Just Emkaying: Pizza hut v/s Dominos

Oct 26, 2008

Pizza hut v/s Dominos

Aaaa. The classic foodies delight!!!

I have been a fan of Dominos ever since I moved to my new house a year ago. Theres a dominoes right across ma home, and have been frequent enough for them to know me by name and address!!!

Brand loyal that I am I just never thought about another Pizzeria till one day someone pulled me along to Pizza hut. The first thing I noticed was the place was crowded (over the months I discover Pizza Hut is invariably crowded!!!) and the fantastic service!!! I mean service is like awesome. your spoken to as an "important Customer" and a human being, rather than a walking talking purse of money you can loot!!! 

Since the service part is clear, lets come to the food. Pizza hut serves D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S Pizzas!!! At least far better than the combos in Dominos. Though Dominos still has a few of my fav combos, Pizza hut's Pizzas definitely taste better. Now I know the dominos fans out there will have me for this, but hey I am a ex domino fan too...

For Example, take the Double cheese Margetita. This is a common offering of both Pizzerias. Undoubtedly PH has far better tasting Cheese and the base is also far better. Try it!!! The Garlic Breads are Different. 

And its not just me, All my rooomies( two other food Gluttons) Now demand Pizza hut delivery only, though we dont have one in our area. We have so far lied and tried all tricks to get PH to deliver to us. But now, theyve stopped delivering to our side. So we are stuck with Dominos!!! But its not tha bad.

Theres also one more pizzeria called Pizza corner. This pizzeria is best left untalked about, let alone visiting!!!


  1. Hmm.. Well here is my take:
    The main difference is in the cheese they use. PH cheese is more fuller then Dom which is lighter.

    Its the same here. The few times I passed by Dom, it was empty... !!

  2. I always though Domino's is positioned more as a takeaway joint and Pizaa Hut is more of an Eat in joint…so chances that Domino’s would be empty are high!
    I have always been lost on the domino’s vs pizza hut debate….Piazza almost always tasts the same..no matter what the topping are or who has made it!
    I like the ‘thin’ crust of domino’s…Pizza hut does not have it….but the best Pizza is my home made pizza….it yum!

  3. Hey homw made anything is good!!! :)