Just Emkaying: Of Vodka and Parsi Food

Aug 10, 2010

Of Vodka and Parsi Food

Saturday was eventful as far as food goes. Visited this place called Daddy's Deli on Indiranagar 12th Main. I had my eyes set on this place for quite some time, but I could make it only on Saturday. It was a quick stop, so couldn't get into the restaurant, but I did grab a Quick bite downstairs. I had an egg omelet on Minced mutton, and it was absolutely fantastic. The name of the dish was is something I cant remember, and something that even Google is refusing to give me, hence I keep it to what I can remember,and that is ------ par eeda!!! But one thing I remember is the absolute taste!!! I am gonna go back soon!!!


Sunday was Vodka Tasting Day,
when I dropped into Raj Gharana. Raj had these beautiful Vodkas from Goa, called Resolute.(Resolute on FB)

There are three beautiful flavors, Black Vodka, Crystal Vodka and Pink. I had two of them neat with one cube of Ice, and it was Fantabulous!!!

I have heard that this vodka is becoming the rage in Goa and amongst the "it" crowd, and even the company suggests you have it neat. Its quite smooth and the aroma is really captivating, better than Smirnoff any day.

Interesting part --- when you pour the black vodka over ice, it turns blue!!! Pretty cool stuff.

Also did try magic moments, but apart from the nice bottle and strong aroma, the vodka leaves much to be desired.

Keep smiling

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