Just Emkaying: To my readers...

Oct 15, 2008

To my readers...

This post is dedicated to one of the most important elements of my Blog...you!!! my dear readers (Sounds corny you think??!!)

Well over the two months that I have been blogging more seriously, I see some readers have been visiting regularly...Thanks!!! It really encourages me and motivates me to write more truthfully and honestly. Whether the post has been about fun, or someone else, or some event or any crap that I come up with..I know its to early to even start saying thanks, but why keep a good thing waiting? :)

Well I have a lot to say..I started bloggin to write about the tremendous roller coaster rides I have had in my life. The truth is I never had the courage to write about it, as there are many others who would also be a part of it. In the ultimatum, I want to write a book aka chethan Bhagat. 

Well I think the time is nearing that I start this venture. My only problem is I dont know what people think of this blog. SO MY REQUEST..

ANY ONE..VISITING..DO POST COMMENTS..It can be anything..anything at all..I will definitely appreciate it..and perhaps be able to reteriate the same someday..

So do keep coming and commenting!!


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