Just Emkaying: A book v/s a girlfirend

Dec 23, 2008

A book v/s a girlfirend

My diluted mind has got me thinking in strange ways these days... An outcome of the same is retyped below!!!

1. You can a pick up a book you like and keep it for the rest of your life
    Getting a girlfriend is different story, let alone holding on for the rest of your life!!!

2. Books can be read and understood.
    A girl can NEVER (Read N.E.V.E.R) be understood.

3. A GF can help you out anytime with any problem
    A book can max be used to swat at that pesky thing flying around, or as a balancing weight! ( and for exams of course!)

4. Books can be shut.
    Hee Haa, try that with your GF. Probably have your head chopped off

5. You can gift your girlfriend a book.  ( stupid as it might sound!)
    You cannot gift a girlfriend to your book!!!

6. You can drive around the city with your girlfriend
    Try tying the book pillion on your bike while u ride!!!

7. A girlfriend is someone you can marry
    Marrying a book is a sign that you need to head to the nearest hospital

8. You can address your girlfriend as "dear, sweetie" or whatever
    Think you can call your book.....bookie?!! Booka>!!

9. Try book balancing, improves your posture
    Try girlfriend balancing-breaks your back, and can gift you a few black eyes.

And FInalllly....

10. Am sure some girl is gonna pick on me for this post!!!
   Nope, no book is gonna do that :)

Following, or attempting to follow the views, ideas, blasphemy, insults....ets in this post, can be and most probably will be the end of you love life!!!

Book readers can forget the warning!!!



  1. So what's the final comment? GF or Book??
    Post Dostana its difficult to say "Book" i guess :P