Just Emkaying: Inspiration: Meet Subodh Vishwakarma: from Cab to Cannes

Feb 17, 2017

Inspiration: Meet Subodh Vishwakarma: from Cab to Cannes

Meet Subodh Vishwakarma from Bodhgaya. He drives an Ola by day, and I've had the luck of having him drive me to office twice in the span of one month. The first time I met him, he was clean shaven and formally dressed. He saw my guitar and began discussing music. He was a poet, wrote Ghazals and was also learning the flute, which was on the dashboard of the car. I was impressed by his aspiration and desire to achieve his dream. He had subscribed to the writers association and was looking for support to make an album of his Ghazals, sung by none other than the top Bollywood singers.

When I was in Amritsar recently I used this example to explain how Mumbai felt different from the vibe in Delhi, and how somehow people who want something and do something about it, just see success.

Cut to yesterday, when I have Subodh pick me up again. This time he has a beard, a cap and recognises me. I look at the dashboard and since it missed the flute, enquired if it was him. He pointed to the back, and sure enough there was his flute. I have never had the same Ola driver again, but here we were.

Subodh is moved on to film making. He is now ready with a script and theatre actors and is looking for a financier to invest about a lakh in his film. He wants to put this film on YouTube. Trying to be reasonable, I put on my marketeers hat and said if your "Job to be done" is awareness amongst the industry professionals, why spend so much? Use a mobile phone or a DSLR and shoot it at half the price.

"Sir, but when you want to send it to Cannes and other awards, we need to follow the format. Also with a professional, the film will have be shot better and will look like an international film. And it's not about the money, I have very beautiful stories that can impact society, that's more important."

Wow. Cannes. Impact society.

Subodh earns approximately 60k a month. 15k goes to his Car EMI, another 10k as rent, another 25k for maintenance and running charges. Hardly leaving him with anything to save.

He's learnt at a Hindi Medium school and speaks very articulately and is quite knowledgeable about music and history. He told me how he's reading a "history of music" and how he originally wanted to learn the piano, and couldn't because it costs at least 30k for a decent one. So he settled for a flute, and is now learning from a disciple of Hariprasad Chaurasia.

I wonder how is it that in one month this champ has made so much progress?! His means and time is limited, yet he's getting only more enthusiastic and focused. He's reaching out and working towards his goal, and the rest just falls into place.

In hindsight, I'm so privileged to have so many resources at my disposal. Except for my own fears and inaction, there's no other excuse.

So I say to myself, Subodh goes after his goals. Be like Subodh.


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  1. I have got a chance to ride with him today. And i must say every word that you have written about him and his passion for his dreams is exactly the same. He is a super positive person.
    May he achieves his dreams soon.