Just Emkaying: January 2014

Jan 18, 2014

Miu - The Cat

A couple of years ago, I wrote a post on the loss of Jimmy. The puppy eyed fellow who loved playing hide and seek around the kitchen.

Today I write about a sneaky, cute, skinny, hungry, bully, cat called Miu.

Jan 12, 2014

Inspiration writing - Jan 12, 2014

One of things I want to do this year is to write. Irrespective of the number of likes or shares, or fans knocking down my door, or being mobbed in the street or even if I have to keep my superhero identity in check, I will write.

The thing am trying today is to be inspired by the moment. Here goes.

I'm sitting in Costa coffee right now, and looking around I feel comfortable. In Bangalore I used to hit the Indiranagar Costa every Sunday at 5 for my favourite Caramelato and the book of the week. (Just as I was going to say its peaceful, a bunch of guys have landed their behinds on the inviting couch on my right. Not so peaceful) 

Today am here, reviving this long lost tradition. Hot chocolate has replaced the Caramelato, largely owing to a temporary craving. Am in those nice wooden sofa chairs which have those striped designs. The sort you would see in old clubs? But once you sit in them you realize its narrow at the base, so your ass feels like its being sucked in. There's also a small round wood table, A light bulb shines above it and am in the corner from where I have a view of the whole cafe. I've used my wallet to prop up my ipad mini, while my phones are on the left. 

Jan 1, 2014

A different New Year

I did something very different this year around. Apart from sticking to a home celebration in the company of my awesome self, I decided to make a good start. Usually I'd wake up on the first, wondering where I am, and continue sleeping till the noon.

This year however, I decided to accomplish all those things that I'd hope to do this whole year. It went far better than I expected.

1. Got up early and did a little MJ style dance to some music (I call it Andheri-pot-hole-road-walking) 
2. Talked to the parents and chaddi buddy
3. Cooked a healthy breakfast ( Sweet cream soaked grain with dry fruits, simmered to a consistency thats rich and melts in your mouth, you'd probably know it as oats in milk with 2 almonds)
4. Stepped out and went to Marine drive, strolled around, meditated to the sound of waves
5. Took the camera along, got some pics
6. Had a nice meal in a restaurant by the boulevard
7. Helped random person to read a message on the phone, since their glass were missing.
8. Went to Oberoi mall, roamed around, took random photos, checked out the gadgets and gizmos
9. Came back home, went for a walk
10. Went to the Andheri sports complex, started process to sign up for swimming
11. Came back, played a few games, watched TV
12. Spoke to friends
13. Wrote on the blog ;-) 
14. And finally will sleep before 12 tonight

So broadly that covers family, friends, food, travel, photography, writing, excercise and health. (Notice how I avoided mentioning Dance, I'd be crazy to dance like a inmate at the Big Boss house). This year I've also read the least number of books, and the least number of posts on the blog, which I hope to change. 

Social media will be something that will be a key hobby. I am active on Instagram and to some extent on Pinterest. A little on vine too. (Follow @2emkay I have cookies) but clearly it's an interest area I don't want to give up on.

Its been an extremely tough year, professionally and personally but that's done with. I am looking forward to this year, the key word being to work on self respect. If I achieve it this year with improving my health, I think I would have succeeded in moving miles ahead. 

Wish you all a very Happy New Year. Keep smiling :-)