Just Emkaying: EA Sports EURO 2008

Oct 24, 2008

EA Sports EURO 2008

Ever since I bought my laptop, like around 3 years ago, I have been absolutely hooked on to PC games. They are soooooo addictive that I have played from evenings to mornings on the run. All sorts of games, action, strategy, sports..Currently am hooked on to EA Euro 2008 which I bought a couple of months back.

The Game has awesome graphics and looks fab (on ma roomies comp, cos its got a thing-a-na-jig graphic card from the US-10grand) Its actually for the PS3 though I have a PC version of the same. ITs not that tough to play if you have played the earlier versions of EA sports Soccer. Though the keyboard is not the best equipment you can have. While the basics and scoring is easy on the keyboard, most of the tricks are not possible. The teams are customisable, and while the game has an online mode, u need a pretty fast connection to actually get to play online.

Some other games I have enjoyed over the years have been

1. FIFA 2006
2. FIFA 2007
3. ROME-Total War
4. ROME-Total War Barbarian Expansion
5. Project IGI 1 and 2
7 NFS Most Wanted
8 NFS Carbon
9 NFS Pro Street (SUcks!)
10 EA Cricket 2007

But I guess thats the end of the road for my PC game adventure, cos ma laptops an old "BUDDA" now. Time for some new high end gadgetry to come in :)



  1. Ahh, haven't played a football game in like ages !!

  2. Well thats the only way i get any activity!!! Virtual excercise!!!