Just Emkaying: Sleepy beginning to a festive month

Oct 8, 2008

Sleepy beginning to a festive month

So far this month hasnt shown me any thing that its most popular for..festivities..The whole society seems to be hit by the US Markets, let alone the NSE/BSE. Nothing seems to be excitng..nothing worthwhile to blog about.,..

This again is the first entry for this month making it one of the late-st entries in the last couple of months. I also see my fellow bloggers slowing down a bit..must be the planets are in non-blogger alinement or something.

I was planning to do big things at this time of the year a year ago!!! When I just started my career..it was like 2008 last quarter will be rocking..contrary to that everything else has happened. My astrology for this month says am gonna change jobs. Supposed to be theee month for moving out. at 20 th onwards I will be slewed with offers!!! Wish that would happen for a change..

PAst few days was going through my ol stuff..found my diary..some photos of ol crushes! Kinda nice and comfy feeling when ya thinka bout the past. Other than that lots of work. Ironically the work is more anticipating huge spendings by my dear consumers( thats YOU!!!) who of course are against de monetarizing their wallets in favor of shopping!

Any ways, enough of the smart talk. Will look out for some interesting stuff to blog about. Actually it did feel good to find some people ask why I havent been bloggin. Sniff sniff!! I was so touched!! ;P

Ok then..till next Ciao!!


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