Just Emkaying: October 2008

Oct 30, 2008


Well this time around I went home via good ol Mangalore. ITs been a long time that I went there, last being A year ago for some business. However this time around, things had changed quite a lot. The famous 4 way lane which was under construction-completed-again under construction-cancelled-re constructed had finally got shape. IT was more of a road this time around than it ever was. However the bus drivers dint mind. For them anything the bus moves on, is road. and that to their own personal road.


Any way, some surprising new members, (Again finally!!!) were the Fly overs and drainage works going on in Mangalore. Mangalore is a Special Economic Zone, and is expected to be the next Bangalore. However years ago there were pointers to the lack of infrastructure in the city. The Mangalore-Udupi-Manipal Belt is world reknown for their educational and medical institutions. However Mangalore does also have a fair bit of Shipping and industrial activity. This area is also known for its coastal cuisine and NRI population. Any way back to the fly overs.

Just like Bangalore, the fly overs were there, towering over the roads, kicking up dust and disrupting traffic-ah the irony of it. Well I was in Mangalore for like 30 min, During which I managed to take a snap of Saibeen Complex, and catch a glimpse of Errol, author of Scoptoma. I wasnt able to catch his attention, as I was in a bus. But anyways, here are the snaps


The Once super popular Saibeen complex


Fly over



Fly over again


Inner city Roads--Flooded with Airtel translights!!!



Well thats all I could capture, am working on a post with interesting facts on the Manipal-Udupi-Mangalore Triangle. Hope that comes out soon!!!




Diwali at home-The working


Though there are some other connected posts before this one, I thought it would be better off to start with this as it is the "happening" thing right now.

Well traditionally in South Canara, more so among "Konkani's" (GSB)  Diwali is celebrated over three days. The first day, there is a ritual called "Uda borche" which translates into filling water. Actually on this day, in the evening the source of water, the well is decorated and a puja is done. Before this the water is drawn and filled into the water drum, which is essentially a huge metal drum over a fire place. This was the olden Boiler!

Subsequently there is a puja for the same. The next day before sunrise, we get up and have an elaborate oil bath. And welcome Diwali into our homes. This day is celebrated with crackers, fireworks, diyas...anything to do with light. It is actually signifying purity and goodness coming into our lives. (Dont ask me about the details!!! its kinda complicated)


The third day is Balindra puje. On this day people can steal anything ,provided they dont get caught. People dont usually go of to rob a bank or something, its just some harmless things like a few coconuts from a tree or that kind of stealing. I hope your not getting any ideas!!! Check out more about Diwali

I have some photos, Dint make it home in time, but I got what I could...




This is the inner well of our house, you can see the names of the rivers written, albeit in Kannada.





This is a close up of the front portion







This is the olden water heater was talking abotu. Its not in the actual splendor, cos I got this snaps a day too late




And this is the full picture, along with the small oil ka katori at the side





08112007(003) 08112007



And after all, I think this is the more common view of Diwali!!! The festival of lights!!!


Wish you all a happy Diwali!!!

Oct 29, 2008

Hey hey hey!!! am back

Well I don have much time now...but this is the posts coming up in a day or too

1. The Great Indian Bus ride
2. Diwali at home
3. Mangalore-Udupi-Maipal...
4. And somthing else.(I cant remember :P )

Coming soon to a blog near you!!! 


Oct 26, 2008

Pizza hut v/s Dominos

Aaaa. The classic foodies delight!!!

I have been a fan of Dominos ever since I moved to my new house a year ago. Theres a dominoes right across ma home, and have been frequent enough for them to know me by name and address!!!

Brand loyal that I am I just never thought about another Pizzeria till one day someone pulled me along to Pizza hut. The first thing I noticed was the place was crowded (over the months I discover Pizza Hut is invariably crowded!!!) and the fantastic service!!! I mean service is like awesome. your spoken to as an "important Customer" and a human being, rather than a walking talking purse of money you can loot!!! 

Since the service part is clear, lets come to the food. Pizza hut serves D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S Pizzas!!! At least far better than the combos in Dominos. Though Dominos still has a few of my fav combos, Pizza hut's Pizzas definitely taste better. Now I know the dominos fans out there will have me for this, but hey I am a ex domino fan too...

For Example, take the Double cheese Margetita. This is a common offering of both Pizzerias. Undoubtedly PH has far better tasting Cheese and the base is also far better. Try it!!! The Garlic Breads are Different. 

And its not just me, All my rooomies( two other food Gluttons) Now demand Pizza hut delivery only, though we dont have one in our area. We have so far lied and tried all tricks to get PH to deliver to us. But now, theyve stopped delivering to our side. So we are stuck with Dominos!!! But its not tha bad.

Theres also one more pizzeria called Pizza corner. This pizzeria is best left untalked about, let alone visiting!!!

HapPy Diwali!!!

Hey guys!!!

Wish you a happy diwali!!! May this diwali bring you and your family prosperity, health and wealth !!! (in CAse you get some wealth share some with me, send me a cheque!!!)

These following are some snaps I took with my phone at office!!!

Soe other beautiful photos from Google!!!

Have a happy diwali!!!

Oct 25, 2008

What is your calling?

There comes a time in everybodys life...that time when everything  you believe you wanna do loses meaning..that time when you don know what your doing...something disturbing your inner happiness..

I always thought I knew what I wanted to do. Did my MBA, got a good job. Had career plans. Things going on smoothly. And all of a sudden things go topsy turvy. Everything changes and you realise somethings not right. In the midst you have an entire new set of priorities, and thereby resulting in confusion. Every one has this period..some or the other time.

During this crunch, people either get tough and emerge victorious and follow their dreams in a more convincing period. Others change into something absolutely different, and ya think "this is it!!! why dint I do this before?!" Doctors get into Business, Businessmen become Social workers..You get the drift right?

So coming back, I am somewhere in this area now. Am having a really tough time in my head and dont see any roads. They say when in doubt, do what your heart tells you. But I dont hear anything!!! Have you ever found your calling...I mean ever knew what you really wanted,found it completley crazy, yet just knew it was it. Hmmmm

Have you ever felt it? Have you ever thought about it...hmmmm

Am going home for Diwali, might give it a lot of thought.

Till then, happy diwali. have a good time :)

Oct 24, 2008

EA Sports EURO 2008

Ever since I bought my laptop, like around 3 years ago, I have been absolutely hooked on to PC games. They are soooooo addictive that I have played from evenings to mornings on the run. All sorts of games, action, strategy, sports..Currently am hooked on to EA Euro 2008 which I bought a couple of months back.

The Game has awesome graphics and looks fab (on ma roomies comp, cos its got a thing-a-na-jig graphic card from the US-10grand) Its actually for the PS3 though I have a PC version of the same. ITs not that tough to play if you have played the earlier versions of EA sports Soccer. Though the keyboard is not the best equipment you can have. While the basics and scoring is easy on the keyboard, most of the tricks are not possible. The teams are customisable, and while the game has an online mode, u need a pretty fast connection to actually get to play online.

Some other games I have enjoyed over the years have been

1. FIFA 2006
2. FIFA 2007
3. ROME-Total War
4. ROME-Total War Barbarian Expansion
5. Project IGI 1 and 2
7 NFS Most Wanted
8 NFS Carbon
9 NFS Pro Street (SUcks!)
10 EA Cricket 2007

But I guess thats the end of the road for my PC game adventure, cos ma laptops an old "BUDDA" now. Time for some new high end gadgetry to come in :)


Oct 21, 2008

I gotta do this

I just walked into a pizza hut on brigade road in bangalore. And have absolutely no idea why, but I just felt I gotta do the following things in a year :) max two years.

1 Learn German, French and Russian

2 Learn to play the guitar

3 Learn to dance

Don't ask me why, I gotta figure it out my self.!!!
Til later


Oct 19, 2008

Fun Stuff...great one liners

Thought I'd share some fun stuff with you...

Some fantastic one liners I got on the net and other sources; check it out

1. Familiarity breeds children

2. Life is sexually transmitted

3. We do precision guesswork

4. Justice: A decision in your favor

5. I miss my wife's cooking. . . . as often as I can

6. Multitasking: Screwing up several things at once

7. Take my advice; I don't use it anyway

8. A bus station is where a bus stops. A train station is where a train stops. On my desk, I have a workstation... I wonder if that means...?

9. Coffee. Chocolate. Men. Some things are better rich

10.If you live in a glass house, you should change clothes in basement.

11.Brain cells come and brain cells go, but fat cells live forever.

12.Everyone has a photographic memory. Some people just don't have film.

13.War doesn't determine who's right, just who's left.

14.Learn from the mistakes of others. You can't live long enough to make them all yourself.

15.Our biggest problem is that nobody wants to take responsibility for anything—but don't quote me on that

16.The only substitute for good manners is fast reflexes.

17.Atheism is a non-prophet organization

This one I got one the bumper of a Hyundai Accent in Blore
"Honk if your an idiot" :P

And this is from a friend who saw it on the back of a car 

"Insured by MAFIA. You hit us.We hit you"



Russel Peters live!!!

Man believe me it was an awesome Saturday,,,we went to watch the Live show of Russel peters in blore..IT was absolutely hilarious..And the guy is much better in person than on you tube.

We reached around in 7.45...the show was at 8.30 And the place looked like a circus..Absolutely crowded. Apart from that they were such a fantastic crowd...there was a mix of all kind off people..the girls were all too good to be true kinda thing..never knew there so many pretty things in blore!!! That too all in one place..We were three guys...with some others joining later

As usual Russel loved it when he got to pick on some chineese and american guys...there were also some african americans from ghana. He also did an oncore on popular demand even after the time was up.

My buddy debi had met russel the last time around and had a snap and autograph. So we three were waiting to meet him...surprisingly we were the only three fans waiting. All of a sudden there he was getting in to the car, and my two buddies were off to the door..the damn security guy stopped me...while I watched in frustation my two buddies got autographs and a fantastic picture (which for pure jealousy am not posting here) lucky guys..That really blew my perfect sat night..

WEll anyways for those of you who missed it there is a show again in blore on 25th..Hope you can catch it. As for me..maybe the next time around, I would be with him in the car rather than waiting for an autograph!!!


Oct 18, 2008

Inspiring day!!!

Well the highlight of my day was that I re commenced reading a book I had picked up a couple of months back. The book is written by Jack Welch and is named "Winning". It truly stands up to its name, as the book is fantabulous!!! I was particularly inspired by a page on Leadership.

I have written in brief on the same topic in Business Bubbles. Read more about it here.

Apart from that it was looking great today..Tom being a Sat :) :) :)

Nothing interesting other than that. Lets look up to a fantastic weekend!!!


Oct 17, 2008

Jet Kingfisher V/s Employees

The shocking news of yesterday was that Jet had layed off 1ooo odd employees, citing that they were under loss. This comes as a huge shocker, as this is the first of its kind mass layoff in the aviation industry.

I watched a lot of debate on to aspects of this case. One was the major bailout demand by the Goyalmallya combo. Second was the mass layoff.

Taking the bailout issue, the question is of using tax payers money to help private sector airlines to be able to operate in profit. They are able to make this demand as the goyalmallya combo controls nearly 60 % of the market in aviation, and the aviation industry in India is small and weak. The reduction of flights would in turn hit the aviation industry and the market as a whole. Communists argue that the tax payers money is hard earned money, not some lottery ticket to help private sector mint money. On the other hand pro bail out parties suggest that the aviation industry is a vital component of Indian development, which will in turn affect all the tax payers as well. 

My personal view would be to give a long term credit to these parties, make them share some of their controls and resources with Government Airlines. There is no way that the Government can allow Indian aviation to collapse. At the same time giving a complete bail out sets a bad precedent. Interest should be charged as against a interest free loan that has been demanded.
It remains to be seen as to what the Govt Does.

The second case is of the mass layoff. If the airlines were running under loss why did they hire such a large numbr of trainees and probationary employees? They have no right to protect their interests by compromising on the interests of its employees. Even if the non sacked employees join the layed off guys and show solidarity, the goyal mallya combo would conveniently put this back on the Government to further their cause of bail out.

Its a sad state of affairs that these kind of bad Govt policies and inefficent business practices has affected the dreams and life of the layed off employees. Today its JET AIRWAYS, tommorrow it could be anyone!!!!

BE Airware!!!


Weeks ending!! :)

Well though I work a six day week..the anticipation of Saturday can be so uplifting :) I cant help smiling even thinking about it..The whole concept of not working is so enjoyable...Two days to go..

Anyways have a great Friday!!!

Oct 16, 2008

Names List!!!

Hey got a crazy idea..thought Id write down all the names of people from my school in Bahrain and India ;P

Justin Nisha Priaynka Deepti Jossy JustinM Hameed Ahmed Abishek Melissa Shailesh James Deepak Divya Manoj Manohar Shivraj Sumangala Seema Vedha Rashmi Ashfaq Ayoob Ayesha JaiGandhi Akansha Brian Briandsa Veena Vinton Pradeep Bridgit Valentino Rovel Sonu Dolly Talal Tariq Chandy Sudesh Ninan Anilp Anilvs Deepak Dhanraj Mithun Kuldeep Pavan Kapil Siju Indresh GirishcL Girsh Mrinal Chakravarthy Suman Akshatha Vineeta Alex Gautham Vickyath Venkatesh Sachin dheeraj Sherin Charu Aiyappa Prashanth Chengappa Arvind Aparna Agneya Subash Jossy Sandhya Nabil Avinash Arvind Jiggs Movin Prajesh Shama Arena Girish Prakash Arun Sunishetty Hamston Ratnakar Peneul Oliver Abhinav Karna Ramnath Raghavendra Santosh Jithesh Vipin Nishka Adithya Devina Omkar Kedar Rashmitha Ranjitha KAran Ganesh James Ganesh Siddharth Kaushik Vignesh Shobitha Pradeep Sharmila Padma Jethesh Arjun Prakyath Sandesh Shine Sunronce Supriya Pavithra 

Well thats about all I can remember..By chance I miss anyone that we have in common do let me know!!!


Oct 15, 2008

Dedication to my readers

This song is for you guys!!!

Enjoy and take care!!!

To my readers...

This post is dedicated to one of the most important elements of my Blog...you!!! my dear readers (Sounds corny you think??!!)

Well over the two months that I have been blogging more seriously, I see some readers have been visiting regularly...Thanks!!! It really encourages me and motivates me to write more truthfully and honestly. Whether the post has been about fun, or someone else, or some event or any crap that I come up with..I know its to early to even start saying thanks, but why keep a good thing waiting? :)

Well I have a lot to say..I started bloggin to write about the tremendous roller coaster rides I have had in my life. The truth is I never had the courage to write about it, as there are many others who would also be a part of it. In the ultimatum, I want to write a book aka chethan Bhagat. 

Well I think the time is nearing that I start this venture. My only problem is I dont know what people think of this blog. SO MY REQUEST..

ANY ONE..VISITING..DO POST COMMENTS..It can be anything..anything at all..I will definitely appreciate it..and perhaps be able to reteriate the same someday..

So do keep coming and commenting!!


Oct 13, 2008

Where is my silver lining??!!

Its been just another one of those days when ya feel you shouldnt have bothered waking up from bed. Apart from that just cant understand that how those guys in the commercials wake up fresh and bright in the morning...I havent seen a happy face early in the morning for years, excecpt Jimmy's who loves running into the house from his outdoor kennel..
Come to think of it he seems to be the only one happy in the morning running around licking everyone, pulling bedsheets, jumping up and down, till your awake..and the irony is he goes off and sleeps by the fireplace after his tea. Those are the days and ya think "a dogs life!!!"

Any ways, This years hasnt been particularly great, and its getting worse by the month. Isnt every month supposed to have a silver lining? Am still waiting for th
ose linings, maybe a whole years linings are due. Apart from making me more pessimistic and bored, it also reduces my blog-a-bility! And I just started a third blog!! Talk about timing

Thought this weekend was fun..!a party at home for 14 guys..Drunk and singing songs never felt better!! Some snaps

This is the cans we collected!!!

The second part of the same collection

And to round off an earrrrrrly morning drive!!!

So thats the weekend!!! But 6 days of misery was worth the weekend!!! 

Till next..

Oct 10, 2008

Am on WordpresS!!

Well yes, (dont give me thosse anti wordpress and traitor stares!!!) I have started a blog on Wordpress as well. I am only TEMPORARILY checking out word press. 

Though most of the features look the same, the initial idea is that Wordpress gives you more if you know how to figure out and use it to the max. Again Widgets is much easier on Wordpress, though I have no idea on how to burn a feed.

Guess feedburner will help me on that.

Any way I will be running all three blogs simultaneously, so let me know!!! This is the link to Maddylicious!!!

Tiil then


Oct 8, 2008

Sleepy beginning to a festive month

So far this month hasnt shown me any thing that its most popular for..festivities..The whole society seems to be hit by the US Markets, let alone the NSE/BSE. Nothing seems to be excitng..nothing worthwhile to blog about.,..

This again is the first entry for this month making it one of the late-st entries in the last couple of months. I also see my fellow bloggers slowing down a bit..must be the planets are in non-blogger alinement or something.

I was planning to do big things at this time of the year a year ago!!! When I just started my career..it was like 2008 last quarter will be rocking..contrary to that everything else has happened. My astrology for this month says am gonna change jobs. Supposed to be theee month for moving out. at 20 th onwards I will be slewed with offers!!! Wish that would happen for a change..

PAst few days was going through my ol stuff..found my diary..some photos of ol crushes! Kinda nice and comfy feeling when ya thinka bout the past. Other than that lots of work. Ironically the work is more anticipating huge spendings by my dear consumers( thats YOU!!!) who of course are against de monetarizing their wallets in favor of shopping!

Any ways, enough of the smart talk. Will look out for some interesting stuff to blog about. Actually it did feel good to find some people ask why I havent been bloggin. Sniff sniff!! I was so touched!! ;P

Ok then..till next Ciao!!