Just Emkaying: Jet Kingfisher V/s Employees

Oct 17, 2008

Jet Kingfisher V/s Employees

The shocking news of yesterday was that Jet had layed off 1ooo odd employees, citing that they were under loss. This comes as a huge shocker, as this is the first of its kind mass layoff in the aviation industry.

I watched a lot of debate on to aspects of this case. One was the major bailout demand by the Goyalmallya combo. Second was the mass layoff.

Taking the bailout issue, the question is of using tax payers money to help private sector airlines to be able to operate in profit. They are able to make this demand as the goyalmallya combo controls nearly 60 % of the market in aviation, and the aviation industry in India is small and weak. The reduction of flights would in turn hit the aviation industry and the market as a whole. Communists argue that the tax payers money is hard earned money, not some lottery ticket to help private sector mint money. On the other hand pro bail out parties suggest that the aviation industry is a vital component of Indian development, which will in turn affect all the tax payers as well. 

My personal view would be to give a long term credit to these parties, make them share some of their controls and resources with Government Airlines. There is no way that the Government can allow Indian aviation to collapse. At the same time giving a complete bail out sets a bad precedent. Interest should be charged as against a interest free loan that has been demanded.
It remains to be seen as to what the Govt Does.

The second case is of the mass layoff. If the airlines were running under loss why did they hire such a large numbr of trainees and probationary employees? They have no right to protect their interests by compromising on the interests of its employees. Even if the non sacked employees join the layed off guys and show solidarity, the goyal mallya combo would conveniently put this back on the Government to further their cause of bail out.

Its a sad state of affairs that these kind of bad Govt policies and inefficent business practices has affected the dreams and life of the layed off employees. Today its JET AIRWAYS, tommorrow it could be anyone!!!!

BE Airware!!!


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