4. The sixth and my most strangest was a relationship, where we never met each other, yet spoke for hours on end on the phone for hours and hours!!! We met through a mistake sms coming to me...amd from there it was a two year friendship...We were always kept apart. When I moved to bangalore, she had to move somewhere else. And then I dint want to, and then she dint want to. And then it was a mutual split or something like that. needless to say, (You ought to guess by now) Yes she is getting married too!!!

5. Something ended before starting!!! Very recent actually.

And yeah, my bday is on 14th Feb, so people go wow and all that!!! But I dont see it helping :p...Anyways, its been a long roller coaster ride...so am not letting the next one go!!!

:) cheers...

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