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Oct 30, 2008

Diwali at home-The working


Though there are some other connected posts before this one, I thought it would be better off to start with this as it is the "happening" thing right now.

Well traditionally in South Canara, more so among "Konkani's" (GSB)  Diwali is celebrated over three days. The first day, there is a ritual called "Uda borche" which translates into filling water. Actually on this day, in the evening the source of water, the well is decorated and a puja is done. Before this the water is drawn and filled into the water drum, which is essentially a huge metal drum over a fire place. This was the olden Boiler!

Subsequently there is a puja for the same. The next day before sunrise, we get up and have an elaborate oil bath. And welcome Diwali into our homes. This day is celebrated with crackers, fireworks, diyas...anything to do with light. It is actually signifying purity and goodness coming into our lives. (Dont ask me about the details!!! its kinda complicated)


The third day is Balindra puje. On this day people can steal anything ,provided they dont get caught. People dont usually go of to rob a bank or something, its just some harmless things like a few coconuts from a tree or that kind of stealing. I hope your not getting any ideas!!! Check out more about Diwali

I have some photos, Dint make it home in time, but I got what I could...




This is the inner well of our house, you can see the names of the rivers written, albeit in Kannada.





This is a close up of the front portion







This is the olden water heater was talking abotu. Its not in the actual splendor, cos I got this snaps a day too late




And this is the full picture, along with the small oil ka katori at the side





08112007(003) 08112007



And after all, I think this is the more common view of Diwali!!! The festival of lights!!!


Wish you all a happy Diwali!!!

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