Just Emkaying: TS 11 Meeting Murali

Dec 2, 2008

TS 11 Meeting Murali

Over the days I had got into the "follow her" fever. I used to invariably turn up where ever Pw would be, the library, the canteen, the staff room. I would even linger around the water cooler. It looked like there were only two people in the whole college and it was me and Pw. I would have probably in competition with her shadow, and we were really having a fight.

It was just one of those days, I was following her all the way to the bus stand, just enjoying the moments. It wasn't that she didn't know, or then again I wasn't sure. Every time she'd turn I'd duck into some alley or some shop, acting as if I wasn't there. It was a lame attempt, and I had a strange feeling that somehow this whole thing made me look like some psycho maniac or a stalker. But then what the hell, Nothing was working anyway.


On one treasure hunt, she stopped to talk to one guy on the road. I wasn't sure who the guy was. I conveniently jumped into a book store, all the while keeping an eye on the talking duo. My attention was turned more to the guy. He was of medium height, wheatish complexion and seemed to be smiling all the way.

However the meeting ended soon, and she went on her way, and he took a right. In the process of observing all this I had already bought 2 pens and a notebook, which I never needed. It would only add up to the stuff I had bought in my "follow-her-she-might-sympathize" campaigns, which included some rice, a something used for cutting, a coconut scrapper and some more learn cooking books.

Anyway, I thought I'd follow the guy anyway. I went up, kept pace with him. He seemed to be moving towards the guys hostel near the temples. I was feeling brave so I thought I'd just ask him directions or something. I went up to him and said hi.

As he turned around I realized this guy was from my class!!! He was a new guy in the class. So my plans changed from directions asking to friend making.

Me- Hi!!!

guy- Hi, I know you. You play basketball with the seniors right?

Me- ya, am sorry I dint catch your name.

guy- Murali. Am staying in the hostels down there. wanna come ?

me- Ya sure. (I had no idea why I said yes)

Murali- Your so active, how do you manage all the things together?

me- Oh I don't really do anything. (At that point, I wasn't doing anything as my attention was directed to someone else) How are you liking the college an stuff.

Murali- Its kind off boring here.. In Mumbai, Commerce classes are so full of excitement and fun. This place hardly does anything.

me- (I was beginning to like this guy. he thought like me)

Hmmmm..I can feel what you say, There's got to be more activity if we want to end up doing something useful. There are some fests and stuff coming up in the next month. That's about everything what happens here.

Murali- Hey that's great. How do we get to participate and all in the fests and all...

me- well there are some seniors who are into this and all, they select the team. I know some of them so I can introduce you to them...

Murali- That be kind of you. You know in Mumbai.....


And so went our discussion for almost 2 hours. In the end I returned home feeling I met a long last friend. It was great knowing that I wasn't the only guy who thought like I did.

But Murali was only the beginning. It was going to be a long journey we undertook today, and wasn't going to be easy nor end easy for both of us. It was the beginning of the most painful turn of events ever to happen in my life...



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  1. brother...why did ur focus suddenly turn to a guy more than on the girl!!!!!!!

  2. Well. hes part of the story so temporary distraction :)

  3. Rochellllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

    Im a Rochelllle?!?!?!?!? wtf! i wanna be Angelinaaaa :(

  4. HA ha ha..First of all who told you that you were a character :)??!!!

    And the story is based in India mlady not in sicily!!!