Just Emkaying: Terrorists have no religion

Dec 10, 2008

Terrorists have no religion

Before we get into this discussion, I would request all of you to read Please Stop Demonizing Muslims by Swats.
The Base

There has been a lot of Discussion on Terrorists, Pakisan, Hindu Terrorism, Islamic Terrorism, and anyother "religion-based terrorism", if such a thing exists. Especially after Mumbai Terror blasts.

There is a lot of anti-Pakistan sentiments in the country, which is turning into, if I may say so a religion based accusation. Lot of people have the feeling that islam advocates killings, and there are people who counter this saying that Hindu religious fanatics are no better.

The Question is who told Terrorists have a religion? If you read the confessions of the terrorists who was caught, you will realize he never attacked "HINDU", or "CHRISTIANS" or whatever. He was trained to attack Indian citizens. There is a difference.

Terrorists are doing the killing 40%, and we people do the rest by blaming it on religious sentiments. Down with all Religious groups. The terrorists masterminds know that Indian citizens will pile on each other on the religious aspect. 

I want to make it clear, People who follow islam, or christanity or any religion are not the perpertrators of terror. I have muslim friends, and we both want to blow the brains out of terrorists.

The doers..

There are unfortunately few people in the world, who proclaim themselves to be devout religious people, who have nothing better to do, and try to uphold their so called esteem, and their lack of confidence, by brainwashing people, in the name of religion. And use these people in these missions of religion saving acts. These people are ever waiting for a chance to showcase their existence in the world. 

A normal hug, becomes a push. A look at a religious sanctuary becomes a stare. And of course there are their brainwashed monkeys to follow their commands.

The Sufferer

Normal, innocent people.

About Pakistan

When you hear someone say "I hate Pakistan " It isnt against the people of the country or the belief of that country. I do not advocate that pakistanis are villains. However I do say that there are a few corrupt officials, who bow down to the pressure from religious fundamentalists. 

Pakistan Sponsored Terrorism isnt the same as saying that citizens of pakistan would want usto be  dead. It is more to say that there are people in the places of power who want to deflate the peace process, and create more tension, that would help terrorists. I do not see why a sensible person, if elected to the proper position would want to do this.

I would conclude to say that yes, I do believe there are elements in Pakistan who support terrorism. But since Pakistan follows Islam it doesnt mean Islam follows terrorism. If Pakistan had any other religion, would we say the same? I dont think so. 

I have lived in Arab countries, and I have never felt anything different. I beleive I would be equally confortable in Pakistan or any where for that matter. A small system of corrupt psycho pathic religion based fundamentalists cannot run a nation, and shouldnt be allowed to either.

At this moment, we should remember Indian and Pakistani citizens bear the brunt of terrorism. Not the governments and Terrorists. 

Hitting POK's terrorist camps shouldnt be a option for India, it should be the next step foward for the host Government. 

I pray and wish that people understand that no religion is bad. And terrorists have no religion.

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