Just Emkaying: TS 13 Romantic day at the beach...goes sour

Dec 19, 2008

TS 13 Romantic day at the beach...goes sour

The spirit in the class was going well. We were close into the second semester and camaraderie was on all time high. Something like India having 1 run to win against Pakistan with 9 wickets in hand and 10 overs to go. In the midst of all the hull-a-gulla was I, in my own dream world, singing romantic songs around imaginary banyan trees (or was it Peepal?!) with a slight drizzle in the air.

Eventually, everyone got caught up in the infectious "lets go on a picnic" and plans were being made. Needless to say the whole thing had a very important criteria, of getting the right category of people. Undoubtedly there were the wannabes trying to get the happening crowd of girls to go along, and I dare say that I had my own little plans.

My acceptance to the picnic, of course was only based on PW's acceptance to the same. In fact I would say the whole picnic party depended on her acceptance!!! Though hardly anyone viewed their opinions, I could make out from the various conversations in various brotherhoods that she was being treated way beyond a classmate!!!

Anyway, Pw held on to her cards till the last day and finally the blessed "Yes" did finally ring in the class. So of we were to some place of interest to spend the day in harmless flirting and frolic. I was elated, though not very sure what the next course of action should be. However I knew the basics and good ol Mohan was there to provide the ever needed light. 

So on the day, dressed in the "coolest" attire I could manage, off we went to the picnic. The destination hardly mattered to me, and whether we went to a pub or park meant the same to me;People in Love do talk this way, and I guess I fell into the category, one way road that it seemed at that time.

We ended upon some kind of island beach, with the "wannabes" fluttering around the "already there" girls, cracking their jokes and jacks. Having fun. I was into more of following the group around, trying to get into the right photographs with the right people. I stuck with Mohan, because I wasn't sure what to do.

Luckily soon after lunch I got lucky, and somehow PW and I ended up on the same tree stump at the same time for a snap. Seema saw through the opportunity and grabbed the camera, moved into position, aimed...and allllmmmmmmmmosst clicked, when plop came the "MOHAN" into the picture with his silly giggle..

Within a series of seconds, a surprised Pw moved out of the frame, seema clicked and me and Mohan turned up in the snap, looking like two crows in sunglasses. 

STRIKE 1-out

If I could I would've filled Mohan's silly smile with all the sand I could, but I couldnt bring myself to do it.My second opportunity came during snack time... Everyone was having the idlis and dosas, when some one discovered some convenient open huts. Again I enetered from one end, and Pw from another and fate brought us together again. But by the time Mohan got the camera, the wannabes charged upon the hut...only to completely hide both of us in the crowd. How I wished for a 36 calibre self loading firearm....

STRIKE 2-out

The camera decided that me and PW wouldnt make it tohe film reel, and I had no other option than to open the gap on my face(my mouth!!!) and make some proper noises to catch her attention. Finally while we scourged the rocks on the beach for treasure, I managed to say the most crappy thing ever

M- Nice beach huh (Damn it !!! That's why we were there wasn't it?!!)

Pw- Ya, its beautiful. Sad we have to go home so soon...

If I had my way I would have stayed there for the rest of my life!!! Pw was looking gorgeous and with a silly floppy hat, looked all the more alluring.

M- Guess we can catch the sunset in a few minutes (Seeesh!!! She lived on the beach you moron!!! Think ! Think!)

Pw- Hmmmm....you know when ever I come on to the beach I feel like just being there. I forget everything else in my life and just enjoy the breeze. It so calming so relaxing.

(3 sentences in one go!!! Yes its working you old charmer!!!)

M- Honestly, it feels great to have come out on this trip. Really worthwhile and fun.

We came upon couple of rocks. Mohan helped Seema across, And I extended my hand to help Pw across...Hoping against hope she'd take it. It was a silly thing, but it meant the world to me then.

She did it. And there was this slight lingering hand holding for a couple of seconds more than necessary...the dancing around the tree feeling was back again....and that was perhaps the most beautiful moment of the day for me. I was happy, maybe that made me a bit too adventurous..

M- We should do this again some time...

I hardly had finished the sentence, when all of a sudden Pw turned around and walked off a good twenty feet away on the beach. I was taken by surprise, and invariably the crowd of 5 to 10 turned to look at me, only to find me more taken aback than them. She kept drifting away, and didn't respond to anyone calling out to her.

It took me some time to recover from that, more than some time in fact. Actually a whole day. That evening, returning home I was sulking, not knowing why she behaved like that? Was it something I said? or Maybe I looked too happy...I wasn't sure. 

But one thing was sure. My sleep for the coming nights had just been disturbed...

STRIKE 3 -out


  1. OMG.. How I wish this would be like a complete story rather then in instalments x)
    What happened next ? Why did she do that ?

  2. very interesting dude......... keep writing daily.....
    good going

  3. @ MS

    thanks for your encouragement...:) Keep visiting

    @ LIT

    I wish I could write it in one go, but am not that a good writer :p
    Keep tuned, and thank you sooooo much for ur support:)