Just Emkaying: August 2010

Aug 28, 2010

The Cards Dealt

As suit less souls we are born
Dealt to someone, somewhere, somehow
The cards were dealt by a dealer unknown

Aug 24, 2010

The Fan Conspiracy

Date: Saturday, August 21st, 2010
Time : 1:30 pm
Venue : Adigas Restaurant, Indiranagar (Bangalore)
Victims : Yours Truly and A Friend

Conspirators : Drop Dead Ceiling Fan and "I-have-customers-management"


Victims walk in to Adigas Restaurant

Aug 21, 2010

Shopping First Aid Kit for men and women

If your here looking for tips on shopping, you're in the wrong place. Especially if your taking shopping tips from me. This is a First Aid Kit, for men and women accompanying each other while shopping. (Stop Laughing!!! It happens)

Aug 18, 2010

Of Cockroaches and Politicans

Its actually interesting to see how most of the things in this world are better than our "neta babus" . In fact I think you can actually sit and see that everything has something or the better than them...(Even without favoritism)So I was just mind-wandering, and I randomly picked a creature to compare with the neta babu/politician. In this case, I chose a cockroach.

Aug 16, 2010

I remember you

When I walk across the cement court
Strewn with golden leaves
When I see the wooden benches
And through the windows, the age old garden tree
When I walk up the temple path
And cross the little shop
Or I see the mirror
And laugh at my silly crop
I remember you.

When I see my cellphone
And an unkown number rings
When I think of the invisible
And think of those funny things
That we discussed at all times of the day
And no matter how I tried,
For some reason, you kept me away
I remember you.

One I saw and knew, yet we never met
And One I only heard, yet we met and knew
One, on what the eyes believed
And One on what the heart felt was true

Small things become important
And important things become irrelevant
One was beautiful and One was true
Now you're gone
Yet all said, and Yet all done
I still remember you

Aug 15, 2010

Life Summed up...multiple times!!!

 This is one of my favorite all time songs....

If your reading this on a blog reader, click here for the you tube video.

Aug 14, 2010

A note to the omnipresent mosquito

Dear Mosquito

Greetings. I write this e mail (which I shall buzz to you in your language later) with reference to your (or was it one of you million cousins?) buzz in my ear 10 min back

Aug 13, 2010

Kotak Mahindra, the new Tele Terror.

I am a forgiving person. A very forgiving person. And it takes quite a bit to really p**s me off. And to get me to crib on my blog. But there are some that won't give up. Relentless and bordering on harrasment, KOTAK finally made it to my head and on to Daily Mirror.

My tryst with KOTAK began when one fine rainy evening a couple of years back. I was sipping tea (or was it rum?) when my phone rang

Aug 10, 2010

Of Vodka and Parsi Food

Saturday was eventful as far as food goes. Visited this place called Daddy's Deli on Indiranagar 12th Main. I had my eyes set on this place for quite some time, but I could make it only on Saturday. It was a quick stop, so couldn't get into the restaurant, but I did grab a Quick bite downstairs. I had an egg omelet on Minced mutton, and it was absolutely fantastic. The name of the dish was is something I cant remember, and something that even Google is refusing to give me, hence I keep it to what I can remember,and that is ------ par eeda!!! But one thing I remember is the absolute taste!!! I am gonna go back soon!!!


Sunday was Vodka Tasting Day,

Aug 8, 2010

About Jimmy

It was a pretty awkward feeling this time when I went home. No one to wag his tail and push against the mesh door, no crazy running around the floor and falling over sofa corners, no skidding as his back legs gave way, no jumping, barking, whining...No Jimmy.

Aug 7, 2010

How to clean your room

It so happens, that every now and then, we bachelors have folks from home visiting. My comrades in bachelorhood (except those nerdy ones out there) would agree that we are a breed that prefers to keep the house in "sleep" mode. That is, in a state that is comfortable to be slept in. Only Slept In