Just Emkaying: Fall from Grace

Jan 29, 2012

Fall from Grace

"So are you still interested?" 

The question was as polite as he could have asked. The rest had been more brutal, taking specific pleasure in picturizing the question and lacing it with innuendo's. He had been around enough to know this wasn't over, but was unclear on his status. His question was met with silence.

"Everyone's talking Yaar. Someone saw her with him at the hotel that evening. That Son-of-a-bitch also made sure that everyone knows. He's been telling everyone of his conquest, and its getting viral. She was in a ...."


"Fine, I will. But the rest won't. You know that. And they'll keep coming, and they'll keep asking you. Get it? They'll ask YOU"

The two grads kept walking across the length of the college grounds. In another year, they would be out of this place, looking to make their futures as strong as possible. Don would go back to the Gulf. He was set there. But Don wasn't sure about his friend. He had enough going on before this happened. Finally he spoke up.

"Don, the Guy took me in. When I came here, he took me in. Do you know what that means? Two years, Don, Two Goddamn years. My food, my shelter, everything. What do you want me to do? Ask him if his best friend slept with the Girl I love? Or maybe I should just ask her? He had a reputation and she knew that. She knew what she was getting into. And I don't want to know whats true and not true."

Don looked in shock at his friend. This he did not know. He watched as he continued choked with emotion.

"He asked me if I had something going on with her. What should I have said? She can't even see me Don! I didn't know he was asking for his friend. I didn't know that he would go after her like this, this cheap bastard....If I go and ask them know, they'll throw this same shit in my face..I was trying to protect her Don, not expose her to these wolves."

It was getting cooler now. The college would break for the day in another half hour, and it was time to leave. His was question was still un-answered. So he gave it one more shot.

"So, what now? You know things have changed beyond control now"

"If you're asking what I told them, then it was No. But if you're asking what I feel, then its the same feeling that always has been and always will. And there's nothing that will ever change that"

Just then she appeared right in front of them.There are no coincidences in life....

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