Just Emkaying: January 2012

Jan 29, 2012

Naive Endings

"They don't understand at all. I hate it. Every day is a pain, its the same thing, and only when I start shouting do they stop. Why don't they leave me alone. I don't want to get married now."

She wasn't crying, but her eyes had welled up. She'd been upset for quite some time now. Ever since they'd met she was this ambitious person who just wanted a chance. Wanting to change the world, achieve some thing big in the corporate world. That's what he had liked about her. In the male dominated world of management, she'd fit in very well. Intelligent. Beautiful. Ambitious. A little naive maybe, but women are seldom naive for long. Especially when there are so many idiots to experiment on.

Fall from Grace

"So are you still interested?" 

The question was as polite as he could have asked. The rest had been more brutal, taking specific pleasure in picturizing the question and lacing it with innuendo's. He had been around enough to know this wasn't over, but was unclear on his status. His question was met with silence.

"Everyone's talking Yaar. Someone saw her with him at the hotel that evening. That Son-of-a-bitch also made sure that everyone knows. He's been telling everyone of his conquest, and its getting viral. She was in a ...."

Jan 28, 2012


Empty Chair
Silent Phone
Missing Comment
Mindless Meeting
Empty Smokes
Bottles of Beer
Fries and Peanuts
And Enemies
Work and Excel
Shoes and Tops
Markets Traveled
Music and Bands
Meaningless Conversations
Cancelled & Missed
Genuine Queries
& Sharing
Same Time
Same Thing
Private and Personal
Lunch Calls
Ride Home
TV Shows
And more
One to many
One too many

All Haunted


Jan 21, 2012

The One that got away

It was the age when college kids were obsessed about two things. One, getting free talk time. And two, was GPRS to download that cool new "reeng tone". It was a fancy thing, having a mobile phone, and everyone who had one, needed to get the better image by having the best jokes and forwards. Today, when the whole world is fighting the android vs. Apple battle, which of course Apple will win hands-down, back then it was all about chatting, or what is better known as sexting.

Jan 5, 2012


Some take a look at old photos, some stare into the emptiness of the night. Some when their blinded by the morning Sun, while others go there in the presence of music. Few drink their guts out to reach there, and some stare at the ceiling fans when they go to sleep. Some go there when surrounded by chaos, some, when there is chatter all around. Auto Pilot switches on, and everything else goes silent.

Jan 4, 2012

RIP 2011

Sometimes we walk roads that we think are right, which we have missed out on. But once you begin, there is no turning back. There is never turning back. As you take each step, the world around you changes, and the earth beneath collapses. No one can foresee the future, and no one can undo the past. You can only live today.