Just Emkaying: December 2015

Dec 31, 2015

Bye Bye 2015

The writing of a post at the end of the year has been a tradition ever since the the inception of this blog. Am not sure if it still remains a blog or if it's more of a random musing kind of thing. Nonetheless, I feel this immense weight on my shoulders to write after ignoring this site for a good many months.

I am a vivid dreamer, both night and day. Some of you may know my tales which I might mumble over a conversation with the right audience, but largely on a one on one basis. While most of my college life it was very limited to random dreams of snakes (and I have no fear of snakes to be honest) of more recent it has been very strange movie themed dreams that often include people who've been on my mind. I've been on war style attacks on random mushroom shaped homes, and I've been one romantic liaisons with people who never even featured on my list when am awake. To clarify, I don't have a list.

Dec 29, 2015

Why you no marrying Beta? 3 years later.

One of the questions I get most often, and many of you who know me on first punch abuse name basis do ask me this - "When are you getting married?" This ranks as the second most popular question I have ever got asked, just a few marks below the more judgmental "Why are you not getting married?" & "What's wrong with you?"

Let me just clear the air for all of you who have similar questions: I don't like the question.

3 years ago, I had to put down my first official conversation on this subject. "Why you no marrying Beta?". This was a testament to how every single guy has to face this question the moment he earns his first salary.

"Welcome to XYZ Corp. As your boss I will introduce you to everyone & the facilities. And here's your advance salary to tide you over for the first 2 weeks. Oh and by the way, your mom wants to talk to you."