Just Emkaying: TS 15 It happens...YES!!!

Dec 21, 2008

TS 15 It happens...YES!!!

PW was alone in the class. It was the lunch break, and it was very strange to find her alone, buried in some sort of work. I was just back with Mohan after lunch, and I didn't pay much attention to anything. We went to our seats, engaging in the regular news of the college.

We were chatting and strangely the class wasn't being occupied by anyone else for Long time. All of a sudden Mohan started looking behind me and wasn't paying attention to what I was saying, and it began bugging me. Then he just nodded in the direction of the front row, moving my attention to behind of me.

Pw was standing right at the edge of our bench, giving a full wide eyed stare down to both of us. Somehow Mohan disappeared when I looked back, and I was left alone to face another unknown unexpected attack from cupid and his armed forces.

Pw- You wanted to tell me something huh?

M- Me?? I...uh...no..I mean yes..bbut whhwat 

( I was hit full on by stuttering, stammering and fluttering and all of those...before I could recover, the second wave attacked...)

Pw- What do you think of yourself ? (She was red ) You can some across anyone and say anything you want? And I wouldn't know? Its a shame. I thought at least you were different from the others... But no. You were even more silly and nerveless than the rest of them.

M- But what I did nnt say any..

Pw- Shut up and listen. I had enough of your talk. You've been doing only talking and doing nothing else. when will you get some courage and say it?

M- I well  I thought maybe you wouldn't be....

Pw- Oh really? You think you know everything? Then why don't you tell me what am going to do right now...

M- I kinda think you kinda like the thought that I kinda might be falling in kinda of love with...

Pw- Phew!!! You guys never learn do you..Well let say I say YES then what...

I was sweating, I lost track of time. Forget the class, the whole world was beginning to spin. I was suddenly feeling very faint... I wanted to stand up and Just say it. I stood up..

M- I love....

And I could feel my feet collapse and all I could hear was murmurs...

Pw- Get up...Hey comeon!!! Somebody here?!!! Get up!!! Get some water...Get up!!!

"UP!!! Wake up you idiot!!! Its getting Late!!!"

I felt someone throw water on my face...I opened my eyes and the light blinded me. I must have been in hospital, I must have had a happy heartache or something.

I opened my eyes, and my roomie staring down at me. 

"Aren't you going to college?? Its 10.30. Get up you lazy idiot, and stop shouting YES YES for heavens sake, If aunt hears it, they will get you to a hospital!!!"

I was in my room. The light was streaming in through the windows. The pillow in my arms was screaming for space, and I had almost slept through the whole episode. It took me some time to realize....

I was Dreaming.

I had never been so happy, and lost the same happiness in my life so quickly...


  1. oh, sad that someone woke u up. wasn't it a dream you would want to continue for long??? anyway, next time..:)

  2. Ya dude...of all the opportunities!!!