Just Emkaying: The Cards Dealt

Aug 28, 2010

The Cards Dealt

As suit less souls we are born
Dealt to someone, somewhere, somehow
The cards were dealt by a dealer unknown

But play the game, we must, as time goes on.

We play Life as a game of poker
Some slower, some quicker
With a mask to fake what others see
In the way, fail to see what we could be

We judge by the masks that others wear
and play our cards with no care
And If we get through those masks,
We forget to remove the ones we wear

In Life as in Death,
In happiness as in sorrow
We take what we have and try to make sense
Of the Cards that we are dealt
With a Poker face, at times we succeed
In misleading others, and ourselves indeed

Who knows what will happen at the end of the game,
But we play with the cards that we are dealt
To play the game fair and square
Is a noble thought, yet no easy fare.

The cards are dealt by a dealer unknown,
Yet play we must, as time goes on.


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