Just Emkaying: Am on WordpresS!!

Oct 10, 2008

Am on WordpresS!!

Well yes, (dont give me thosse anti wordpress and traitor stares!!!) I have started a blog on Wordpress as well. I am only TEMPORARILY checking out word press. 

Though most of the features look the same, the initial idea is that Wordpress gives you more if you know how to figure out and use it to the max. Again Widgets is much easier on Wordpress, though I have no idea on how to burn a feed.

Guess feedburner will help me on that.

Any way I will be running all three blogs simultaneously, so let me know!!! This is the link to Maddylicious!!!

Tiil then



  1. Hey,
    So you went to the other side ha ?
    Just kidding... give me a personal review of the other kind aka wordpress..

  2. well to be really honest, I dont see a huge difference in Blogger and wordpress, though wordpress lokks better as blogsite, slighty convenient features...but thats about it..havent decided yet?!! ;)