Just Emkaying: The One that got away

Jan 21, 2012

The One that got away

It was the age when college kids were obsessed about two things. One, getting free talk time. And two, was GPRS to download that cool new "reeng tone". It was a fancy thing, having a mobile phone, and everyone who had one, needed to get the better image by having the best jokes and forwards. Today, when the whole world is fighting the android vs. Apple battle, which of course Apple will win hands-down, back then it was all about chatting, or what is better known as sexting.

In the summer of 2004-2005, when things were not at their best, and which I regard as the part of my life that I would gladly rate as the worst, there was a an anonymous but suspicious SMS which appeared on my Nokia 3310 (remember that model). It was a generic statement, and if I remember correctly was actually a crib against the world. I replied, in a philosophical age that I was at that time, without asking the ASL question.

What ensued was 3 days of anonymous chat, on topics that ranged from teddy bears to chemical formulations.

I secretly imagined it to be my ex-crush, who'd moved to outta the country, and in order to avoid a volte-face when possibly confronted, I avoided politically incorrect conversation.

When the call came on the 4th day, and I heard the voice on the other end, I stuttered and stammered myself to a "Hi". It took me all of 10 minutes to realize that this was not a prank. This was someone who was genuinely interested in what we had discussed over the last three day.

Over the next 2 years (YES, 2 Years) something developed that was more than anything I ever experienced. Hours of calls, millions of sms's and an understanding that only two completely unbiased and in-love people could know. I guess we know more about each other, than we knew about ourselves.

We had never met each other.

She didn't think it would go anywhere. I wanted to give it a shot. I wanted to meet her, but she'd end up transferring somewhere else.Then she wanted to meet up, and I'd end up somewhere else. One day it all stopped.

And that was that.

An occasional Hi, Happy Birthday, and "like" on FB is what we have moved our memories to.


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